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    Previously I was between 125k and 300k views a month, that jumped up to over 700k in May and has dropped to around 500k now. That's changed my £250-£350 a month to over £1000 which I'm definitely a fan of! I don't mind talking finacials to do with YouTube, it seems like something people have little idea on so it's cool to clear up what kind of "living" is possible from it.
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    Car is up and running!! Had it mapped on Monday, sadly my exhaust is restricting it somewhat but it made 200bhp and 220lb-ft of torquey goodness. It really is incredible to drive. Such a difference from the pinto engine I took out.
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    Glad I can finally go to sleep now. It’s only taken 8 years. credit to whoever posted this in another thread. also... Hello again Trials-Forum
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    Edit inspired by aener. Music is Keaton Henson - Josella. Riding inspired by a lack of inspiration to push it.
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    Nowadays, 20" bikes usually have disc rear brakes, and 26" bikes have rim rear brakes. So what is the best type of a rear brake for a 24" trials bike, rim or disc? There was only one way to find out... About rear disc brake: (I have been riding rear rim brake on 24" since 2008, so I compare mostly with the rim brake setup) Disc brakes are standard for 24" in street trials, but pure trials is a very different thing. When it comes to disc brakes in trials, one of the first things that comes to mind is the flex between rim and rotor. It feels terrible if the flex is significant. I tried to make the flex as little as possible: stronger spokes, maximal spoke tension, hub where disc mount connects directly to the flange, strong symmetric rotor, no adapters. The result is pretty satisfying. There is some flex, but not much, about a few mm. The tyre deformation feels much more significant than that much of a flex. A real advantage of this setup is much more controllable breaking than with the rim brake, that does really affect riding, and in a good way. The hold is a bit better with a disc than on my previous rim setup. I also like that hold doesn't get worse in dusty/wet conditions, which was the issue with the rim brake. Not sure yet which setup I like more, disc or rim. But at least disc setup seems to be a working option for me, not just an experiment. About the frame: 1075 mm - it's really long for a 24" bike, 20 mm longer than my previous Echo 24". Gaps and pedal ups are easier on the new frame, but switches have become much more difficult. There are a lot of situations in trials when you carry the bike by the top tube. It's much more comfortable to hold the top tube without the hose outside. That's why internal routing was a must. So I had to cut hose holders from the frame, and put some stickers on the place. Spec: Frame and fork - Frame: Gu 24" 2019 (made internal hose routing, cut some holes on the bottom bracket tube to reduce weight) - Fork: Rockman Carbon 24" 4-bolt Front wheel - Rim: Neon Single 35 mm - Tyre: Schwalbe Rocket Ron 24"х2.1 - Tube: Schwalbe 7C - Hub: Verzin SL - Spokes: Sapim Laser 2.0-1.5-2.0 - Nipples: DT Alu Rear wheel - Rim: Neon Single 47 mm - Tyre: Schwalbe Fat Albert Rear 24"х2.4 - Tube: Schwalbe 7C - Hub: Jitsie Race 135 disc - Spokes: Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0 - Nipples: DT Alu Front brake - Lever: Trialtech Jack Carthy - Slave cylinders: Echo TR - Pads: TNN Belaey with Racing Line alu backings - Racing Line alu fittings and grub screws - Clamps: Echo TR with Ti bolts Rear brake - Brake: Hope Trial Zone - Pads: Jitsie - Rotor: Hope V2 180 mm Drivetrain - Cranks: Born CNC 2012 162 mm - Freewheel: Jitsie 108.9 - Bashring: Trialtech Sport Lite - Chain: KMC X9-73 - Rear Sprocket: Jitsie Alu 14T - Pedals: Trialtech Jack Carthy - Bottom bracket: Echo Urban Ti - BB bolts: Ti M15 Steering - Stem: Neon Wing 150х30 with Ti-bolts - Grips: Pro bar tape - Handlebar: Clean Carbon K1.2 690 mm - Headset: Echo tapered Weight: 6.97 kg Geometry: Wheelbase: 1075 mm Chainstay length: 368 mm BB rise: 75 mm Head angle: 73°
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    They sure are. Or jeep style anyway. I think they look good and the actual light output is crazy good (standard ones were like candles also...) . Cheers! I would absolutely recommend a 7 style car to anyone. So much fun!
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    Disc mount which never made it to production. Would have been the dream. Integrated headset looked good too.
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    @James.Parr Having experience with 3D printers, I don't think they are up for the job. Unless for display only. I wonder if Ashton's supplier still have the molds. How awesome would it be if there were a limited production run of replacement seats?
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    Hello all, Im new to this forum and trials bikes to an extent however have been riding other disciplines for years. Years ago i bought a trials bike to get into the sport but never did. As a result ive had a bike for about 8 years and barely used it. Its now time for me to sell it to out towards another bike. The problem is I have no idea how much its worth! So the spec is as follows and I have attached an old photo of the bike although it really hasnt changed due to its lack of use. Ciguena 24 Frame Echo Urban Forks Hope front hub Chris King rear hub Inspired Rims 24" Avid mechanical front disc Magura Hs33 rear brake with 74k brake booster Middleburn 107 Cranks Middleburn pro bashguard Raceface Evolve bars Its all in good working order but is a used bike so isnt mint condition
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    You pay for a private hospital, then I'll do it, gotta get them views
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    After a whack on the head I came up with a Project idea, but I need your help to do it! Im going to create a Retro/Garage/Junk Bike, but because I have the decision making power of a confused toddler in Toys R Us, I can't decide what Frame to start with. Watch the video and comment with your Frame choice