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    Thought I finally add to this topic. I must admit I've never been much of a car guy, I've driven vans for the last 10 years just so I can take bikes easier...the downside was that vans are expensive (both to buy, tax and insure) and they're pretty boring. Last year my van broke and I couldn't afford to fix it or insure it. Mark had been up in his MX5 and they seem really cool...I decided that I'd like to try one despite not being the most practical choice ever, the deciding factor was the low cost of fixing and insuring it (quoted £150 a year). I wanted a MK1 as they're easier to tell if they have rust issues plus pop up headlights are cool, I also get the classic car status for the cheap insurance. I looked around for a while trying to find a half decent one that would last and I eventually found this one. It's a 1990 Jap import 1.6, it was imported in 2000 and has been owned by the same older guy since. He didn't drive it in winter and always kept it inside when not in use, it had tonnes of paperwork and good previous MOT details and he regularly rust treated the under side. He said he loved the car but at his age was finding it hard to get in and out of it now. He wanted £2000 for it, that included the original wheels in good condition (just old tyres) and the hardtop, considering the condition I didn't haggle much. I can understand why people enjoy driving now, this is the first "fun" car I've had and it's an absolute blast! I'm not keen on the wheels so I'll probably put some new tyres on the originals. I'd like to keep this car for a while so I need to take good care of it, I'd hate to be the person that killed it after all this time!
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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    I need a beam screed as I have a load of concreting to do on the farm and it makes for a far better quality finish than doing it by hand. We rented one last time we did some and it was great, the trouble is it was £150 for 3 days and we need one for 2 weeks and then again later this year. They are £1500 new which is absolutely ridiculous and command decent prices secondhand. They are very basic, using an off balance shaft driven by the engine to vibrate the beam, bringing air to the surface and creating a decent surface for outdoors or for further trowelling later if you want it super smooth. So I delved into my scrap bin for my finest rusty off cuts, ordered some bearings, pulleys and a belt. I found a Honda GX160 clone for £50, shoved a new carb on and gave it a service and it ticked over as good as new. Some choppy choppy, melty stick, recycled belt guard, sloppy paint, crossed fingers later and I have a menacing, vibrating, piece of wood with an engine on top! Under £100, a day to build and it seems to work when running on a solid surface, it'll get its maiden run tomorrow
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    Thanks Luke, aprpeciate it! Had her out for a spin yesterday, the tweaks seem to have cracked it
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    Hearing experiences from people from places other than London going to London is always comedy There's loads to ride, and a load of different sections of London to ride that are as far away from the main tourist traps as you want. I doubt that people would make the trip down there for it as it's pretty far away for most people, but there's undoubtedly a lot of stuff to ride there. The main problem seems to be that trials riders don't have all that much imagination when it comes to spots, hence most rides in Leeds, Sheffield and so on pretty much focussing on the same 3 spots in each place. Seems similar with London rides, where it's usually "Meet at Southbank" or similar. There are some amazing spots further North that I've had the chance to ride courtesy of Joel, for example, that won't have been in any videos before. Similarly, thanks to Ian's Street View research we rode a bunch of new spots for the Phoenix Jam. This is the video from the jam a few years back, and this is barely scratching the surface of what's there - that said, almost all of these spots were chilled out and we didn't have hassle at any of them that I can really remember.
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    Evening trials at a local spot :-)
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    So... I joined the circus. There are pros and cons to this gig. I ride for a living and hang with crazy interesting circus artists! On the other side, I have little free time or energy to ride outside of the shows (19 per week). This video was filmed during a warm up session on a rehearsal day. Now we are into the busy schedule of shows. I will get some clips of the show for a later video. My act is done with a BMX rider as well, so there is a box-jump...fun!
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    I've finally finished the design for the pedal car that I'm making for a local cycling community project I say making, talking nicely to the machineshop and welding bay at work
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    Collected my EG6 last night. Paint needs attention but the shell is solid. K20 is out of the coupe for head gasket doing, final drive, 4th 5th and 6th year replacement and diff rebuild. Del Sol VTI arriving next month that I’m planning on robbing the B16 from to go in the blue EK shell I aquired with the unit. Business insurance in place for my unit. B16 swapped EK in for an engine rebuild over the next few weeks, EF Civic B swap is building up component wise and a few K series boxes to do. All go!
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    Tried making a curb video but had to cut the time short so this was the best I could get, going to have another try this week though...
