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    My 2012 Inspired Hex. Being 6ft5 i went for a longer Stem and it works amazingly well!
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    everyones different, everyone comes from different backgrounds. i did a bit of mountain biking, and then got a mod. then moved to 26". there was a piece of advice i found from a pro bmxer which really resonated with me. because everyone IS different, and everyone will give you a different opinion, none of which are incorrect, just find what your favourite rider did/does and do that, if you're struggling to decide. the rest will appear in time.
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    I have to be honest, I couldn't make much sense of most of that, but the parts I could sound like you missed or ignored what I intended my point to be. That could well be because my post was a rambling turd too, so no biggie. Things like splitting a sentence in half to object to a fragment of it when the other half addresses it. That's not how language works. I'm not going to get into back-and-forthing because I don't know much about it, and it sounds a bit like you wouldn't want to hear it if I did, but just to clear one thing up: I'm in no way denying that the virus could have originated in a lab. It could easily have gotten out. I just believe if it did, it was an accident rather than organised malice.
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    The boys done good/got lucky rolling the dice!
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    Yep, totally - they're the reason I got into trials in the first place as I could afford a T-Bird, but everything else was way out of my price range. The first 6-7 years I rode trials 'properly' (i.e. not just on a rigid MTB), I was only on Onzas of various types!