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    I really liked this one from the start. I don't always stick with the commentary just skip to the riding but it was good to hear your thoughts on the day and admit where you weaknesses are. Really cool to see some of the sections keeping similar routes to what some of us have ridden in the past. Also quite enjoyable seeing two different ways of tackling sections. It would be really cool to see more Street'y guys getting out on the rocks and giving these ago it would be fun to watch and great for the comp community. Those bails were fantastic Ross!
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    Vlogs are odd for sure, but I think people like the personal story behind the riding...it shows more than just the riding and more about the lifestyle and jorney, especially if you've been following someone for a while. I like watching simple edits too and in an ideal world I would have them regularly too but they're a lot harder to produce consistantly.
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    yeah, it looks like DOB If it has 116mm rear hub spacing then it is DOB. I still have two or three DOB 26" frames at home. They will probably end up in fire one day
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    Congratulations on completing your project Julien! I was really impressed looking through it, the quality's really consistent throughout which is pretty nuts for such a large project. Nice work A couple of pictures of the inside too to give people an idea: