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    With all the new riders about at the minute, I got asked what me riding with brakes was like quite a few times. A few weeks ago this gave me the urge to dust the Cannibal off (regrettably literally) and give it a blast. These are some clips from the past five or six rides. I was going to film for longer, but now I miss the Alias and I'm fed up of brake problems already, so I think that'll be enough 26" action for a while. It's kind of weird that front-wheel stuff is the one thing I really miss about brakes, but there's basically none in these clips. Meh.
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    Recently started to watch videos of trials again and was feeling myself getting the bug for it again so treated myself after receiving redundancy couldn’t be happier after the first couple of rides!
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    About 10 years too late to ban Jardo though, sadly.
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    First saw this guy with his fails video, so had to subscribe. Here's his latest.
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    All you read above is pretty correct. The main reason was for lack of sales in the entry price bracket. When producing bikes you have to sell x many to make it feasible and for maybe the last 3 years its not been possible. We fell to maybe 90% reduction in sales in about 5 years. With no competitor taking our place there wasn't a lot we could do.Maybe one day we will be back.
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    Have a few more, but here's one to start...
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    Fallen into the classic trap... he just needs more seat time In other news, I've ben getting busy with the welder again.
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    Chainstays were around 400, disc mount is for show and shouldn't be used under any circumstances, wb I think was 1035 ish, guessing bb was the standard -5 or -10 back then, there were definitely nicer riding frames in that era. Then again I rode a Norco and I could bashguard kerbs if my tyres were flat enough.
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    I still don't have AIDS.
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    Best sentence I've read in a long time.
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    He was/is such a dude. The riding in his videos still really stands up well today. I'm glad he was about in that pre-"Everything goes on Instagram" period, it really makes what he put out that much better. Thanks for the Clean 002 shoutout @Herbertlemon102! So many good memories from filming that. Still clearly remember the trips Ali and I had to Dunkirk and Rotterdam for it. Those were the days... Couldn't find the Rowan video I was looking for, but one I used to have on heavy repeat was this: Not necessarily my 'favourite trials video' as such so not really sticking to the rules, but just an example of a really good level of riding and 'fee' from a video. @manuel always seemed to put a lot of thought into his videos and it was always a treat when they popped up. Re-watching that now, now that I'm more familiar with those spots, makes it all the more ridiculous.
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    What was your first trials video? This is mine from 2003 I think. I literally got a video camera taped some moves on a ride and cut them and added them all in order on movie maker haha. Brings back memories.
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    We are also in the process of moving, early stages. We only put our place on the market as a bit of a punt due to the stamp duty freeze and it sold within 24hrs! We're lucky to have a cash buyer for our place and our chain is super short. Moving from a 1905 Victorian terrace to a 1930's semi which is already in great condition but has scope for an extension in the future
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    This is my earliest video, from around 2002. Filmed by whoever I could get to hold the camera and edited by James Hyland (because we were both sponsored by Cleanbikes and he had editing software. The quality is super potato. (and yes, I had recently learned X-ups :P )
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    A trip to the spray shop, and a silver avid lever later... here it is now: All that remains is a single speed chain tensioner which is on its way... from China
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    TRA's 24 came to mind before I even scrolled down enough to read you listed it. I owned one very similar and somehow I wasn't magically a better rider. Rowan Johns Ashton. All time favorite rider and bike. I have never seen an Ashton justice in person.
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    Here she is complete with stickers, managed to get a cheeky little indoor skatepark ride in today - was so much fun, rides pretty well on the ramps.
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    It works because when the freewheel is on a hub, the active part that you control with your feet is the outside ring. The inside part attached to the hub is passive - pushed around by the outside part. When you flip is over, yes the engagement is facing the other way, but the part you control with your feet is the INSIDE part that is attached to the cranks. The outside part is passive - pushed around by the inside part.
