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    Built up a new comp bike for 2020.
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    Managed to get a full build Zero for a steal on eBay (worth the 3 hour round trip to collect). Currently in the process of switching out parts for some better bits (Hope and Mavic rather than Shimano and Planet X), a set of discs, some spanking condition Middleburn RS7's, Hope Stem. Ideally want to keep some of the parts retro, with some little touches of modern.. but the Inspired forks have to go! But so far, here she is:
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    Bit of a classic trials trick
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    It’s finally sprayed now to get for the decals and then I can build this bad boy up
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    So I’ve acquired a couple of frames recently and managed to get one pair of forks but still need another set. Nothing is together yet but my mate sent me a pic of a wheelset he’s completed for me aand frame I’m building. This was my childhood dream bike, and yes I’ve built one before, but this one will be an insane spec.
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    7.20 for Phil Feenys flat land tyre tap 360 crank flip.
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    First competition of 2020! At the weekend I headed up to Derbyshire for round 1 of the TykeTrial Club Championship The competition was awesome, It's a great venue and had some brill sections, and we were lucky to be blessed with the wonderful Storm Ciara for the day! With some added 58mph winds, rain and hail, it made things extra trickey All the Elite and Expert riders went round together so I was able to get a lot of footage of the other guys riding. Riders featured - Adam Morewood ( Elite British Champion, Ranked 17th in the world - 5 x world champion) Robin Morewood Oliver Weightman Eddie Weightman Elliot Cooper
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    Always enjoy listening to Martyn's view on trials.
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    Hi Guys! Me (Ricardo), Rui Perez and Ricky Correia, decided to went for some days in Malaga just ride and have good times. We put everything in the car and did something 700km from Lisbon to Málaga. Such a rad city with a lot of good spots and good wheater! I hope you guys enjoy the video that we made, its just something soft that shows the good time that we pass there.
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    So it’s in the spray shop and it’s all primered and good for that lush blue to go on. I’ve source half an original decal set too
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    Got this Gu Le (from what i suspect is 2009) for a good deal of Ebay and thought i'd give classic trials another go after riding street for the last years. Not really a big fan of the colours, so i will be taking to color of most things and keep it black / silver. Spec as far as i can tell: Frame: Gu Le, (1080wb, 35 bb) Fork: Syntace Handlebar: Rockman Stem: Try All 25x125 Headset: ACROS AH-34 Brakes FW: Hope Mono Trial 180mm Brakes RW: Magura HS33 2005 Cranks + Rockring: Echo Chain: KMC Pedals: Echo TR Pedals Wheels RW: Chris King ISO Singlespeed, Echo Rim? Wheels FW:GT Hub, Echo Rim Tires: Currently Conti MK's, will most likely change though
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    Inspired element 26in wheel frame Echo forks Trialtech bars and stem Nukeproof lock on Grips Hope front disc, shimano XT v rear Sun ringle estate (grinded) rims on Hope pro evo 2 hubs DMR Moto tyres Middleburn cranks Outland flat pedals
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    Just started up a new YouTube channel and thought it would be easier to keep all videos in one thread The main reason for the channel and videos is to give me some new motivation for riding, something that has been a bit low over the last couple of years as I primarily ride alone and at the same spots, so creating some content and coming up with ideas should help that. Also needed some new "life motivation" /winter motivation and having these projects is helping out The channel will be a mix of thing's, vlog style stuff, Full edit's, How to's, road trips and interviews. Hope you enjoy the video's I would really apreciate it if everyone watched, liked, commented and subscribed - This first video is from the Reinosa indoor trial, an amazing competition/show i was invited to ride in alongside Vasek Kolar, raul gutierrez and luca tombini
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    Still need a silver seat post, silver double wall bars and a hope silver headset but it’s coming together
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    Finally built this. (proto t-mag 2 frame) A few teething problem but will get it sorted at the weekend. Any thoughts on fork colour? Adam
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    New bike day! Well at least new frame day. Finally got my new Czar delivered and built. I'm still not crazy about black bikes, but i've decided to abuse this one first, then paint it. I tried really hard to run Sram BB30 cranks on this one, but it was turning into too big a pain to get the spacing right so I stuck some 24mm SLX on instead. So much nicer than ISIS! This one is definitely stiffer than the last; square tubes for the rear triangle and a new downtube design. Sadly it is slightly heavier than the old one, but the tensioner is nicer. First ride was great. I'll try to get a review posted once I've had some time on it.
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    The wheelset are done just waiting on skewers now.
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    We do need to make that happen...
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    No ones posted in here for ages I reckon I'll do a big update in here soon when I find the time on the computer
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    Forgot how shite RB levers were. such a shame they were beautiful
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    Sorry if this isn’t allowed or the wrong place for it. My good friend does art touch ups making rad wall art. Digital artwork from your favourite riding or racing pictures. Retouched and printed on heavyweight textured art paper with archival giclee inks. Framed A4 Prints £50 and A3 Prints £65 exclusive of P&P
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    Hi All, After 15 years out of trials, at the ripe age of 30 I've decided to scratch the itch and get myself another trials bike. After scouring through my profile I found old photos of my last trials bike which ended up in Beverley from memory, below are some photos on which were taken with a potato I recently got myself an Onza T-Bird off eBay, I remember having one of those around 2003 and thought it would be good to go back to something familiar. T-Bird by Simon Blades I've a few things I'd like to replace on it, primarily the freewheel as it has what feels like 10 engagement points! Thanks for looking