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    A few finishing bits and the build is complete! I should point out my aim here was not a replica. I was looking to build a 26inch street bike, my yellow Giant remains a replica, but this was about having a bike that felt familiar with modern components where needed to deal with the type of riding I have in mind.
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    New edit online. Let me know what you think. Cheers guys
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    Here is a short video attempting to capture each of the riders’ favourite thing about Radfest 2021.
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    So here's a project I've been toying with for years. First thought it ages ago when someone I'd known for a while had never heard of CLS. I finally a few weeks of work so decided to stop dreaming about it and do it, and forked out for some webspace. Videos get forgotten. I feel like new riders overcongratulate each other a bit much, and largely because they don't have the frame of reference that longer-term riders have. Old videos just don't come up in searches, because they don't have millions of views. This is a problem for such a niche community. You have to go looking for specific videos, and you don't always get them even then, let alone videos from that era in related links. I know other people have made channels for uploading pre-Youtube era videos, but you still have to know what to look for. You can't just stumble upon them like you could on Old Youtube. I made a site that aims to provide links to a whole bunch of the better videos made throughout trials history. Just to make them accessible to people. It's certainly not a one-stop-shop, and it's very much a work in progress, but I think it's now at a point where the intent of what it wants to be is apparent. Anyway - Just thought it might appeal to some of you. There's about 100 videos posted there at the moment, but I'll be continually adding to the database. There's forms on there for suggestions or complaints. It's also worth noting that I also chose to pay a bit more for "unlimited" storage space and bandwidth. They're very cagey about numbers, but the intent is that if people have videos that got removed for copyright or whatever, I am in a position to host them privately on this site. Get in touch if you're interested in that. I'll be doing it for about half of mine Anyway... here we go. www.trials-videos.com
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    We've finally had our potential house valued, at first they estimated the value from looking online at other houses and how they've sold in the past. They came back with £385k which was far too high (we have to pay half to buy out Jane's brothers share). I think they assumed we wanted a higher number as usually when a house is left in a will the family will sell it but we want it lower so we can actually live in it. This house is the smallest in the area (2 bed bungalow compared with 4-5 bed houses) although it does have more land. They sent someone round to look in person and have now said the value is £320k...We thought it was a £300k house but everythings taking so long we will just accept it. Apparently it doesn't even matter it turns out, we can just agree a price between family rather than having to go by the valuation so according to Jane her brother will accept the 300k number if it means we can get a house to ourselves, he's a workaholic electrician and not short on cash and just wants to pay off his mortgage so we're going to set up our own mortgage and he gets the £150k share. We're happy as this means we get a £300k+ house for £150k. At the moment we're still waiting on lawyers to finalise things but we're hoping we can get all the paperwork done by next year and start actually making this house ours.
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    Full write up from my social media: “Here is my brand new, totally custom, one of a kind, REEB Cycles trials bike. . This has been a concept of mine for well over a year now and to see it finally come to life is a literal dream come true. I feel like 8 years old and it’s christmas. I had been on my echo and inspired trials bikes for close to 5 years and wanted something fresh… something more down the middle of the road geometry wise which I wasn’t finding in the trials market. . I wanted to build a trials bike MY way. I wanted it to be fun, playful, able to handle natural riding on rocks, but also able to hit a kicker or do spin moves in my shows. I’ve always thought that the thin steel tubing style looked super proper so that was a no brainer choice. I went with blue because why not? It looks amazing and I wanted a friendly, eye-catching color that would pop for the crowds when I’m riding. Frankly, it just looks so cool too. I wanted my brakes quiet with more modulation so I made the move to go dual disc with a large 200mm in the rear for maximum stopping power in critical trials situations. For maxium chainring clearance and minimal weight I went with a screw on style crank with an 18t cog. I didn’t want a full saddle but I didn’t want a seatless bike either so I settled on the super rad mini pivotal “seat” which I’m very happy with. I think the clear looks badass haha. Front end is a 110x10d stem with a standard high rise trials bar. Had to side with the ultra light and strong @crewkerz carbon trials fork for maximum performance and had to go with Derby Rims 35i carbon model rims for tons of strength, perfect width and lightness. All the matte carbon is so incredible. @hopetech hubs front and rear for the sake of keep it real and I’ve always loved the reliability and sound. . This is the sickest frame I’ve ever seen in my life and I really can’t believe the build that I got to put on it. Overall I’m ecstatic with how it turned out and I’m even more eager to see how it rides once I get things dialed in. . Huge thanks to @reebcycles for the dream frame and to WebCyclery & WebSkis for supporting me with parts. . Looking forward to riding into the rest of 2021 with a lot more style.” Let me know what you think!
