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    finally got round to getting this frame repaired and re built. A new drive side chainstay fitted, rear disc mount and stripped the paint job off. Going to have some cable guides fitted in the near future. Lighter than my Fourplay it’s replaced and super short, very happy with it. Running 16/14 ratio and feels a little too easy so have ordered a 13t cog. Spec : Leeson 609 - later longer version inspired forks inspired arcade bars - hope 90x25 stem Hope headset hope m4 brakes middleburn rs7 with trials superbash Izumi super tough track chain shimano xt large pedals chris king SS ISO rear ISO front hubs on Halo T2 rims 36h Schwalbe table top tyres Sell Italia SLR Carbon Ti saddle - unbranded Carbon seat post Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!
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    After 7 years off the bike the urge to get back riding again was too strong. Thanks for taking a look at the new/old bike and I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces on group rides this year!! But before that I have to learn the basics again Hope you like! x
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    Built this after work had a quick blast, felt like a boomerang had sex with a Pogo stick, apparently 2 years of a bike is a long time.. i foresee a learning curve and a few transactions with Tartybikes. But most importantly it looks incredible.
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    Have been piecing together this bike for a while now and pleased that it is now almost complete. Some parts are looking a bit tired, namely the Maguras and pedals that i'll look to replace at some point. Now that almost all the parts are gathered (just missing a rear mech, XTR M950 or Durace 7600) I can start servicing it and getting it looking how it should. Some touch ups to the paint work will take place also. Will it ever get ridden? Probably not, but it will look nice. Also have a Pashley 26mhz and Orange Zero projects burning in the background. I'll get some photos up when they have a little more progress. Hope its brings a smile to you face as it does mine. Thanks for looking. Parts list: Singnature frame and fork Chris King headset Race face Prodigy stem 90x8deg Azonic double wall bars 2 inch rise XTR M950 9 speed shifter Race face Next LP carbon cranks Filthy 'Ard guard bash ring TA specials 22t chain ring Shimano UN91 (xtr) Bottom bracket Shimano DX pedals Selle italia SLR carbon saddle Unbranded seat post 30.8 Front wheel - Hope suspenson hub blue on Black 32 hole Mavic X517 (ceramic braking surface) Schwalbe gen 1 Racing Ralph 26x21 Rear wheel - Hope Bulb splined (removable disc mount) Blue 36 hole on black Sun ringle Big mammoth fat IRC EL Gato 26x2.35 Hope titanium QR skewers DuraAce 11-21 Cassette sidehop Blue Magura HS 33 ('04 style lever) with Carbonique rear booster and Magura CNC front (not pictured)
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    (I also posted this over at observedtrials.net but, meh, people here should benefit too.) There is depressing lack of in-depth, clear trials tutorials on YouTube(*). The guys behind the main trials shops in Japan (TORAYA/GOLDRUSH) have an awesome series of trials how-to videos. Their explanations are deep and provide great advice of what TO DO as well as what NOT TO DO, but since the content isn't in English, we English-speakers haven't been able to benefit from their content. I translated and made the subtitles for their first video on trackstands (there are 3 on just that topic). I'd like to know if you guys think the content is helpful and whether you'd like me to translate more of the videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgbdvkKSUG0&hl=en&cc_lang_pref=en&cc_load_policy=1 I'm all about going back to basics. Everyone can improve by focusing more on core skills. I hope if this is helpful. If you've got questions, lemme know. * TrashZen is great, but I'd argue that it could be more comprehensive.
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    You'll be pushing your glasses back up mid line before you know it.
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    Very cool behind the scenes into the operations at Tartybikes HQ. Bike transformation looks incredible. Kudos for Adam touching on the mental health.
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    Looks pretty cool! I’d be hella scared to scratch And ruin it after dropping £300 on it!
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    One of his best videos so far. Really enjoyed this, loved seeing the inner workings of TartyBikes, loved the trials nostalgia chat. Got the urge to work on my bike right now for spring.... and dig out my fortune of original zoo pads.
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    Just finished the subtitles for Part 2 of the Standing series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssMlKu9kWkk&hl=en&cc_lang_pref=en&cc_load_policy=1
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    I mean... It's very interesting looking into the distant past, but there are an equal number of things in recent history that the official story doesn't line up with what actually happened (without getting into 'Bush did 9/11' territory ). Obvious example is WWII and how much awful shit the "good guys" did, that we don't tell school kids about. It's just the way of life. Victors (or in the case of the thread of this topic: 'ignorance') write(s) the history books!
