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    I got head hunted by a DJ crew today, they have some big numbers in terms of viewers. My Twitch channel has really taken off lately and I think it's about to get even better Hard work pays off!
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    Having not swung my leg over a trials bike since the turn of the century and hitting 40 I thought it was about time to have another go, also fairly new to this site so Hi to you all. Picked up this Marino bike, surprising what you can find when things aren't spelt correctly Few questionable parts on it which will be changing, hopefully my old parts still work. Not had a chance to ride it in anger yet, not having had much experience in horizontal dropouts what would people recommend to stop the wheel shifting forwards in the slots?
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    The geo and components on a Trials bike are all designed to make these moves a lot easier. Modern MTB and Trials have drifted apart massively in design, back in the 90’s there was a bit of similarity but now MTB is really hard for Trials moves due to low BB’s, super long frames and slack head angles. Balance and basic skills are all things you can learn on any bike so keep it up but if you’re looking to start Trials properly maybe look at a 26” stock Trials bike that will feel familiar but facilitate your learning much better than the on-one.
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    Hold off on the congrats for now mate, we haven't completed yet - we're still making good progress though, solicitor sent through tons of stuff today regarding land, boiler, electric, fixtures and fittings etc... Couple of small discrepancies, but nothing that would be a show stopper... Our mortgage will be with Barclays, as they're the only lender that would do 10% deposit whilst furloughed. 10% was already limited choices, but with furlough as well it came down to just Barclays. We're fixed for 2 years at 3.7% I think it is. Everything is moving quickly on ours, so I really hope we can be done by 31/3 and save that extra cash! That house you've looked at is nice - is it a 3 bed? Really nice for a first house by the looks of it. People keep saying our place is amazing for a first time buyer, but I explain I'm almost 37 and missed the boat on getting a crappy 2 bed flat in my 20's
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    That's awesome, do you have a cow around the back that you just take leather from as and when you have a project on the go?
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    I (re-)found/finally tried Bricklinks "Lego Studio" last night. Today I realised that you can load all parts of a selected set into it and start building. It's not what I actually had planned on doing, I actually wanted to build a little landscape for a tensegrity thingy, but now I've spent about three hours assembling some sets I always wanted as a kid and it's made me very happy. Also made me realise how dumbed down the instructions are now a days...
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    Kind of the same street trials but on a larger BMX . It was a toss between the TSG and Pro Tec but after reading reviews I decided on the Pro Tec. Not anything to do with which one is better, it was all about the fit as I'm between sizes on the TSG (57cm)
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    i recently got google stadia which seems like good middle ground. They had a deal on a few weeks ago, i don't remember the exact details but i spent 60 quid got, cyberpunk, google home 4k and the stadia controller. That included the first month of stadia pro which is about £10. Pro has some decent game titles available and other games are often on sale. While I'm off work furloughed it seems good value, i will probably ditch the pro subscription once I'm back at work and have less time to play.
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    Today the focus was finally getting my Disc Brake Jitsie Bike in working order. Setting it up correctly and fine tuning it, and showing you how to get your set up correct and how to bed in those pesky disc brakes! It was also all about having fun and getting creative with some funky lines on some cool local walls and rails