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    Winter of 2019-2020 was uncommonly 'warm' and I had a good opportunity to ride outdoors on good old street spots along with exploring neighborhood I had moved to last year. Tried to find various spots and cover interesting locations. Usually I used to have filmed my first outdoors clips by the end of March, but this time I have already made my first video (and hopefully last that I edited in sony vegas . Still have not decided, if I should just upload clips to gram or do vlogs instead? Is there still any point in video parts? May be I should make shorter pieces? I like riding and filming, but have doubts about sharing way. I have no answer, feel free to write your opinion. Hope that all this corona shit will be over and no one of us or our families will suffer. Wish you stay safe and healthy!
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    Low income people (like myself) have access to state medical programs (thanks Obama). My heathcare is essentially free and they'll cover everything with little or no cost to me. If you're middle to low income, you'll generally have health insurance through your employer, which varies company to company. Some companies will actually pay you less but offer you better insurance, or visa versa, insurance is always something you'd consider when taking on a new job in the USA. I hate it because you have to read a 64 page booklet to work out if you're getting a competitive deal or not, rather than just looking at your hourly rate or salary and considering a few bonuses. The state of Minnesota has officially announced a "stay the f**k at home" order as of today. Naturally I immediately went out and bought a shit load of alcohol. I'm an essential worker because I provide food. I'm getting paid $2 more an hour for the next 5 weeks which is nice. All non essential work has stopped. The US has just about overtaken Italy for positive cases and will probably overtake China in a few days.
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    I'm sorry you don't like context. I also said "Having said that, I'm pretty happy with it", so... yeah. For your future reference, if instead of going for Likes for being snarky on a forum you ever actually do want to help someone with mental health issues, especially one you suspect is rooted in self esteem/confidence - and I can't believe I'm having to point this out - taunting them is not the way to do it.