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    Going through the garage and there’s enough parts for a full-ish build. Current state is this: Jack Flash Trials frame (A recent addition), Gusset forks, B.M.F on Deore hub rear, Mavic on basic Shimano front, Planet X stem (mega short) and some badly painted risers. BB is imminent then will whack on a set of cranks. It’s lighter than expected, short as I thought and retro as!
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    If that was me it would turn into an expectation vs. reality meme... vs.
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    This is a house load of wood, just need to get round to making the kit.
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    Awesome! But yeah, maybe some more rear rebound damping would calm it down a touch...
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    Think that's the one he snapped in Cardiff? If so, he just bent it doing a hook and it snapped. It wasn't even through a crash or anything. In fairness, it is what they're designed to do there, but it would put me off using that particular lever I think.
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    The only thing I'd say with that is that it'll take some getting used to. Because it's more of a progressive increase in power as you move the lever through the stroke rather than linear, you do need to re-learn how the brake adds power in a way. It's obviously fairly subtle in the sense that you don't necessarily consciously think about exactly how much force you're applying, but something to consider if that is something you're concerned about. It's part of the reason that people used to say that Shimano's brakes were 'too powerful' for mountain biking as they thought they went from a bit of power to allofthepower really quickly. I'd also say I'm not sure that the Shimano levers are easier to bleed as such. Although most aspects of the Magura levers are turd, the ability to do a really quick top-up bleed with just a simple syringe and some mineral oil is handy.
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    I love the sparkly paint in the black parts of the frame - not had this colourway before (had a Little Audrey the first time around)!
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    That thing looks lethal... Centre of gravity is all wrong for jumps it seems.
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    I'm using the Saint-m820 levers with an MT4 caliper on the front and an MT5 caliper on the rear. Best brakes I've had so far. (and I came from full Saint M810s) A friend of mine has XT levers with MT5 calipers. They feel the same as mine. The best thing in addition to the amazing modulation is that there's less lever travel before the pads contact, compared to the Shimano calipers I had, so you can run them closer to the bars and still not hit your fingers. I think the Saint lever blades are a little thicker than SLX. (Ali C snapped an SLX in a video) The Zee blades look just as thick in the images though, so that sounds like a good combination of value and durability.