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    hi thought i show a make frome the end of last year ended up my dads christmas present cut a knife blank out of a lump of plough steel a cupple years ago then decide one nighe id finish it so after a cupple of evenings in the shed i ended up with this turned out better than i thought it would now my dad is gnoing to see if he can make a sheith for it
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    3 kids at home for the foreseeable now, luckily the wife doesn't work anyway so we don't have to worry about childcare. Just hope the weather picks up soon, lockdown in the summer was great being outdoors so much. Won't be enjoyable if it's just constant rain for weeks...
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    I've got a Supadrive on my MTB and it is absolute dogshit. I believe that hub will use the same engagement system - I wouldn't want to use it for trials. The main issue I've got is freehub bearings on my MTB, but it skips repeatedly every ride too (this is across 4-5 different freehub bodies that I've used, with fresh pawls/springs on each). Whenever I'm putting a lot of power down on a climb, I half expect to eat shit immediately. I wouldn't want that in the back of my mind going for a gap, as an example.
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    That's the 20.2. He's specifically asking about the 20.1, which was sadly 116mm. My originals were 135 so I could run a Hope, but the bosses at Alias felt there would be a larger appeal to 20" riders if they didn't also have to change their hub/back wheel to experiment with a new geometry, so they made the production model 116mm spaced. My DIY frames and the black prototypes were spaced at 135mm, if they're the videos you watched. The production 20.1 (dark green and grey) frames were spaced at 116mm. I had a Hope custom modified by a friend to fit this spacing. The 20.2 is spaced at 135mm, specifically because of so many people wanting to run Hopes. If you have a 20.1, to run a Hope you will either need: A talented friend to customise a 135 hub for you (from what he told me, it's doable but not a particularly simple task, especially if you want the disc tabs to still be functional) To miraculously find one of the handful of hubs that have already been modified (I only know of about 5 that have been done, including mine, and I suspect people will be wanting to hold on to the ones they got done!) Or find an alternative - a front freewheel setup, or a different freehub that comes in 116mm. I've never investigated other freehubs so I'm afraid I can't advise on likely candidates.
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