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    Hi all, this is new setup for my street 20”.
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    Having succinctly put myself out of action for a couple of weeks (bragging rights: broke a blue pallet with my hip, having hit it directly on the supporting block in the middle), I thought I'd put this edit together now rather than wait. Filmed over the past few weeks. Only the first half is riding. The second is crashes. Major grumpy face at the end is because that happened two-hours deep into attempting it. Edit: Worth mentioning that apart from three clips, all of these were filmed on solo rides. That's already achievement enough for me!
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    A few months ago I decided to start a documentary film series about Bike Trial. In the first episode I worked together with Charlie Rolls. The film will be more than 1 hour long, with many riding clips, interviews, tips for younger and older riders, and with many other extras. I'll publish a new episode in every month about different riders, including young superstars, old legends, street and BIU riders also, not only UCI. This is the trailer: The full film is 1 hour, 34 minutes. (7,3 GB.) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/biketrial_documentaries More info about the next episode coming soon
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    You know, I watch lots of vlogs online, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like a complete dork trying a few out. They won't all be trials, and I don't have an upload schedule like most vloggers, but the trialsy ones I make will be posted here...unless I get trolled haha! On to the first trials vlog. I built up a trials bike modelled after Ryan Leech's Manifesto/Moment builds from the early 2000s. That was one of my favourite eras. This is my first trials ride in 6 months, so I'm a bit rusty.
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    I never liked the idea of installing rim brake fittings to the brake hose using a vise and a hammer. It would be so much easier to have something similar to the chain tool, that can press the fitting into the hose. Also, you don't always have vice and hammer with you The are some tools on the market for installing disk brake fittings, but they don't seem to be compatible with magura rim brake fittings. I found only one tool for installing rim brake fittings, but it is designed for usage in workshops, therefore it is large and expensive. So I decided to build the tool myself, and make it in a portable, pocket size, so I can put it with a bleed kit and a bottle of fluid, and have it with me just in case. Quite satisfied with the result, the tool works really nice. Using it is pretty simple. At first, you put the fitting with the guide into the hose Then, you install the hose with the guide into the tool And fix the hose in PU clamps of the tool using allen key Now it's time to start pressing the fitting into the hose The fitting goes into the hose really smooth, no extra efforts needed And it's done!
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    Some people delete their videos who shouldn't. Some people don't who should.
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    Thought I finally add to this topic. I must admit I've never been much of a car guy, I've driven vans for the last 10 years just so I can take bikes easier...the downside was that vans are expensive (both to buy, tax and insure) and they're pretty boring. Last year my van broke and I couldn't afford to fix it or insure it. Mark had been up in his MX5 and they seem really cool...I decided that I'd like to try one despite not being the most practical choice ever, the deciding factor was the low cost of fixing and insuring it (quoted £150 a year). I wanted a MK1 as they're easier to tell if they have rust issues plus pop up headlights are cool, I also get the classic car status for the cheap insurance. I looked around for a while trying to find a half decent one that would last and I eventually found this one. It's a 1990 Jap import 1.6, it was imported in 2000 and has been owned by the same older guy since. He didn't drive it in winter and always kept it inside when not in use, it had tonnes of paperwork and good previous MOT details and he regularly rust treated the under side. He said he loved the car but at his age was finding it hard to get in and out of it now. He wanted £2000 for it, that included the original wheels in good condition (just old tyres) and the hardtop, considering the condition I didn't haggle much. I can understand why people enjoy driving now, this is the first "fun" car I've had and it's an absolute blast! I'm not keen on the wheels so I'll probably put some new tyres on the originals. I'd like to keep this car for a while so I need to take good care of it, I'd hate to be the person that killed it after all this time!
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    Connect bike to generator, use ghost to reduce your carbon footprint and lower electricity bills? Always wondered why movies focus around making ghosts go away, when they can be tricked into producing green energy.
