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    At least you can use it to find another job that doesn't force you to use LinkedIn
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    I believe James Porter had the frame as a one off. That trip we went on to Barcelona was the first time he rode it and possibly the last. I know he has just built it back up, but they never went to full production. You could possibly message him on Instagram/Facebook to ask the geometry. Here’s some pictures of him riding from that trip and recent photo off his Instagram
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    You haven't met my kids... They'll make a nice place shit in about 3 seconds...
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    Buy an absolute shitter in a nice place if you can. You can always make a shit place nice but the other way round is a bit harder.
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    Back on the echo after snapping the ozonys.
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    If you've got all the bits there already it's worth giving it a go. It's a pretty easy swap to make, and Ali's felt alright when I tried them out when he was down last. 'Felt alright' is not exactly a glowing review in fairness, but that's mainly due to me not being a huge fan of the positioning and arc you get with the Shimano levers. There's just a different feel to radial piston levers (e.g. Magura, old M810 Saints) compared to axial (e.g. Shimanos now) with the lever when you use it. That's something it's not super hard to get used to though, and if you enjoy the feel of the Shimano levers you're set.
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    I'm now officially out of the flat I shared with Danny and Duncan for the past 7 years, as much as that place sucked (rotting floors, uninterested landlord, 4 flights of stairs and no lift, busy traffic and rough area) it was sad to see it go. I'm currently staying at Jane's mum's house, it's a small two bedroom place but they've been really accommodating. It's still quite a change up from having a 4 bedroom flat to myself like I've had this last year with Danny and Duncan escaping the city for lockdown. Jane has a call with a mortgage advisor later, we've sent in all our numbers and are waiting to see what kind of loan we can get. It's quite nerve wrecking as we're not exactly prime candidates for the best loan with us both being self employed and not big earners and myself never had finance or a loan before so my credit score isn't the best it could be. The only plus is I have saved a decent amount last year plus my parents have given us some money towards a deposit which will be a massive help. I've been looking at what's available and it doesn't fill me with hope. I don't really mind having a smaller place but all the cheaper houses are so depressing and in such shit areas, I'd hate to live in a house/location that I hated. Fingers crossed for a decent loan and a house I actually like.
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