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    The NLP attempts in those videos is so blatant it seems impossible it could ever take root. Then again, there's empirical evidence that placebos still work even if the taker knows they're taking a placebo. It bothers me that they repeatedly state that these things were done "effortlessly". Even if they had the insane tech these videos imply, it still wouldn't be "effortless", else the feats wouldn't have been held in such esteem. If it was effortless - they would be literally everywhere, not major monuments. They did it somehow, and of course it could be with less effort than the history books say, but it was obviously still a big deal. (That's a major aside from the point, but a little gripe I have.)
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    Can we all just stop and think about what is happening here
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    Here are some behind the scenes shots from a day full of shows. Be prepared for weird make-up, aliens, and heavy costumes...
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    Sounds like a dickbag. He's no loss to you - if people are willing to get that shitty about so little, they're not worth your time.
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    First off you need to contribute some large side hops to Instagram that peaks their interest. Then once you deal with that bloke taking the piss out of you for being so white, will he throw money at you to side hop higher. Only then will he fly where ever you are in the world give you a bike and set up your vee brakes perfectly. The sport is different now. i enjoy it
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    They still seem to sell alright to be fair. They've sold out of them pretty quickly the past few years, and that isn't because they're just getting small batches made. Although it does seem like it's just a matter of time until we've all become sponsored by Maestro and there's a global shortage of 4-bolt to V-brake adaptors, for now I'm not even really sure how someone could buy one even if they wanted to. Crewkerz have the benefit of being well established with shops around the world, running their own webshop, having a team who get good results at comps and put out some good clips, etc. They're obviously doing reasonably well in that they managed to buy out Ozonys. No doubt once Maestro get a bit more established and buying one becomes easier they'll potentially take some sales away from Crewkerz, but Crewkerz have got a really good reputation for building strong, stiff and fairly light bikes, and as a result they'll still be desirable for some riders out there. You can never really underestimate the Carthy effect either - if he wasn't running those Breath black and white bars before, they wouldn't have sold any of them...
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    Worth the bump...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4crosH8GIPI hope the embed works,after 10 months of slacklining i'm starting to surf some bigboy lines and i'm really proud and happy with this
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    @Tom Booth I got myself some aluminium channel, it's far better now
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    I ignore all the trials traditions when I set up my MTB. I want it to ride like a DH bike, not a trials bike. Imagine trying to ride a trials bike on a DH track! Check out some pro bike-checks and see how they set it up. As for reach, most companies have sizing charts that are very accurate, unless you are a pro going mach 7... in that case you'd go for a longer reach than normal (usually). Stem length is usually 35-50mm, I don't think anyone rides longer than that. Switching between different bikes with opposite set-ups becomes easy with practice. You will feel the benefits of each bikes position. Have fun!
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    Well, that went preeettyy well...
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    Buy the Federal FTS DVD/get hold of a copy from your local shop/whatever. It's really, really good. Without sounding wanky, it's got the most cohesive branding of any BMX project I think I've ever seen. It's also nice to see someone who's using an upside down tripod as a steadicam film better than all the f**ks with four-figure fancy electronic stabilisers and the latest jazzy 4k cameras.
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    I just got fed up of being spoke to like a piece of crap really. It's a belief on both sides of the argument. Evidence can be interpreted differently you lot seem to choose to just accept that people from the past were basically robots and just worked hard all day long because they were told to do so. I could find a lost city a mile under the sea and because we only have the evidence we have at the minute you lot would come up with some theory about how it was all possible given enough time effort and man hours. Anyway since this is the Happy Thread I'm happy that YouTube exists and I can watch all the crazy videos I like.
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    That is so good for your time playing but please listen to some other music dude haha
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    Note sure if anyone saw this, well done to Jack!
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    After almost 2 years of owning (and rarely driving) the MX5, I thought it was about time to take it out and see what it / I could do together! Booked in an evening session at the Snetterton 300 circuit and had a great time - although the session was supposed to be 2hrs a large oil dump (as shown by all the sand) and a couple of accidents really limited running, but for my first time out on track really happy. The cars pretty standard and I'm not planning on spending a load of money on it (At £1,100 for the car I'll just drive it into the ground and update when things break). Any tips for improvement? I could bum feel a lot of areas where I could be quicker - especially in the higher speed corners, but didn't want to risk a higher speed off first time around! I'll build up to that in time! https://youtu.be/pCMapWNGVgI
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    I'm taking his side. No one talks shit about Ashton's!!
