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    Finally sold my trials bike, buyer didn't even try use the 'make offer' button on ebay, sold for full price. Took the money and bought a fatbike. There's lot of groomed trails in winter here, all in riding distance from me. But what I only just realized is I'll be able to bike on the St. Louis River when it freezes over this winter (so long as I have some snowmobile tracks to ride on). Access to the river is right on my doorstep. It's gonna make more some confusing Strava maps. So long as I don't fall through the ice, it's going to be an amazing winter for me this year, normally I just sit at home playing video games, drink and do f**k all until March.
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    Tour de France was epic.
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    Hi all, looking for a low profile seat (on rails) and a seat post that positions the seat nice and low. Tired of searching eBay for second hand stuff so wondering if anyone knows of any of the modern bits that would look okay on this:
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    You. Can rough them up a little with some sandpaper But don't go too mad doing it You. Can rough them up a little with some sandpaper But don't go too mad doing it
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    You answered your own question. Even on a properly working MT7, the BAT adjuster doesn't do much. MT5 levers are far more robust I've found. I gave up on MT7 levers years ago because they're overpriced, delicate and just too fiddly. What's you lever angle? If you run your levers closer to straight down than level they'll fair better in crashes. You can try a Shimano lever too, but I still prefer just the no frills MT5 levers