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    I've recently started riding Trials and although I'm not new to MTB or cycling in general I'm completely new to Trials so starting from scratch. I've been focusing on learning the basics like hopping on the back wheel up, down and across objects. Pedal or 'wheelie' hops, balance, front brake control etc I haven't yet got a group to ride with and like most older riders limited time to practice. I thought it'd be encouraging and helpful to share videos with other new riders to share our progression and tips on techniques seasoned riders do without thinking! (feel free to chime in with useful hints though, seasoned riders...) To get things rolling I've been working on side hopping up steps on the back wheel but struggling to keep it on the back once I've hopped up. I'm also having a mental block with hopping down obstacles to the back wheel. I haven't got the technique right to keep it balanced once I hit the platform below which is fine if you're on the flat but if you're high up, much twitchy bum. Thoughts?
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    Of all the past videos of this place, for some reason you really appreciate the visual scale of some of the stuff ridden from this vblog
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    The disc mount on the black frame is much better than the yellow banana mount on the limited edition yellow frames. The Giants don't have a seat stay/chain stay brace though, so just watch the dropouts for cracks but i'm sure you'd be fine running a 160/180 if its just for manuals. Just try not to be too harsh on the set up, for example, don't land with the brake on if you are rolling backwards. It kills callipers and frames.