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    Got into trials the same as a lot of other people around my age, had a friend into mountain biking and bought a cheap 2nd hand mtb (Univega Alpina) when I was 15/16. Started buying a few copies mbuk and saw The Marty(i)ns and other doing there thing. Then bought the Tricks and Stunts specials (Bought a GT Backwood around this time) and a friend and I learnt how to back hop, doing a few tricks, while messing about and still mountain biking. When went down to Bike 98 or 99, can't quite remember and saw Ackrigg, The Marty(i)ns, Ryan Leech, Jeff Lenosky and a bunch of others doing the trials demo. A couple of us were hooked. Around this time I had some epileptic fits, which meant I couldn't drive for 7 years, so that really pushed me towards bikes. I have bought a DMR Sidekick, which was a great little bike and really helped my progression. Then I moved to Leeds for Uni, bought a PX Zebdi and met up with the rest of Damnation Guys. Now at 38, yeah I still ride. Really because I still enjoy and it is super easy for me to get out and ride local stuff for a couple of hours. Also, having moved to America, it is cool riding stuff you know probably hasn't been ridden before. Yeah I can't hop quite as high, I am not quite as 'brave' in the stuff I try now and it takes longer to recover, but I have ridden fixie, road, bmx and mtb, it is trials keeps pulling me back. I do enjoy riding my single speed mtb now and taking those trial skills to the trail. As long as I still have fun, I will still ride and I can't see myself never having a trials bike. One thing I would still love to do I build my own frame.
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    I am starting to get comfy on it. I've only crashed once so I'm not trying too hard yet, but here is the next vlog with quite a few lines in it. I felt like I was lacking a theme with this one, so it's just riding really.
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    doesnt really deserve its own thread, but i went out for a few hours in the morning for a solo stunt and filmed this
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    Ignore the clutter, that’s being removed, but as of Saturday this will found the beginnings of my own little business venture. It’s finally becoming a reality. (Civic in the corner is going nowhere. I saw it, offered money and bought it, predictably).
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    Recently I got my Marino 26" frames back. (I have two identical frames, one in blue and one in red). The blue one is the fun build, so here it is. I'll update this thread as I make some changes to it. Geo is 1060, +80, 377, with a 73 degree headtube. Reach is 680. Either you think I'm crazy and the geo is just dumb, or you look at the numbers and think "hey, that sounds like a lot of fun." The long reach allowed me to go with a 130mm stem right off the bat and felt good. The goal is to have something that is more flickable and fun than normal modern pure bikes that still feels decent on rear wheel moves. The shorter wheelbase and slightly shorter chainstay make this manual nicely (not that I know how). I've got to work up some confidence on bigger rolling bunnyhops, but it should be nice. With the super high BB it still does rear moves and sidehops decently with the bars rolled back into a less visually oppressive angle. I liked the idea of MTB cranks and a hope hub on a pure bike. It took a bit more modification / grinding than I would've liked to get the cranks to work. Having the rim brake slave cylinders made the clearance super difficult and I had to sand the pads down to almost nothing and take about 1mm off the back of the drive side crank. At some point when I have some more funds, I may try a boost crank made for a 83mm bb. But so far this setup is AMAZING! It feels so stiff. Front Magura MT7 and rear Trialtech are a super nice combo. The Magura is working like crap since I moved it over, the disc mount must be at a slightly different angle or something. So far the rear trialtech Carthy rim is pretty nice! I love not seeing cutouts and it feels super stiff. The coust pads on it are a amazing. The rear heatsink tensioner is a bit sloppy looking. Originally Marino said he'd be able to fabricate a crewkerz style mount, but then wasn't able to figure it out in the end. Maybe at some point I'll weld one on myself (bonus of steel). Due to the gear ratio on this, there is just a lot of slack to take up. Maybe using a half link would help. I can put a hanger on it and just go with an old school two wheel tensioner too. At some point I will go rear tubeless on this bike. But right not it is fairly cold and my tires just feel like crap no matter what so I'm not stressing it. Tire clearance is a bit of an issue, I had to trim a couple center knobs a mm or two to get it to stop rubbing. The Inspired Arcade bars look incredible, but I am going to try my Crewkerz bars on my next ride. Between the 73 degree head angle and the streety bars, the front end felt so different it was hard to get used to.
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    Here’s my alias 20.2 I just built up with some hope shiny parts.
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    The Alias 20.2 is here. Same as the 20.1 except for colour and 135mm dropouts. I built mine up about two weeks ago but only just got the chance to ride it. A chilly morning solo-ride doddering around Bradford and Leeds. Fresh wheels and everything greased and tight makes a bike feel amazing, but now it's me that feels rusty instead.
