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    Hi guys! Started this video during the Quarantine to have some fun reliving some of the spots where I learned to ride trials at my hometown, Algueirão Mem Martins, so the idea of the video is to show a normal day of training, preparing myself for the ride, get out pedaling and just having fun riding the streets of Mem Martins! The idea was to post this during the quarantine but due to some problems, i was only able to finish the recording now. I hope everyone enjoys it and i'm waiting for your feedback!
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    I've started a reply twice, but I think I'll let someone else do it...
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    Happy to be on a bike after 5 months
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    Ironically I've lost nearly 2 stone since this all kicked off, lack of being on the road and being able to get fast food has been a real winner
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    Obviously I have no idea of the market or demographic of people that would want that, but are you not tempted to lacquer/epoxy over it as-is for that aces rat-look?