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    I was planning on doing a bunch of big stuff, but I hate injuries and couldn't justify doing those lines, so more tech!
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    Well, we moved in just over a month ago... Since then I've redecorated the bedroom and built a new bed for it. Done a ton of improvements, mostly minor, which means I can focus on taming the garden now - it's hugely overgrown and is going to take a fair bit of elbow grease to sort. Just took delivery of our new sofa and chair, which barely fits in the lounge. We ordered it based on the floorplan before we moved in, so I suspect the floorplan wasn't entirely accurate lol. It fits, but it's quite a bit tighter than I was expecting! Loving it here though, it's so nice to be somewhere quiet and to have more space - I really felt caged in the two bed flat we had before, made worse by being stuck indoors for the majority of the 14 months since being made to work from home. Just being able to go downstairs or out in the garden makes a massive difference.
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    May as well update my situation. I'm still living with my fiancée, her mum and her mums boyfriend in a two bedroom flat. It’s fiiiine, we all get on and there’s zero tension (as far as I can tell) but I’m desperate for my own space. The housing market is still awful and there’s nothing coming up in our budget in any place we’d want to live. However due to a turn in events we might not need to look for a house after all. Sadly Jane’s elderly Aunt died last month (at 93). She was diagnosed with cancer just in February and refused treatment...because she was of sound mind and knew what was coming she made sure her will was updated and put Jane as her power of attorney. She didn’t have any children of her own and was fond of Jane and her brother so has left the estate to them. Jane is keen to buy out her brothers share in her Aunts house and for her and I to move into it...fortunately none of Jane’s family have any objection to this. We are waiting back on a survey to tell us exactly how much the estate is worth and that will determine how much we owe her brother so nothings set in stone yet. The house itself is a 1960s detached two bedroom bungalow and is lovely! The rooms are big and it’s in amazing condition (her Aunt was the type that puts notes on the batteries in the clocks saying when they were installed...meticulously neat and tidy). It has a single garage which is perfect for my bikes and has garden space all around. The bonus is that it’s got a great potential to convert the loft into another two rooms (either making it a 4 bedroom or 3 with an office) which would be amazing. The area it’s in is considered one of the poshest parts of Glasgow, it’s rare to get a house here and all the neighbors are retired rich types...we’d be the youngest in the area by a long way. They’re all very friendly though, a minister is across from us as well as a Jewish and Indian couple who are all very nice people. The downsides are that it’s a lot further out of town than I’d considered (though does have easy motorway access) and there is zero riding (trials or MTB) out of the door, I’ll definitely be needing to drive to do any riding. Its also next to a road so there is some traffic noise, especially at school times as there’s a school just a few hundred meters down the hill. It’s only a 30mph zone and not a main route so not too bad the rest of the time. It’s sad that Jane’s lost a family member but with all the hardships she’s had I think its a lovely gift from her Aunt. here’s hoping we can afford to buy out her brothers share.
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    If there's one tiny little positive to Brexit, surely reintroducing the one thing that made paint stripper strip paint to bloody paint stripping products should be it... Edit: Just looked on the petitions.parliament website and the current most popular petition is "Allow non-professional singing in groups of more than six indoors". People have some weird priorities. Paint stripper all the way.