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    I need a beam screed as I have a load of concreting to do on the farm and it makes for a far better quality finish than doing it by hand. We rented one last time we did some and it was great, the trouble is it was £150 for 3 days and we need one for 2 weeks and then again later this year. They are £1500 new which is absolutely ridiculous and command decent prices secondhand. They are very basic, using an off balance shaft driven by the engine to vibrate the beam, bringing air to the surface and creating a decent surface for outdoors or for further trowelling later if you want it super smooth. So I delved into my scrap bin for my finest rusty off cuts, ordered some bearings, pulleys and a belt. I found a Honda GX160 clone for £50, shoved a new carb on and gave it a service and it ticked over as good as new. Some choppy choppy, melty stick, recycled belt guard, sloppy paint, crossed fingers later and I have a menacing, vibrating, piece of wood with an engine on top! Under £100, a day to build and it seems to work when running on a solid surface, it'll get its maiden run tomorrow
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    another 82 baby!!! my first bike was an x hydra too... as long as i can lug my leg over the bicycle and roll around I’m happy... the years of going out and “training” or trying to gap massive things are gone... the memories aren’t and never will be !
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    Thanks Luke, aprpeciate it! Had her out for a spin yesterday, the tweaks seem to have cracked it
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    I hear they did their research, saw your TF avatar and that was that... Your best bet may be their social channels. They seem fairly active on there, and might be a bit faster to reply to messages through them.
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    God bless Kevin for churning out some awesome videos. The Maestro Team is looking pretty good now.
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    Have you done anything other than clean it yet Dan? Had a drive up and down the road the other day
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    If you haven't got the budget to change your bike, the simplest way to look at it is A Bike > No Bike Although in the long run that bike won't allow you to do bigger/more advanced moves, you'll still be able to get the basics learned fine, improve your bike handling skills and develop your own style on it. It'll also transfer the skills over to your trail riding well too. The only thing to really be aware of is the potential for hitting your chainring and damaging stuff, so just be careful with that I guess - you can still learn a lot of other skills like front wheel moves without having anything to worry about Just be aware for hop ups that it's more susceptible to damage. In terms of age, you can do it at any age! The good thing about trials is there's lots of mini 'wins' to have along the way - whether that's doing your first backhop, doing 4 or 5 in a row for the first time, doing your first bike length gap or doing some huge moves, there's lots of little victories you get that help keep it all fresh and interesting. As a result, it doesn't matter what age you're at or what level you're at, it'll still be fun. Realistically as you get older the chances of you being the next Danny MacAskill/Fabio Wibmer/whoever diminish, but if you're just doing it to have fun that's irrelevant.
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    I'm desperately out of touch and genuinely can't tell... was that to-front, falling back down in to hook intentional, or a recovery? It rocked my socks either way, but bonus Dude-points if it was intentional.
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    After trying out super long pogo stick I realised that a shorter, all rounder is a bit more up my street. After no luck finding an Ashton Justice, decided to embark on a build around a HEX. Spent a bit of time acquiring parts (shout out to @Ben Davies for the heart of this build), spending some cash with Trials Addict and seeing what I could transpose from the TGS (basically the Ti BB and the cranks / FFW) and finished building up this morning. I have a set of brakes for it - a rear HS33 and a front older SLX with uprated parts - just need to get some tensile mounts to cope with the wide rear end, bleed etc. etc.. Spec: Hex Mark 1 Frame, Cane Creek 40 Headset Inspired Flow Alloy Forks Trialtech Sportlite Cranks, BB and 108 FFW, Magnesium Copy pedals, TI BB Front Mavic F219 w/ Brand New Superstar Switch Ultra-Lite Hub, Black Spokes, Gold Nipples (built by Trials Addict) Brand New Rear Jitsie Rim, Jitsie 135HS Hub, Black Butted Spokes, Gold Nipples, 15th ring (built by Trials Addict) Jitsie 90mm stem Inspired Arcade bars w/ DMR Brendog Grips Brand New Holy Rollers (2.4 and 2.2) Inspired Pivotal with BSD Flight Seat Slim Need to actually go ride the damn thing now! Cheers for looking. Brett
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    I just don't care for those films as I am over 15
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    Ali C and Tim Steadman playing post comp.
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    Fantastically light (compared to the 24" console), my new Hex, all shiny and glittering out of the box. Very good feel straight out, hardly any adjustment moving from 24 to 26", it rides so nicely! Frame: Inspired Hex aluminium Fork: Inspired Hex (15mm bolt through axle). Bars: Inspired Arcade High-Rise Riser Stem: Trialtech Sport, 90mm x 35° rise Crank: Hope Trial Pedals: Fire Eye platform. Brakes: Magura MT7 with 180mm discs. Seat: Tripod Kevlar seat with tripod. Rims: Inspired V2 Team, 26" Hubs: Hope Pro 4 Disc Chain Tensioner: Integrated Inspired Tyres: Continental Race King 26x2.2". Gear Ratio: 22/18 Wheelbase in this current setting: 1023mm Chainstays: 380mm Bottom bracket height: +20mm (50mm lower than my comp bike). A few titanium bolts too here and there... I reckon it is under 10kg
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    As the title says, stupidly small sketchy set-ups in this one. This is how I usually ride when there is no camera around. Maybe half street and half street-trials. Safety glasses were for the may flies that like to dive-bomb eye balls, but they were also fitting for where I was riding.
