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    So after going into winter with my bees in a pretty bad way (re-queened in September so colony was barely half what it should have been and I didn't fit any insulation until late November) I've just checked on them and they're still alive! I didn't think they'd survive the cold snap with such small numbers but with a mild day today there are a few undertaker bee's bringing the dead out of the hive and some foragers out and about. Absolute result!
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    Weeks 2 & 3 combined and still shorter than the previous one as I've been nursing an injured hand. As such, a lot of clips were from pre-lockdown, but there's some new ones in there too. Seem to be fixed now, so I'm excited to get back on it.
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    My 2012 Inspired Hex. Being 6ft5 i went for a longer Stem and it works amazingly well!
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    Once I’d cracked the original white paint it all started to peel much easier. eventually I got to this: thankfully this free’d up the spoke nipples so I could take it apart. Once done I rebuilt it onto the spare Hope hub: after truing it I cleaned up some old DMR motos and fitted one... Pretty pleased with the results. Considering how poor the rim looked on the old build I never really thought I’d make any use of it. Really do get a kick out of bringing old bits back to life.
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    "Just give me 5 minutes and I'll meet you in the penetration lair"
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    Latest Podcast is one I think the crew on here will like. We go back to the old school days and chat with Nick Goddard!
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    Speaking of old bits, this will be the back wheel for a proper mash up of parts. I’ll probably update the title on this thread as I get more done and share progress on the unusual build. a sneak peek of what’s to come haha:
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    Putting this here for lack of a better place to put it, how on earth has a 23 month old stacked that many blocks on a unstable, non level surface. Might point out that he placed the blocks with both hands independently
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    Subterranean shagpad
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    +1 for the Sport in the front and MT5 in the back. Sport has great modulation for endos/g-turns etc. and has plenty of power for up to fronts. No issues with MT5 in the back for drop gaps or anything. Pad clearance isn't great but it does the job
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    Build a bike round a spare hub you had. Literally any one spare part is the start of a new build haha. Been there. And probably going to go there again at some point. Wheel looks great and I do love a 2.4 24” Moto. Go to tyre before the Contis.
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    They're decent rims, just crappy paint and a bit heavy.
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    How people live in the South East really is beyond me
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    Same here, I’ve done a couple now - an Ashton ET and a Planet X Zebdi. This will be an interesting one as I’m forcing myself not to buy parts unless absolutely necessary - it’ll make a funky build haha. Thinking of making this one more trials oriented as opposed to a street build (mainly because of my left over parts!). I enjoy building and restoring as much as I do riding these days which is no bad thing
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