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    This one has been a long time coming (full story below)...however I hope you enjoy my last video on the Inspired Bicycles Arcade before i move onto the Inspired Fourplay. A follow-up to my original 3 days in London edit, Mark and I started filming in September 2019, and things were looking good until the crash in the middle of the video. Unfortunately, I ruptured my spleen when i hit the floor, which meant 5 nights in hospital and nearly 12 weeks off the bike. We returned to London in December 2019 to try and finish the edit off, but poor weather / getting thrown off spots meant I left frustrated without an ender clip. Then....2020 happened. Due to COVID restrictions, the stars never aligned for Mark and I to get back to London and finish the video. I've now changed bike to the Inspired Fourplay, but I didn't want to waste the footage, so we've finally pulled it together to make a short video. Thanks to Inspired andTarty Bikes for their continued support and helping get me and my bike home after the crash.
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    I’ve brushed the dust off my Ashton justice after being in the garage for 15 or so years, I pumped the tires up, fitted some temporary pedals and it works perfectly, Any ideas what it would be worth now a days?
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    Umm'd and aah'd before Christmas as the prices are obscene but we've bit the bullet and put a deposit down on a puppy!
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    Been working on this school project for a while now, had a 6 month extension due to school closures last year and have still managed to be running a bit late.. I know this probably won't look very impressive to most of you, but here's my first home made colour photo: You can make out what the colours of the books on the top shelf are fairly well. It's based on the autochrome process and not yet exactly how it should be, but I'm quite chuffed! The idea would be that I now should be able to hold the glass plate up against a light source and see a colour photo. Right now though I can't see a thing by eye but by scanning it and bumping the saturation up to 80 that shows up. I know what I'd need to do from here in order to get to that point but I won't have time before I need to hand my paper in. Should do for the project though considering opting for creating and evaluating a questionnaire would have been fine too. But this was my only chance to use whatever machine I fancied in a chemistry lab I had to pounce on the opportunity. Edit: here's a colour photo of the top row for comparision:
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    I am slowly but surely building a staircase flanked by flowerbeds which will lead to a lawn. It’s rough around the edges, but will be rendered, painted and planted to cover up any imperfections.
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    Holy crap I didn’t realise you ruptured your spleen. Fair flippin’ play. Great video as always. Really enjoy watching you ride.
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    Please never bring this bike anywhere near me because I will ruthlessly try and make babies with it... That said I have had a couple of conversations with Gary at Curtis recently... 2021 might be a good year