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    Managed to get out with Adam at McGuire Visuals to pull together a little video over the festive period while he was home from Uni. We wanted to create a little night video cruising the streets with something a little more artistic than being 'bangerz4theladz'. Anyway, give it a watch and let us know what you think below Song is 'Colours' by Happyalone Big thanks to Inspired and Tartybikes for their continued support as ever :).
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    Was waiting to see it posted here, any bersha video with a woodju song gets me hyped to ride. Really liked this one @Bersha91
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    But clearly not half as good as thousands of riders.. and my instinct tells me you probably won't be.. Though you have got some of the basics down very well, ill give you that Though you clearly felt provoked; I feel you ought to apologise to yourself about that comment none the less. I think the comment was aimed at the fact you've been posting videos of you topless on holiday and someone riding a fold up bike around at night.. This is the 'shite' referred to which I would agree is best kept contained but actually I would say is best left on your Instagram for people to follow or not if they like your content. Thing with tf is its a public forum and like with any forum some people may get a bit annoyed if one member constantly treats it like their own personal profile. It's a fine line and no one can say your doing something wrong but try to understand the delicate balance. Im sure nobody wants to take anything away from you but may feel your choice and style of interaction with the community here is a little hard to fathom. I noticed you riding around my home town of Long Eaton quite a lot.. Are you local? Im rarely there these days and have been riding much the past few years. But I'm sure I'll see you around at some point if you live near by. Though I hope not in the summer, because there's little I find more awkward than talking to a man with his top off, call me a traditionalist but heh, that's me You're right to be offended by rude comments but also my advice would be to try pick up on the 'subtle' attempts of people giving you some constructive criticism and try to take it on board. I quickly get a strong impression people here don't want to see your nonsense videos but would really enjoy seeing your proper skillfull riding videos! And would enjoy seeing one that's been crafted with care and thought. You dont seem to be much of an artist but theres generally a saying that less is more.. Again, it's a fine line but i get the impression quite a few your viewers are not particularly enjoying your work.. But thats not to say its all bad! My feedback would also be.. Quality not quantity. Flickering images of you posing or whatever can sometimes be a great addition to piece of film, but it's a fine line between it being insightful or cringe worthy. Your clearly trying hard to promote yourself so id genuienly advice you to see the essence of the feedback comments. All being said However I must say well done for trying and I hope you can keep improving all your skills; riding, filming, editing and understanding. Also well done for kicking that gap at long eaton town hall.. Only ever saw neil tunnicliffe do that one.. I certainly never have! Though you never know this time around.. Ive got a bike with a positive b.b rise for 2020 lol Keep it up and try to find the constructive criticisms from your feedback
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    Loved it Ben. The 180 gap to front and pivot over was brilliant.
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    Loved it! Still one of my favorite riders! I remember when we met at Sabadell some years ago, i was so stoked to see you there! So unexpected! So good to see you still riding these days!
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    It's worth approaching editing any video from the position of having respect for your viewers, and respect for their time. Every second they give to you is a second of their life they aren't getting back. When deciding what to put into a video, bearing that in mind is a good first step.
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    Some dumb line from summer.
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    Great stuff, you two make a great combo
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    Redbull Pumptrack Final run day video from India
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