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    Allot of you will have probably seen a few of this but now it’s nearly finished. I will get some better photos when I’ve shortened and clipped the rear hose up and dropped the chain on. I’ve been giving it a few weeks for the paint to harden off before I put clear tape on the chain stays to protect the paint. Kieran
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    Spotted this post the other day so sorry to dig up and old topic. I have the above frame. It’s done the rounds a lot. James (Student) had it, Dave the rocket, Leon also rode it for a while, then Luke (Toby) and finally my self. It was nicknamed the coke can due to the dent on the bottom side of the downtube. If I recall if you used the left foot forward it would sound like a coke can. It’s been in the top of the garage for a few years. Before the last respray it had the brake mounts removed so was disc only. I quickly threw some bits on it to show it off. It’s now back on the garage roof. Hope the photos are of use. Would see it if anyone wanted to make an offer
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    A trip to the spray shop, and a silver avid lever later... here it is now: All that remains is a single speed chain tensioner which is on its way... from China
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    Thanks haha I moved 90 miles for the job in Derby from Leeds and it was the best thing I ever did! Learnt so much and gained so much valuable knowledge from that simple move. You can't be stuck in one place forever if you see there being no progress imo!
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    @dann2707 Argh but you're in a part of the world with opportunity... I'm not rubbishing what you have to say, my life's not harder than yours or owt, however here in Barrow the economy (when you really knuckle down & think about it) and therefore the jobs market is either you work in the shipyard (easy street) or you work in a job that service's the shipyard/is inextricably linked to the yard - Temps or HR or bearing supplier or welding gas supply or ARCO safety supply for instance, or you work servicing the people of the shipyard when they flex their wallet/credit card/finance all the things around like being on the delivery crew of the 'you can do it' orange liveried shop I (was) attached to. When they don't spend it all in [whether] 'spoons or off to the trafford centre trip yo, that is. They'll be no resting on my laurels. Can't be. Round here you have to hussle like f**k, or else you end up/some practically choose from birth to sit around chaining amber leaf rizlas with or without the green/spice and lynx lager whilst looking like a walking thug life meme dressed in the JD sports catalog which may or may not have been fenced within a certain local drinking hole. When green stops muting the misery they turn to spice or a couple 'lines or bags o' brown. Google "egerton court barrow" or "ormsgill barrow" and the images thumbnails are all riot vans and police cordons and that just represents what the local chip wrapping reports in their excuse for journalism - about an 1/8th of an ounce (geddit?) of reality in other words, all the "good" parts. You couldn't print the real street level stuff. And that is a good chunk of the local authorities' social housing stock I appreciate your positivity dannananan, just you make sure you don't end up like a swan swimming upstream, mentally or otherwise. I know it won't pay life bills but you should get the fab stuff going as a side gig - it's just a fact of cars that you are either a lad that scratches and hussles the car onto the trackday with skill or favours, or you are the guy that works white collar for £££££ and pays someone to do it - either way there are more people with money than skill and you should be stood there in the car park/pits at blyton or cadwell going "orr yeah i cud do that front mount piping for yer; here's my business IG, check me out and come round the unit wen u wan it done". Small batch production turbo manni's or swap headers on an Ebay shop could be a thing too. Reet, I was only on a break, shouldn't be spending any more time whinging @ the speaking wall. Back to Indeed... Mind ow you go now.
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    Pffft, backhops and rear wheel hops are the same thing. Hopping backwards however...
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    Can you explain the difference on here so that those respectable people can learn from you and the OP can ensure his website is correct.