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    Hey guys check out my new video not brilliant but bare in mind I haven’t rode trials on 15 years
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    Not quite a big bangerz line compilation, but a collection of all the instagram/random clips from over, what turned out to be, a busy and very fun summer! All in fairly chronological order starting from the end of May, after 2 months off, up to the beginning of October, all from street or Trial park rides. Thanks to everyone to helped film clips ( Mostly craig and his Iphone) and to everyone, especially the local BITD crew for creating some great rides over the summer! Locations include - Maidstone Folkestone Gravesend The Biketrial Academy (Cambridgshire) Herne Bay Radical Bikes BikePark (Chelmsford) Dover Chatham
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    Which Saint though? The M820 were supposed to have much weaker calipers than the M810, also, show us what adapter you're using, I bet it's a skinny one!
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    Cant really go wrong with maybe a 100-110mm stem with 10-15degree rise with 2" riser bars with 20-25mm of stem spacers underneath.
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    sick that Gary!! we will have to get a ride on the go!!!!
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    Well this is my solution for now, the patent pending 'Lever Saver' I also loosened the bar clamps a little so the the levers should move with a hard impact hopefully eliminating any danger of the new mod actually stressing the levers in a way they aren't designed to be stressed. As you can see, the ground, simulated here by the steel rule, cannot touch the area around the bleed screw cap (as long as the ground is relatively flat). I'm sure it will be tested in the very near future