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    What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator!
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    Finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with trials. I'm no longer getting frustrated 8 out of 10 rides and/or getting unrealistic expectations about how good I'll now be on the next ride. Haven't purposely been avoiding pushing to bigger things at all, it's just worked out that way. Still lots of trials techniques to learn and that's not even including street stuff which I've more or less given up on until I've got more of the trials basics covered.
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    Alex rims DX32 with a grind kicked butt, stayed sharp forever. Mavic D521 with a disk on the front. Those new fangled Chris King hubs. Those messy hydraulic disk brakes. I started wrenching on bikes 15 years ago. I would explode hydraulic disk brakes back then, so I moved to an avid bb7. Best brake of the time.
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    So this is pretty interesting: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/how-much-do-professional-mountain-bikers-get-paid-pinkbikes-state-of-the-sport-survey.html Some random facts from it - 21% of the top 40 riders in the UCI DH and XC World Cups, EWS and Slopestyle events don't get paid a wage from their sponsors (they may be paid expenses, but that wasn't covered in that survey). Nearly half of the top 40 downhill riders in the world are paid between $0-5,000 per year (again, not incl. expenses). It's pretty nuts that most of the riders in those disciplines are paid so little that they couldn't afford to buy the bikes they ride at retail price on their salaries. I assume there might be (must be?) some non-endemic sponsors helping them out, but still, they can't really be making much of a living with that. As a slight contrast, there's a stipulation for teams taking part in the UCI World Tour road cycling events that they have to pay each of their team riders a minimum wage of €40,045...
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    One for the 'things I don't get' but why do people have cats? They're basically just dickheads who would sooner watch with utter disinterest than piss on you if you were on fire and show zero affection...
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    Anything with a bb higher than +20. Those new echo controls with a 1060 wheelbase and plus 20mm bb. Sexy.
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    Or if you want cheap, there's the LEPY LP-2020A amp £25 from amazon (stereo phono and/or 3.5mm jack inputs, speaker wire outputs) - again the mic would plug into laptop. Just got one for a Raspberry Pi hifi with DAC & old speakers for tunes in the shed.
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    You make those muscle ups at the end look too easy!
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    That made me very nostalgic for my old commute around Lake Ontario. Compared to my London commute now, I do miss those wide American roads.