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    My cannondale trigger, love this thing - the closet I have got to a do it all bike
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    I generally go shorter if possible...165-170 unless I want to make my gear ratio slightly lighter in which case I'll run longer cranks. Shorter cranks are (slightly) stronger as there's less leverage on them, you get more ground clearance for hooks and stuff and I feel it's slightly easier to balance with your feet closer together
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    Also, especially on 24" bikes with 135 rear ends, shorter cranks will interfere less with the chainstays.
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    Just went out for a half hour with them. Massive difference especially on the front. Didn't feel doing my usual last minute braking at the bottom of the gaps down between the cliffs was a good idea. And usually everybody turns to see what the massive honking noise was, but these were silent. Did initially notice a big improvement on the rear, but maybe I just adjusted to it far easier, or the existing stock front brakes (+1yr old, ~50 rides, ~36hrs) were contaminated or something - they looked good as new too.
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    I run the Zee brakes and EBC reds. Have done for the last 4 years, no complaints and run sharp as hell. Definitely recommend.
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    I couldn't agree more. Even with a manual it's easier to get the weight back with your feet closer.
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    Still in love, even though she bit me tuther day and now I can't walk.