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    not sure why this wasn't posted yet. since i last saw him before radfest, jack has improved massively. some nice lines in this!
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    Mate of mine just posted on FB giving away his old Adamant for nowt so I thought sod it! Gonna pick up tomorrow, should be interesting
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    You're using muscles that you never knew you had. It'll take time for your body to adapt to the punishment you're giving it but you'll get there.
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    I accidentally a whole van Picked up a 14 plate lwb sprinter in dark blue for 5.5k with 228k on the clocks to convert to a family camper
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    These days trials asks a lot more of a disc mount than it did 20 years ago, but from what I remember it never looked terrible, not "Giant" level anyway. It's pretty low profile, but it's also 20 year old Alloy.
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    Ah cool. Kinda answered your own question then eh!
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    Swear by it for running nowadays, if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen.
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    Following on from Bretts Orange Patriot, I picked up a beast yesterday afternoon, and I’ve fallen in love with it. Always wanted one of these when I was younger, used to see them advertised in the MBUK magazine. Here’s my Orange 223 ...
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    back pain is very normal, your upper body does alot of the work in trials. i remember aching like f**k as a teen when i was learning.
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    Weird that you should comment on this now, I saw a TA26 at a pump track in Bristol last night... What are the chances of that?