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    Just in case anyone is remotely interested here’s the frame painted and waiting for the parts to put it back together, the colour is Fordson empire blue the same as my vintage tractor simply because I had half a tin in the shed so it was free
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    Hi guys, This is a tutorial I've been thinking up ever since I learned manuals and then found that I could teach them to my friends really quickly by letting them follow certain steps. In the video I'll show you all four steps and explain what's important to focus on. Have fun
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    Собрались большой международной Biketrial тусовкой (Турция, Украина, Россия). Проехались по всем знаменитым спотам анталии, попугали жителей скрипом 9 триальных велосипедов и просто круто потренировались, обменялись опытом, зарядились положительной энергией до конца контракта. Спасибо всем кто сделал этот день. Gathered by a large international Biketrial party (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia). We took a ride on all the famous spots of Antalya, frightened the residents with the squeak of 9 trial bikes and just had a cool workout, exchanged experiences, charged with positive energy until the end of the contract. Thanks to everyone who made this day.
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    I was told that I need a front brake and to be fair if I entered one I would fit one to the bike just for the down slope parts. I would love to enter one.Let's see what 2020 brings.
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    Overall thought it was OK given the theme, almost liked it except for the jarring blank frames!
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    You can do some really impressive things on your bike and I just think they are wasted on these edits. The music just isn't for everyone and really doesn't go with your riding. Raw would be better or a more ambient if you have to use certain things for copyright? The flickering effects and massive use of your name is just cringe worthy Mike. You don't need to shove it in everyone's face in that way. Your riding is literally the only reason people follow you and the only reason I like to check out the odd post you share, concentrate on that and relax on the other stuff please. Just being honest here as you could genuinely put out some fantastic media in my opinion.
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    Yeah, YOU!!! Not sure what the rules are regarding brakes though?