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    This seems like an appropriate place for it...
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    I found it the other day, was gutted when the pictures of buckys missus were dead.
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    Quick clean for the z4 tonight. Loving it so much
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    For my 40th last month it was decided by the stepson that I should learn to snowboard (mainly so I can take him to the snowdome more often!). Did a learn to snowboard in a day course, ached lots but picked it up pretty quick. I accidentally a snowboard and bindings, also accidentally a pair of boots, grand total of 50 quid and the boots were unworn The board is a 152 Palmer Proto, about ten years old I think but should get me right to start off. The bindings are Burton cfx of similar vintage and they're super comfy. Just started servicing the board, made a file jig at work to sharpen the edges and clean up some oxidation and spent the last 20 mins ironing hot wax into the base. A learning curve but rather therapeutic so far Taking Persephone for her first kinder lesson on Saturday (she's 4 now) and going for a couple of hours lift pass with Reuben next week. Anyone else play around with planks of wood?
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    First ever bead and it wasn't a total failure. Mega happy with it to be honest I expected one hot mess
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    Laser cut parts for the pedal car came in today, was given a budget of 500 and so far the build is below 300 with a bit of sponsorship wrangling
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    My little edit from the FISE, in Montpellier. Cool both days with Vallée, Hermance, Fontenoy, Llongueras, Burton, Méot, Brunetaud, Tarès and Cardona. It was a world first, no marschal but judges, as classic bmx contest. Thx for watching :-)
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    camo sticker up date
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    Having built up my Ashton ET, I thought I’d look for something with a bit more trials geometry... and a rear disc mount. Still steering clear of Inspired at the moment. Ended up buying this from this very forum as a starting point: The 4 bolt mounts on the forks had been hacked back - I intend to finish this off nice and smooth, the rear chainstay/wishbone support on the frame had been cut off to allow for the rear disc calliper to fit - and these frames don’t fit particularly large callipers anyway. I continued to look for something else to help with the Frankenstein build and found an Onza Zoot - a mate of mine recently bought one and I really like the way it rides so I went and met the guy selling this one - top lad and it had been well looked after:
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    Nice Paul, I like that. We needed a storage area in our living room as we didnt have anywhere for the Hoover and usual house tackle, but wanted to keep it in with our mid century modern kinda vibe.. Built to stools to match too.. I've built a tall cabinet at the side that's standard furniture grade satin white to stash the Hoover, ironing board and clothes dryer and crap in..
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    I thought it was the the grading, trying to make his beard look less ginger.
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    It's not the orange it used to be - the latest version of it is fairly red. He's been on that new version for a couple of months now. I quite liked the concept, they used it for some pretty interesting cuts. The logo stuff isn't the most subtle thing in the world, but hopefully once the initial splash is done it'll become a little lower profile. We'll see... Riding wise it was cool too. Good mix of stuff. That frontflip too - hot diggidy.
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    Sure, but it's a bit work in progress and I only have one kidney left. Will post more better pics to the bike pictures topic as soon as the bike will look more complete. I'm going to take the 105 Comas bars from my echo to this to get some more reach, also would love to have a trials front rim but I think the current one will do for now (a crappy Nukeproof 25mm wide). Probably going to coat the seat with something black, as I don't necessarily like the purple frame and white seat combo. It looks like 90's barbie stuff to me (the seat and the frame were both discounted hence the color choices). Back to the original topic however, I was afraid that the Neuron will feel very heavy and too short for riding rocks in the woods (compared to Echo), but actually it was awesome for that too. With roughly one year trials background I'm not the right person to talk about the full capabilities of this bike but for a beginner it does the job extremely well as a pure trials bike too.
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    Haha, cheers gents. Yep, already has a V5 Paul, so a set of lights, a horn and a handbrake, and I'm on the road Datalogged 0-80mph yesterday at 3.81s (then ran out of room), so I reckon that'll be sub 5s to 100. Crackers.
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    Looks somewhat more tamed, though I use the word loosely! Great work dude The fact that both car and driver are bleddy quick, plus the engine revving high makes it so hard not to think the footage is sped up
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    Dem bars. Are you riding trials or commuting?
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    Those pizzas. So good... There's a small-ish shop just up the road one way, and a bigger Tesco (from memory, could be a Sainsburys?) the other way so you've got options. It's a bit of a faff to get to them compared to just going to a food van, but if you forget anything you might need you'll find them there.
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    I doubt it, dont think they would lower there standards to that Haha.