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    My Planet X Zebdi Frame, Planet X Zebdi (not sure which one) Fork, Planet X Knifen fork Headset, FSA orbit equipe Stem, Stone edge 100mm Bars, Zoo Brakes, Shimano XT with Linear cable, Avid SD7 levers and a old school Shimano carbon booster. Cranks, Middleburn RS7 trials Wheels, Hope Pro2’s with Monty champagne rims and Kenda Small block 8’s Also, Planet X Union Jack mini seat and Shimano Altus/Micro shift 6 speed gear set up.
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    It's @Martin Direske who's been running Vees for ages. He has old style SD7 levers and Ultimate brakes if I remember correctly (with a Shimano Carbone booster). I run SD7 levers and Ultimate brakes with Oddyssey linear slick cables. My brake (on a Rockman Gabbro with Vee mounts and a cheap Tektro booster) is super quiet but as powerful as a well setup HS33; the hold is even better. The force required to pull the lever is as little as a water bled HS33. The only thing is that the bite point is a bit mushy due to the cables.