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    To anyone who saw my rant the other night Incan now happily say mum and Thea came home last night and both are thankfully all good all round. Think some of you will relate as nanny has won a gold star and got her first bike albeit a lot title early but still adorable
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    Literally don't know what you're on about?! What old adage? Thousands of people have had bargain second hand bikes to get into the sport. Old MTB frame resurrected? The wrong message to people starting out? Are you kidding? At the beginning trials riders were just on small MTB frames, which gradually developed into the modern things you see now. There is nothing wrong with people riding on whatever they have to hand. What possible reason is there to enforce some kind of barrier to entry for new riders where they think it's impossible unless they pour money into a completely specific bike? Everyone I knew started off on old small mountain bikes and made a few changes and learned to ride. We all went through phases of super low, super long, seatless... yadda yadda... most of us ended up back on Pashleys, Paces and Curtis, that ended up looking more like normal MTBs again - I could even ride across town and sit on a comfy seat. And session the streets on the same bike.
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    Let me fix that for you...
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    I’m not suggesting second hand is perfect, you need to be careful but there are some bargains to be had - also need to consider what your budget permits. Great way for beginners to get started. I personally love recycling old bikes and giving them a new lease of life. Almost as much as I enjoy riding. Some current examples of mine: Ashton ET bought on eBay, not a mark on the frame A respray and a few choice parts added later, an absolute joy to ride: Zoot, was bought from gumtree with standard v brake build, I gradually upgraded some of the parts, but admittedly the frame has since cracked (being replaced with a Marino when it finally arrives) My lockdown project - Planet X Zebdi - bought the frame on this very forum! Still waiting on a few bits to finish it: And the most recent purchase, a mint Ashton Justice Resolve: all second hand, and all sourced at very reasonable prices. In fact you couldn’t buy a new inspired bike for what I’ve bought all of these bikes for.
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    Got this in the last few days and set about building it up. Need to shim the front brake and fit the bars and stem when I pick them up from my parents house as well as get a new Isis bottom bracket. Anyone got any idea which koxx level boss frame this is? Looking quickly with my Mrs sewing box tape the wheelbase looks to be 1060 with fatty forks on, and BB rise approximately +5mm. The rear tyre is a squeeze but the 2.4 Ardent seems to fit ok so far Will add more pics as it becomes more built up/finished...
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    Congrats! If you want to get her on two wheels a bit sooner these are where our boys started: Though probably worth running the fork the right way round...
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    Sorry you had some issues with this Terry! We have had quite a few customers using a 26" wheel with these forks, and we've been able to successfully fit 26" wheels in them too - but clearance is tight so it does depend on tyre size. The Hex Wheelset isn't designed to go in this fork with the 2.4" Holy Roller fitted, a smaller tyre will work but appreciate you'd like to use the tyre you already have. I can hear you are on the phone with Stan right now so hopefully everything will be smoothed out soon. Any of the labour required and any exchanges will be done as a priority, of course. Apologies again for the hassle!
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    I had the same issue with an Aztec rotor, which had more empty space then metal. It also seemed to be wearing my new pads down rapidly, so I changed to a more solid rotor and all was good.
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