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    Certainly not the UK, but here's a quick edit I made over the weekend in the Pacific Northwest. I was short on time to get clips so they are a lot less polished than I would like, but I think you get the idea of what a wild area it is for trials.
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    I'm in the best cycling shape of my life. After not cycling for years, over the last 94 days, I've been out riding 55 times. 528 Miles. Some are on the trails, some are cycling back home from work. I just can't get over how the human body can adapt to activity. It happened so quickly that my mind can't keep up. I get to the top of a hill that would have killed me 2 months ago, and now I get to the top of it without breaking a sweat forgetting that I could have put way more effort into it. I'm still fat, but I'm down 5lbs, and I'm hoping the weight loss is only low because of increased muscle mass. Trying to make plans on how to keep doing this through the winter, I think my only option is to buy a fat bike, but I got to sell my trials bike first.
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    CRX went through its map session on Monday with no issues whatsoever and made bang on the numbers the lad was after. 262bhp 231nm. He’s promised me a drive when it comes back sometime.
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