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    Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Found these today. Fairly old. 1. Look at that mobile phone. 2. I only wore Nike. Pretty sure I'm wearing two watches and a watch strap....
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    After 10 years of riding mostly street, I finally decided to get a proper pure bike and see what it's like. I built it up from the frame with all the latest trick parts and most modern trials companies are represented somewhere. So far it's been a blast, but now I'm out for a while with a cracked rib (from the street bike!). Hopefully a video before the year's out. Clean carbon fork Trialtech rear hub Hashtagg rear rim Jitsie Race 100HS front hub Crewkerz light front rim Crewkerz 25 x 145 stem Clean 135 freewheel Bonz splined crankset 175mm HT ME03 pedals Hashtagg carbon riser bar Magura HS33 2014 in silver Clean ft and Jitsie rear brake clamps Jitsie Reverz tires F and R Monty foam grips
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    Section7 have recently started to drop some seriously cool/high quality photos from competitions back in the day. If you're interested, go give them a like or follow.
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    I live in the middle of my city artistic side, so it's already been a couple of times that I met a guy/girl that takes a couple of pictures. Funny how you can met some people while you have a nice street session! I file like a diva lol
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    I know, it loses points because I stripped the ratchet out of my purple pro4 and had to resort to a spare wheel, but this bike is by far the most fun I’ve had riding! Helped along by the fact the bike is pretty darn tough (minus the cheese rear wheel which dents when you look at it) and it’s brought with it many a good time so far, can’t wait to get better on it. Not the lightest, no carbon, front disc and beefy front rim means after swapping my tubes for something a bit beefier it’s about 10kg or so. But I can go the biggest I ever have on it so who cares, feels great
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    A short trip to the beach with my bike
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    Ok so, just as a follow up. The spiral shows a feed rate not actually possible? And how many other cores show a spiral? The video bangs on about how many cores there are drilled around the place - how many of those show the standard circular marks and how many a spiral? I can think of a few ways of creating a spiral mark, depending on how deep those scores are - eg changing bits and one is significantly thicker, or even reversing out a stuck bit out of all the additional sand. The bit in the video about not being able to remove the cores without steel chisels is rubbish. And I say again, they were working stone for thousands of years.... Your idea that I’m stuck in my way of thinking is also rubbish. If you show me the EVIDENCE I will accept it, but currently I haven’t been shown it. You are telling me that I’m believing a lie. This is quite insulting to many people including me, and mind bogglingly silly.
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    Epic show, epic atmosphere and all round goodness