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    A lot of people have been doing a lot of reposting and bumping of old media lately. Our one true lord deserves a slice of the action.
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    Here’s my Giant that I bought from new in 2002, recently resurrected from the parents garage. It’s seen many parts come and go, but now trying to get it as close to a true hawzie replica, so work to be done includes: - Rebuild front wheel with radial pattern spokes and anodised red nipples - Spray forks to match the frame... or have the front of the frame painted black along with the forks - Change seat and post - Replace rear HS33 slaves with Tomac reds - Replace the rear tyre (got a Michelin in the post) I love this bike, brings back so many good memories including taking me to second place in YMSA bike trials comps in around 2004, and second place in a UCI comp hosted at the infamous Bracken Rocks circa 2005. Not to mention all the big rides me and my mates used to attend on the train across the country. Here’s a snap of me pulling a classic X-Up in Skegness
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    Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
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    After 7 years off the bike the urge to get back riding again was too strong. Thanks for taking a look at the new/old bike and I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces on group rides this year!! But before that I have to learn the basics again Hope you like! x
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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Lived in Baltimore for a few years and was lucky enough to have some good spots within riding distance of my house and this is what I got filmed over the years. Also threw together a bunch of crashes and bails too.
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    Hi all, I found this at the back of the shed. A nice little project to get it built up again and get in contact with the olden days, circa 2004! It's going to have a modest disc set-up. Still undecided about the drivetrain set-up. I do like to actually get around from A to B so it may have the sacrilege of gearing. Brace yourselves for it possibly not being historically correct, but rather in a form where it actually gets more use! Steve
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    So I found a pace frame have spent some time polishing it up. And put it together dry quickly because I couldn’t wait. Got some correct forks coming but still need a 5 arm silver Middleburn bashguard.
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    I have made a similar video a few years ago but I thought I would update it to 20 years :-)
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    Custom 24" Ti Fighter Street Trials Frame & Fork Build for The Right Direction.org, Same Geo as the current Arcade and weighs in at 21 lbs
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    New video of myself and Aaron Browne New and old clips from the last 3 years Edited by Aaron browne. Enjoy
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    I decided not to use them and washed them with disinfectant wipes when I got home No sign of rabies so far so far but my sense of smell and foraging seems heightened.
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    So I’ve picked up a little project on the cheap. Got a few more bits to get but it’s almost there. Frame, Giant Trial team series Fork, Echo Urban Headset, OBP internal Stem, Viz 130x20 Bars, Zoo riser Grips, Trialtech foam Wheels, Trialtech hubs on Inspired team rims Freewheel, Trialtech 18t Chain, KMC 610 Tensioner, Shimano Ultegra mech Cranks, Truvativ Hussefelt 175mm Bashguard, Truvativ 22t Chainring, Truvativ 22t Saddle, Planet-X Mini trials Levers, Shimano deore Still to come, Shimano Deore rear v brake, Avid bb7 front brake, Onza Hogniesium pedals, Shimano Carbon v brake booster, Kenda small block 8 front tyre, DMR moto digger rear tyre and Proper bmx brake pads.
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    Have been piecing together this bike for a while now and pleased that it is now almost complete. Some parts are looking a bit tired, namely the Maguras and pedals that i'll look to replace at some point. Now that almost all the parts are gathered (just missing a rear mech, XTR M950 or Durace 7600) I can start servicing it and getting it looking how it should. Some touch ups to the paint work will take place also. Will it ever get ridden? Probably not, but it will look nice. Also have a Pashley 26mhz and Orange Zero projects burning in the background. I'll get some photos up when they have a little more progress. Hope its brings a smile to you face as it does mine. Thanks for looking. Parts list: Singnature frame and fork Chris King headset Race face Prodigy stem 90x8deg Azonic double wall bars 2 inch rise XTR M950 9 speed shifter Race face Next LP carbon cranks Filthy 'Ard guard bash ring TA specials 22t chain ring Shimano UN91 (xtr) Bottom bracket Shimano DX pedals Selle italia SLR carbon saddle Unbranded seat post 30.8 Front wheel - Hope suspenson hub blue on Black 32 hole Mavic X517 (ceramic braking surface) Schwalbe gen 1 Racing Ralph 26x21 Rear wheel - Hope Bulb splined (removable disc mount) Blue 36 hole on black Sun ringle Big mammoth fat IRC EL Gato 26x2.35 Hope titanium QR skewers DuraAce 11-21 Cassette sidehop Blue Magura HS 33 ('04 style lever) with Carbonique rear booster and Magura CNC front (not pictured)
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    It’s finally sprayed now to get for the decals and then I can build this bad boy up
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    I had a lot of trouble with this one. I've been struggling with myself more than usual, in part because of the loss of future plans due to the virus. I was originally going to use sad mumble rap for the video. I even finished some dark edits using Lil Peep and Bones songs - but I felt a little ashamed uploading those to youtube. Then I came across an old passion, folk metal. So I used this song, Hope by Eluveitie. "Unite the tribes" is a lyric in another Eluveitie song, and it felt fitting to my style of riding. A blend of everything. blah blah here's the vid...
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    ....because why not!
