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    Don't have any new trials stuff to post on this forum anymore, so I guess I'll post my mtb video for the GoPro Best Line contest. If you like what you can see, you're welcome to cast a vote on on Pinkbike.
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    There's something about modern comp riding that just puts me to sleep. I find sections far less interesting and varied than they once were, and I find modern comp riders boring. Or, I'm just old and being nostalgic? I just think, If I were ten-years old today and watched a competition, or modern competitive riders today, I don't think i would pick up the sport; whereas, I can watch old-school riders and old-school comps and get pumped.
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    £82 collection only win off Ebay (about £40 in fuel) - this is it in it's initial glory
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    Thanks for this post now I have a good idea were to start learning again. Just have to wait for my new second hand Zoo to arrive.