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    I think people are really shooting themselves in the foot when they use strong terminology such as "proof". Both technically, and in common parlance, "proof" refers to an absolute, demonstrable and repeatable certainty. Hold a rock out, and drop it is proof that the force we know as gravity is there. Since they flirt with scientific and academic terms (which is a good thing, for the record), they should really be using them appropriately. The content of that video is a theory, not proof. A theory is not a weakened concept. The rules and calculations behind defining that force that moves the rock to the ground is a theory. To get technical: A theory is defined as "a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained". There are still quirks in gravity that don't add up with our understanding, but the rules we have are our current best estimate of how it works. If they were to start taking themselves seriously, they might be taken more seriously. As it stands, that video was a flight of fancy, for me. Yes, it is unlikely that there are certain similarities from all around the ancient world, but coincidences happen. There is of bird found in two places, South America and Middle East, so the question was why are they in two specific places so far apart... Until genetics came in and we found out they were entirely different species that just happen to look almost identical. That's a thing, and it's far less believable than people putting notches in walls for some reason we in our modern lives can't place. I would love to believe they are linked, but two statues looking similar is more likely a coincidence than a link, to me. I think if they spent all the time they spend on speculating, on doing first hand research (note: looking at Google Maps and photo's other people have taken is secondary at best), they might actually find something to make videos about. They're clearly not dumb, and have the research skills and passion for the subject. I just can't help but think they apply it in unhelpful ways. (Possibly due to financial motivation?) Edit: Not a rant - fingers just kind of ran away from me. Edit 2: Also the span of time... How is it appropriate to link behaviours of people separated not only by thousands of miles, but also 6,000 years? Look how much changed between the year 1,100 and 1,400, for example. People think of "this is how things were done in the medieval era", but things that were done at the start of that time period greatly differed to the end, and not just because of technological improvements. Bags have existed for a long time
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    Why do Honda people just have engines then just keep buying shells to put them in
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    When I first picked the bike up, to how it looks now
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    Old frames with new parts Something about this era of bike people always come back too. Looks great and no expense spared! Enjoy riding it!
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    Isn't that not a million miles away from the original Specialized Big Hit with a set of Monster Ts?
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    Well I've now had a few rides out in to town. I've been going out late evening when it tends to be reasonably quiet. Have to say Its been great, I'm purely just able to concentrate on my riding and not really noticing when the odd person goes past. I'm quickly realising now though that the only thing holding me back is my own ability. But I'm enjoying riding my bike so I suppose thats the most important thing.
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    Hey Man, I just registered on the forum solely to tell you to keep going. These tutorials are wonderful and probably the best I ever saw. Thank you for your work on these!
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    I'd say there's something there but these videos are really sensationalist and lectury while going too far with their 'proof'. The nubs are very weird, the intricate polygonal stonework is also weird and the similarities between various pyramids make at least those elements almost undeniable... don't really know what anyone can do though to prove anything either way. Yes we have an accepted history and that doesn't really marry up with some of the evidence (not proof) out there.
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    This thread struck a chord with me, but not in the right way. I know this is going to be my first post on here other than a for sale, but here goes. Who cares! We ride trials, the least popular form of cycling ever invented (yes I know its bigger on that side of the Atlantic), non of us will ever live up to the standard set by Danny (or the many greats that came before that I grew up on), but to me at its heart trials is about you doing your thing. Go out and fail over and over again, it is the most basic prerequisite for this silly sport. If others laugh offer them a go on your bike. It takes forever to get good at this stuff and you have to earn it. I actually love having a few spectacular crashes in front of folks, gets the conversations going. Lots of times I will do a pretty big move in front of people and in todays world no one looks up from their phone and doesn't even hear stupid loud brakes with their ear things in, but let me tell you when you explode on the ground in front of someone they might talk to you a little. I know Ali has done a good job talking about mental health and there is more to think about, but I find the opposite as I age, closing on 40 I couldn't care less what some teen on some new app I have never heard of thinks of my riding, I'm out there for me and thats it. Blocking out distractions and focusing are a big part of trials, get after it. If your concern is your ability, guess what, not riding or riding sheepishly sure isn't going to help.
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    so cool, loving the parts choice I always loved my 2004 Pure!
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    This. So nice. Looks like the short version?
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    Love the look of this bike. Nice job Ross.
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    Talk about a blast from the past. Stunning looking bike and bringing back so many memories of watching dirty tricks and cunning stunts. This bike along with the Volvo cannondale of Ashton really started my love for trials
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    Looks great - bar the HA being a little slack for today’s flavour it could be in a catalogue as a current 26” street alternative to a hex!
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    Old frame new parts combo in shock stunner! Always looks great, but not always this great.
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    Here is a few pictures of my breath tommorow which I recently had custom spray painted by one on my good friends. This paint job cost me £300 which I think is very reasonable considering it had nearly 30 hrs spent on it. Let me know what you think of it. If you are interested in wanting your bike sprayed get in touch with him. This is his instagram page: https://instagram.com/michaelgillett46?igshid=1neitno33bh4m
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    UPDATE: it lasted 2 months.