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    I imagine it's like sitting in a boxing glove
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    Has anyone got any experience with the Sony A7 range? Im after a new body as I’m hardly using my 7d as I’m just finding it too big and bulky for taking on walks and stuff. Planning on keeping the Canon glass and getting an adapter. The A7 is appealing as the form factor seems a sensible size and weight. The specs seem a good step up from the 7d. I appreciate the autofocus and shutter speeds are no way near as good with the Sony but I no longer shoot sport so this doesn’t bother me and I’m not actually planning on getting rid of the 7d body. From what I’ve read the A7 can be picked up second hand for £4-500 or brand new with a kit lens for £900. I don’t think I need the extra megapixels from the S and I don’t need the 4K video shooting options of the R. Thanks Joe