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    Tom Huntley and Matt Pengelly get under the skin of the trials biking community. I probably won't remember to post every new episode here so if you see one missing, please add it. https://www.instagram.com/the_shin_dig_podcast/ https://www.youtube.com/c/TheShinDigShow/videos Available on Spotify also! https://open.spotify.com/show/5y7sqXmi0nXRyNkcf55rNG?si=Zd-0u8AkR7GzQbwd2wmL8Q There isn't a section for podcasts so I thought the videos section would suit.
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    Progress has been slow due to weather and COVID self isolation, but I finally fully finished my complicated roof structure. just need to measure up and decide on/order some doors.
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    Putting my old trials skills to good use:
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    My 2012 Inspired Hex. Being 6ft5 i went for a longer Stem and it works amazingly well!
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    Newbikenewbikenewbike after quitteeee a long time searching, I found another cleep2! As selling mine was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. And guess what? It’s near as can be mint/unused! Boooommmm. took great joy in taking the parts from my old build and adding them to this one. This (other than the daft pedals) is pretty much my perfect build, there is nothing about this I don’t like. There’s not many bikes that I’ve just sat and stared at for ages. le spec: (top to bottom) trialtech highrise bars (uncut) jitsie foam grips hope tech 3 front brake with hope adapter + 203mm shimano ice tech rotor trialtech rim brake lever with Trialtech hoses leading to ‘05 magura slaves with a singular tnn black (right) and Coust (left) mounted with titanium hardware and WAW clamps. New fancy top mounted integrated clean 142x27 stem hope headset crewkerz jealousy 2018 disc forks crewkerz cleep2 frame and as30 bottom bracket crewkerz as30 cranks n’ bash with front (Trialtech?) sprocket (175mm) Crewkerz sprung tensioner with dual cnc hope jockey wheels KMC z1ehx (I think, z610 replacement) hope pro2 evo hubs built to Trialtech rims with sapim spokes and blue nipples, fitted with monty pro race tyres. And another Trialtech sprocket.
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    Starting my trials in the 90's I have always loved the look of bikes with a seat. Expect nothing too modern here... 1st: Matt Berridge's - Curtis T 24 - Always wanted one in the Howies Blue! (I think they still have the jig but i'm not willing to part ways with several hundred for a frame yet) 2nd: Rowan Johns Justice in all Black, loved my black and red one - frame I most regret selling.. 3rd: The white and Union Jack 26 MHZ - I owned a blue one that had been mainly de-stickered (why?!) it just wasn't this frame / build (image shamelessly ripped from trials_bikes_with_saddles Instagram)
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    These were the three bikes I always wanted but never had. The Crescent always looked like it rode super light, I think it had some of the shortest chainstays at the time and it looked very "Euro" with the mini seat and flat bars they often were built with, never saw one in person. The Orange Zero was a dream bike of mine, made just up the road and I saw plenty of them at comps but I never actually rode one myself, I think it was the first frame I saw that was a straight line front the headtube to the rear axle and I thought that was pretty nuts! I think the Pace was my ultimate dream bike though, firstly because Chris Akrigg rode one like a beast and secondly when the Trialskings rode them (the Trialskings builds still look so awesome today!). Another frame I saw in person but have never ridden, they were famous for cracking which is a shame.
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    Favourite video maker during my peak trials era. And because wow.
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    I can't pedal up for shit, bunny hops all the way.
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    Everyone has things that they actively like, and other things they actively dislike. I'm asking about the things that, for you, lie outside of that spectrum. Things that you know other people like sometimes, but you just can't understand why. The main one, for me, is dance. Specifically watching it. If someone enjoys actually dancing, fine. But when there's dancing on TV or going to a show... What? I understand that there's a lot of skill involved on the dancers' part, but I can't see any way to enjoy watching people wave their arms about to music. It's a fine line, because I CAN watch and enjoy gymnastics in the olympics etc. Another would be poetry. I like stories, and books, but arranging words artistically... What's the point? I have only ever read one poem that gave me any sort of emotional response, and that's technically a song anyway. I could make a snarky comment about streety 24"s here, but I won't Note: This is all about subjectivity. I'm not saying there's no point in dancing or poetry - just that I don't understand it. I'm interested to know what other people feel that way about, and kind of hoping some people will say things that I do "get" so I can see it from the other side. This is not all about telling each other we're worthless. We all know it, it's just not polite to say it.
