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    A promotion opportunity came up at work, threw my CV in a few weeks back to show interest without thinking anything of it. Got an invite to interview which was last Wednesday, thought i'd ballsed it right up! Had a phone call yesterday to say i'd got the job. Well happy, definitely a nice surprise before the new year
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    So since stopping a fair bit of time ago decided to get another bike. Here is my ozoneys xs26 im pretty happy with how it sits (no saddle pun) at the moment except for the forks what need changing to something with rear 4 bolt magura mounts.
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    I don't know why it came up in my suggested videos as I'm not interested in the least, but I'm glad I watched it. This tickled me pink, for some reason
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    Just make sure it's not the handlebars that move. If anything, bunnyhopping increases the height you can jump without a bike. After you have the technique down I'm sure practising jumping without a bike would help, but I feel like that would be pretty boring when your other option is doing it with a bicycle!
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    You're right in saying more of a bunny hop. That's it basically. Check out trashzen for some tips https://trashzen.com/24-street-trials-bunny-hop-to-rear.php https://trashzen.com/24-street-trials-bunny-hop-to-front.php
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    that was a lot less of a fun answer than I wanted. How about microwaves? there dangerous right? 5G Masts?