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    After ordering the frame kit from Marino in April 2020 for a lockdown project, it finally arrived late last month. I’d purchased most of the bits over a long period of time and got what I could second hand but in good condition to keep costs down. Ultimately this is a cheaper route to an inspired arcade which I make no excuses for, it’s what I wanted. A fairly standard build these days but I’ve gone with parts that have been tried and tested - so it is a bit of a photocopy of other 24’s out there, but that’s fine by me I’m absolutely over the moon with the finished result, only had a chance to ride on some curbs outside my house so far (I need to bed the brakes in anyway). But first impressions are great, the bike feels nimble yet solid and responsive. Can’t wait to have a proper ride this coming weekend (if the weather is kind!).
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    We've also got a summerhouse at the bottom of the garden with power & phone cable. Just ordered a dart board & mini fridge
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    Went for a hike up the hill today. Didn't get too far though. I'm standing on the leg you cant see, turned around shortly after this.
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    Oh yeah! Today couldn't have gone better. It's all gone super smoothly and we were in by 2pm
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    Ha. I’m all good cheers mate. Years of not posting about trials, then a thread about houses comes up and here I am we old now.
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    Allow me to explain myself better: Based on my experience in the industry, FTB apps are down, home movers are down and remo’s, rate switches and extra borrowing are up against what we’d normally expect at this time of year. I’ve also seen lots of chains breaking down because of banks no longer accepting furlough income, people losing work etc. Trust me, it can be a tricky time to buy and sell, so well done to those who’ve got it done.
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    Thanks Grant, I’ll definitely get some footage recorded soon.
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    I think thats spot on. Great spec, Lovely colour in my opinion and most importantly you like it. Look forward to seeing post of you riding it.
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    It is easy to run out of steam with these things, building a reliable kit car is nothing like a quick engine swap, a bit wiring, or new gearbox in a normal car. Kit cars are also never actually finished...
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    Blast from the past! Hope you're well Ben.
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