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    He loses bonus points for not intentionally choosing such a janky line, but gains twice as many for pulling off such an insane impromptu recovery.
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    Your comments made me watch (because otherwise f**k trailers) and that was definitely cool. Still. f**k trailers, but I’m looking forward to the main thing, so yay trailers.
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    FWIW: I only really chose to ride street* trials six months ago, am in my early forties. Stopped riding bikes after my teens until I started riding MTB in my 30's, mainly XC, a few small jumps and drops, etc. I moved to a coastal town a few years ago, nearer to work, which meant I could cycle to work easily which was about the only thing I could think of doing to help the environment. Partner still has a car but she needs it most weekends so most of my rides are from the doorstep. Unfortunately my local area is poor for MTB, it lacks real singletrack, and there's only small pockets of woodland by parks. What is does have are lots of stairsets and ledges to practice drops, and other obstacles that I started trying to ride up trying to keep my technical skills fresh. That was the primer for me looking at trials with more interest. The other primer was riders on youtube, with Sam Pilgrim, Fabio Wibmer, Ali Clarkson, really being the people I watched most in the previous couple of years who opened my mind to trials where previously I had been quite dismissive of it. I kind of feel a bit selfish about it, as my second son was born at the start of the year, and they're both hard work so time is limited, but I need to do something, my social life is dead! Other less physical but majorly time consuming hobbies have fallen away over the years, and the physicality of trials means I don't have the energy to spend hours and hours on it. An hour of trials two or three times a week fits in well. Just taking baby steps at it. * I can only say I ride street trials because that's the style of bike I have, my riding skills aren't enough to be categorised.
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    i started in the year 2000, i was 14, i enjoyed watching moto trials on TV and one day i saw a guy on a Monty 219 x Alp, i just loved that and my father bought me that bike. I've been in competitions for about 8 years then Craig Lee made me love street. Nowadays i ride in parks, street and some competitions, after 19 years is difficult to find motivation but using the bike as a reason to travel or cutting frames in half make me keep the love for this sport
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    Ok I guess I'll be that guy then; I got into trials because of Danny's April 09 video. I started racing mtb xcountry in 1993 and was heavily involved in it. I'd see Hans and Libor and Ryan Leech at the big bike festivals doing demos, but it never seemed like something I'd ever be able to do on a bike so I never looked much further. I moved to Colorado and became a snowboard instructor for 3 years. In 1998 I moved to Los Angeles and took up windsurfing and it became my all consuming sport of choice. I was still riding Xcountry, but only racing the big races in the western US. In 2009 I was expecting my first child and looking for something that would keep me closer to home. Danny's video was perfectly timed for me so I ordered my first Czar 24 (the Inspireds were too pricey back then due to the exchange rate at the time). I got Ryan Leech's training videos and slowly started learning. The 24" was great because I could put it completely built in the back of my car ('91 Honda Civic!) and ride it whenever I got the chance. I tried my first contest a few years later and finally met some other riders, but none were very close by (big problem in the US, large country, few trials riders). I still keep the bike (26" now) in the back of my car and I like exploring new areas whenever I can. Now there's a 14 year old that I ride with who lives just a few blocks away and he likes to throw in flatland tricks so that keeps me on my toes. When I ride alone it's about inch hunting and pulling off clean complicated street lines. Steve Rogers - You had a video called Andy and Steve Switch from 2010? After I saw that I really wanted a Rockman Switch frame, but I could never find an orange one. What ever happened to that bike? I heard most of them broke.
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    I think it was Evolve, yeah that section is fantastic. It is still how I want to ride on rocks, fail every time.
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    looks like it has a Monty 25" rear wheel? random! To add balance, I like the way the seatstays join higher
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    April 2019 Update: I bought some Speedrace carbon forks last week from the infamous Team Toast Matt @ItsMatt (cheers pal ). Had a good ride with them today, they feel and look great. Weight came in at 564g, quite a big saving over the Bonz forks (828g). Here's some pics:
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    It'd ride weird, even with 26" wheels.
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    Bunch of roses and a bottle of wine.
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    Film it. Get a motion activated camera
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    Just because you asked so nicely (and because someone else asked for them via a message a couple of weeks back)...