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    All three of the below are complete cliche, but in my mind all three videos are pretty iconic for their 'genres' of trials. When I hear any of the songs i immediately think of the video regardless of where I am. If i had to choose one then Toxicity...such a good video / song choice. Old school: Toxicity by System of a down from "Toxicity - Trials kings" - https://youtu.be/42Pvyrcdp8s TGS street: Lying from You by Linkin Park from 'Gilles & Giacomo coustellier in nottingham" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0EV2FZPugc Street trials: The funeral by Band of horses from 'Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009' - https://youtu.be/Z19zFlPah-o
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    I'm just down at the Winchester waiting for it to all blow over
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    Lazy copypasta: We only went and won! Conditions were damp and greasy in the morning, so we stuck the wets on for quali and following a fantastic drive, @Prawny Baby managed to stick it on pole.With little to do except top up fluids and eat cheesy chips, we spent most of the time before the race scratching our heads about which tyres to run. It was damp with light rain all day, and despite several sessions before our race there wasn't a clear dry line evolving so we made the call to stick with wets and headed off to the assembly area super early because we're still the new boys after all. The race was slippery, with cars falling off the track left, right and centre. We were no exception, dropping back to 8th position after a couple of incidents, but managed to claw our way back up to 3rd.Our 45 minute race was the longest dry period of the day, and towards the end a dry line was beginning to appear, and the few competitors who had opted for dry tyres started to pick up the pace. With the Porsche of Warren Allen closing the gap quickly, it was going to be tight, and we were still some 20 seconds behind the front runners.We were able to hold him off until the chequered flag, and crossed the line 3rd overall, 2nd in class. It would have been the most epic end to our first season to have secured a win, but we were happy enough with 2nd and started loading up.Then the phonecall came in, and we discovered that first over the line had exceeded the pit lane speed limit and been given a 32s penalty, bumping us up to 2nd overall and 1st in our class. We'd only gone and bloody done it! First season for us, with a few lessons learned along the way, but to come away from it on the top step was truly incredible. Massive effort from everyone, congratulations to @teammoarwin for their class finish too, and a huge thank you to all the marshals without win none of this could have gone ahead.Video coming soon(ish)!
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    Nope. I love it. Just found another one of mine whilst YouTube surfing... schmee/supercar blondie/influencers in general proper wtf with schmee and blondie - less personality than a tree stump and crap at talking about cars, yet actually do consulting for car companies and paid bajillions.
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    There are limits to how well it'll work and at what point the flow will 'choke'. The diffuser itself doesn't generate the downforce, that's done by the low pressure (caused by fast flowing air) acting on the lower surface of the car. The diffuser works by returning that low pressure air back to ambient as efficiently as possible. Reducing the rideheight will work to a point and then it'll just suddenly stop working which, since the car will be naturally moving up and down to a degree (on it's marshmallow like suspension!), you don't want that happening unexpectedly. That's partly why you see F1 cars running quite extreme rake angles (Red Bull being the one that springs to mind)- they make the 'throat' of the system at the front of the underbody and the rest of the floor acts partly as a diffuser which can be tuned for what happens at high speed when your downforce winds on without risking a sudden, catastrophic loss of downforce. Sliding skirts do make a big difference and are used to seal in that low pressure flow that you want beneath the car. They're usually illegal in most classes since rules tend to have a minimum ride height. My gut feeling would be that for a floor that's working fairly well adding skirts would increase the downforce being generated by 40% or so.
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    Awesome, thanks Matt. That was exactly the kind of intel I was hoping for! I ordered an Alias and will have some better brakes ready for when it arrives. Pretty excited to get hopping again!
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    Just several clips left out of my other video of this year, posted here ⬇️
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    Tiny penises. Edit: This was a response to the post above, but equally I just don't get why anybody would have one
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    Let's have a bit of fun. Post up what you think is the best soundtrack/song used in a trials video in the comments. The lead up to Christmas I'll post up a poll of the most popular ones and let that run up to Christmas day.
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    WTF on the last two lines at 01:56 onwards
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    Really excellent videos and great riding! been watching them all year through lockdown. very inspirational , always excited when a you put out a new video. Beautiful part of Italy. Thanks
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    Exactly how many times have you done that to forks now? It seems like there's a new one in most videos! Haha. Also - what is the name of your town? It's so pretty. I want to go. Love your style