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    Hi guys, I know that this one isn't really trials but i thought that it would be fun to just a flatground tricks video during this quarantine, so everyone can have more ideas of tricks to try. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
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    It's 95% complete so here's a couple of pics of my Adamant 24. Build is as budget as possible so big thanks to aener, Mikee and Dan Chandler for sorting me out a few bits and especially little yoshi for the wheels/tyres! May be a few changes to be made yet but need to ride it first. Next job is chain + tensioner and possibly brakes but I'm not 100% sure yet
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    I'm happy there's a digger in my dining room. Sorting the solem out and doing the pipe work just now then it'll be ready to pour the floor.
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    Hi, So impressed ... how good he is still. 49 years old but still a legend.
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    So it’s in the spray shop and it’s all primered and good for that lush blue to go on. I’ve source half an original decal set too
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    do all cities have designated TGS zones or is mine the only one?
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    Little bit more coming together now, a few more deliveries to turn up still but it’s getting there.
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    I think there is a lot of confusion about the guidelines. My dad told me that he got shouted at by a young tractor driver, for riding his bike on a rural road, a couple miles from home. The guy took pictures of him on his phone and said he was going to report him to the police. My dad laughed, blew kisses for the camera and told him to f*** off.
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    I've been busy....The aim was to build it in a form that it'll get maximum use. In a pure Trials spec it'll just sit in the shed! So here we have, 10 speed Shimano Zee mech & shfter, 40t front chainring on RaceFace cranks, Wellgo Magnesium pedals, some modest Shimano MT-200 disc brakes. Now it can be used for some modest trials action, wheelies, and can be ridden between the Suffolk villages to spread the gospel of Trials!
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    "So here it is!! SRT - Uninspired in Barcelona Earlier this year Alex Dark, Ben Lazenby, James Bragg, Shaun Goddard & myself (Ryan Brian) spent 5 days riding in Barcelona. This is the end result! Enjoy!!"
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    Been starting to film the odd clips recently as becoming quite apparent my body won’t handle this forever and would be good to have something to look back on! Monday evening nibbles.....
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    Went for a ride - creak fixed, knee didn’t hurt as much, smashed some pr’s. Got home watched the last two MJ episodes. Buzzing.
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    The front hub rocked up and now laced. Now to get brakes mounts onto the forks, crank bolts and a cable guide fitted to the underside
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    Yo guys, A little video i made doing some nibbles during my daily exercise allowance. Comments welcome
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    Persephone (just turned 5) has been making the most of lockdown, she's taught herself to ride her bike (islabike cnoc16 handed down from her older brother). Unfortunately our garden has an area about 10' square in which to cycle. This week she discovered that if she paddled round in circles she could manage to get some good speed up, then she put her outside foot on the pedal and scooted round in faster 10' circles. At some point on thursday morning there was much squeaking of excitement from the back garden, she had progressed from scooting to full blown pedalling in circles. As of today she has mastered the feet up and start from a standstill, circles of various radii, circles at high speed, circles at less than walking pace, emergency stops when Aneurin (now 14 months) runs in front of her and endos. She likes doing endos Only problem is, she can only go in clockwise circles, if she tries anticlock she crashes into a wall
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    Not going to lie, I’ve really enjoyed it. I have a job I can do from home, the only two things I did prior to lockdown was ride my bike and go to the pub, I can still do one of these and I can drink at home! But the real silver lining for me is that I am able to witness loads of development of my 14 month year old boy - I definitely wouldn’t have witnessed his first steps with out it! Don’t get me wrong though I reckon another few months and I’d be itching to ride somewhere more than my local town and with some other people. I have been incredibly fortunate with this scenario so appreciate for a lot of others this wouldn’t be the case but witnessing some friends in different varying scenarios ive seen them chose to approach it with varying attitudes which has impacted how they have faired mentally as they progressed through it. I guess I have learnt that some friends may have it worse than others but it doesn’t mean some people you may think have it easier don’t need more support at this time. I think I’ve learnt a lot about mental health and those close to me through out this which in turn is another silver lining to help better yourself through out it.
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    Not a jot. Long live lockdown!
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    This is where I am it's in the area of Kintail at the head of Loch Duich.
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    Rode the bike to the local town this evening for a trip back in time, mucking about on it in the town centre. Deserted so ideal! The wheelies are coming back! I think they give me more joy than some of the pure trials moves.
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    Ah. I see. That's fair enough - I can't speak on the arm pump issue but I could be persuaded to believe it might have an effect for some people. If it's just something you prefer the look of then go right ahead, but I wouldn't put too much effort into it if it's proving difficult and has no real benefit. Deathgrip refers to fully gripping the bar - not touching the brake lever at all. And yes, if I wasn't using a brake, I would grip the bar with a full fist. A gap to rear: Three fingers and thumb on the bar, one finger on rear brake. Four fingers and thumb on bar - no fingers on front brake. All those issues went away with riding brakeless, but I sometimes have the ridiculous and endlessly-amusing-for-other-people issue that sometimes if I ride someone else's bike with brakes, I use them to set up and then forget to let go of them on a sidehop or something, resulting on going over the bars for absolutely no visible reason
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    Got some higher rise bars on it now and is a lot nicer
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    So I accidentally a Polygon Trid ZZ... put a cheeky offer on it on eBay and the guy accepted. I had a Calibre Astronut DJ hardtail that was good fun but fancied the slightly forgiveness that a FS slopestyle bike gives. This is almost a Trek Ticket S for about a third of the price. I've basically made this from bits of the Astronut and chopped and changed a few bits (plus added the new Zee rear brake to replace some cheap Shimano thing) and it's pretty dialled now. Forks are pretty budget but do the job.
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