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    So many things I honestly don't know where to start! On the vehicle front wings on drift cars, stretched tyres, anything that makes a car actually impossible to use as a car (stupid camber, stupid stance, stupid low etc.), pimped up cars and sports cars being driven slower than my nan, motorbikes that will refuse to filter through stationary traffic on a dual carriageway (for example)... Cyclocross. The Royle Family. Religion. Flat earthers. People who don't accept Donald Trump is a cunt. Marmite. The SRAM DUB BB standard. Mushrooms. Also most of the things already mentioned including but not limited to dancing, football, poetry, fishing, the a/effect thing... I could go on.
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    Affect. Effect. It's been explained to me 100 times but I still cant grasp when to use which. Maybe it's cause a really couldn't care and people are going to know what your getting at regardless
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    Sup TF Admin, Seems like there aren't often moderators online. I've seen Rich around, but not really any of the others. Although to be fair, I might just not be online at the same time as them... To speed up the response time and alleviate some of the work from Rich / the mod team, Senior Members could be given the ability to move spam posts to a hidden part of the forum. Then they can be quickly dealt with, since there are often SMs online, and Rich and the other mods can simply delete the posts and ban the users from there. It's a suggestion!
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    We bought our first place back in 2010, a 1970s (I think) 3 bed semi detached place and toyed with the the idea of moving for an extra bedroom (two kids plus the requirement for a spare room meant sooner or later we'd like to upsize. In the end we decided to extend above the garage and utility room to give us an extra two bedrooms plus a shower/toilet room. We've effectively now got a 5 bedroom house though the boys are still sharing for now so we have an extra toy room and an office. The extra room is great! What's really good is that we managed to pay for the extension entirely from savings and with overpayments on the main mortgage we should be able to be mortgage free in just over 3 years which will be brilliant. I think when we bought we only looked at 3 or 4 others before finding this one which we were very happy with. We looked at a couple of new builds/more modern places but they were all small with white walls and beige carpets that would've been a nightmare to keep clean! This house just felt right immediately- it felt like a home when we saw it, not just a house if that makes sense.
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    BwwwaaaAAAARRRPPP! Gotta love a set of ITBs. Been beavering away on Mr Poo over the last few weeks... It's all gone a bit Mad Max
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    I haven't used heating in over 7 years here, I don't know if insulation is just incredible or the people below us are cultivating some of Jamaica's finest, but most evenings it's 25 degrees in here. We're buying a house early next year, so it'll be quite a shock going back to cold houses and heating bills
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    Almost complete. Waiting on the decals and hubs to get the wheels built and then finally ride again. Massive shout to @Addict Ben for sorting the awesome top cap set up, stem and one finger levers.
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    I think this is my ideal solution for trials bikes.. Will post updates if I find any flaws with it
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    at 11 seconds. Drew Fortner's curb frontflip. He used the curb slamming into the back tire to initiate the rotation. Besides being a cool dude, I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone else doing this in trials or bmx.
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    everyones different, everyone comes from different backgrounds. i did a bit of mountain biking, and then got a mod. then moved to 26". there was a piece of advice i found from a pro bmxer which really resonated with me. because everyone IS different, and everyone will give you a different opinion, none of which are incorrect, just find what your favourite rider did/does and do that, if you're struggling to decide. the rest will appear in time.
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    I kind of own one of my dream bikes but alternative the top 3 for me would be Chris Akriggs Mongoose. Didn't really enjoy riding an Inspired but that looks like loads of fun 2 Would be Monty Kamel 231 mostly because when i was younger i enjoyed watching Kenny Belaeys Big Time Trials Last one even though the seat is stupidly high in this image but ye ol' Cannondale CAAD3 as im a sucker for old school
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