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    Man, that first transition to drone... the drone pilot is pretty handy!
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    Featuring new school and old school ( And a Pashley and a rocket!)
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    The advice was not to worry about it and ride it. It's fine as shown in the pictures/video. Chain line might not be perfect but that was just me being over-zealous I guess. Also, I only ever messed with bikes with derailleurs and thinner chains, where the chain is either dead straight or ends up jumping all the time. I went for a first test ride today and indeed it was perfectly fine. Thanks everyone for the advice and support!
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    I couldn't type a comment cos my jaw dropped so hard it knocked my phone out my hand
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    Do what you've got to do
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    Uptop behind the knee is absolute misery I had 3 sessions on this and it drove me nuts..
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    Sorry I missed this. Will sort something out today
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    @monkeyseemonkeydo wanting to know what Emil Johnson was all about after watching that mind blowing trail duo video with martin and found this