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    Front wheel was useful for more than just bashing into stuff.
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    Some more spam pictures, can’t help it! Been out for my first decent ride on it today and it’s just lovely, exactly what I have been looking to achieve. So refreshing not to have noisy brakes.
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    I’ve finally got my kloud exactly how I want (heavily inspired by Stan’s old kloud). Few more ti additions to get over time, hose splitter was a barrel of laughs to fit.
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    Nice. I have an old external HD full of old trials vids, a few thousand I think, and wanted to find a home for them
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    For those that know me, I am a habitual project guy - got back into trials again after around a 10-year break and had a good 4/5 builds over the last 2 years which I have hoped would be "the one" but just ended up selling. Latest and the one I am most enjoying is a custom build Extension Edith frameset. Picked it up from FXN and went from there, so far 3 rides and it is a lot of fun! The Conti Danny Macs are possibly one of the grippiest tyres I have ever had on a bike! Changed the grips and got rid of the Tioga BMX saddle which, whilst aesthetically pleasing bruised my calves and ankles a treat ride one.
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    Yeah he switched to a vegan diet a couple of years ago and it kept it at bay, didnt get any better but certainly didn't get any worse. He started a course of treatment that was hormone based in Germany last October and he got the all clear in December, absolutely unbelievable, I know it hit him hard, like double dose of chemo hard, but results were there. Saw him yesterday funnily enough, he looked really well. It's a testament to good diet and research really. He has an 8 month old boy now too
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    I thought I'd post something nice and positive... I built some decking earlier this year. Never done it before so pretty happy with result to be honest! Before: During: After:
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    Looks nice that Dave, very much like my bike will be once I've built the new frame! Edit, just looked at full bike prices direct from PlanetX, unreal value! Also been riding full rigid recently and really enjoying it. As Ben says above, you just have to pick your way down rather than point and shoot. It makes the fun bits last longer! Have ridden everything I normally ride on the full susser these last few weeks, just a bit slower on the downs and miles faster on the ups.
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    So for no reason in particular, I decided to order a Marino. I'm still currently in love with my Crewkerz Guilty, but nothing lasts forever and it's nice to have a 'backup' bike. I'd been looking at the latest Silex bikes, but none of them were exactly what I wanted so, enter Marino. This will be my Marino build thread over the next however long it takes to get my frame from Peru. The design was finalized and deposit accepted on September 6th, 2021. The numbers are a little Arcade and a little Guilty, but I wanted tapered headset, vertical dropouts and 73mm BB. We'll see what I actually get. I'll keep updating as I go with bits and bobs that will go on the bike. Feel free to make suggestions or comments about my choices.
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    Pfizer has been administered nearly 6 Billion times. That is a huge data set to determine side effect percentages pretty darn accurately. all the talk of long term data is a non starter - there aren’t long term effects for vaccines. They don’t stay in your body long enough. You can have side effects that appear in the short term, that may have long term effects on life, but they aren’t going to give you cancer 10 years from now. They pass completely out of your system in weeks, and you are left with entirely natural immune response. Because of this and the number of hits we have given out, the risks of taking this vaccine is known to a pretty high degree of accuracy. The risk of taking the vaccine is significantly lower than that of getting covid19 the old fashioned way. (Again - huge number of data points for this too) Anyone can choose not to take the vaccine, and that’s their call, especially if they are in low risk groups. But that’s still a roll that’s unnecessary, and does nothing to decrease transmission. I still think taking a prescription drug without proper medical advice (a prescription), to combat something that has a proven pretty effective vaccine, when there are no published studies that have shown that it’s actually effective, is basically bordering on conspiracy theory action.
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    First camp out in the van went just about perfectly Went down to the gone wild festival near Exmouth (a bit of a shambles organisation wise and some major failings on other fronts - it was the first one though) but weather has been scorching and we had a great time. Walked about 13km a day with the kids just trolling around the site, exhausted, aching* and sunburnt. Van was spot on, slight hammock issue dumping children out on the first night because it was hung a bit twisted but sorted for following nights. Other than that it was a brilliant home base and provided everything we needed for 5 of us (me, wife and kids 11, 6 and 2). *trying max number of pull-ups at the royal marine commando display yielded in 11 at self weight of 75kg and 4 with Aneurin strapped to my back to give 90kg total. Also doing a 2.5km running obstacle race carrying a 25kg child that doesn't want to do the running
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    Feel like I want to strip the paint off everything I see now
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    My thoughts / experience: Trialtech / Jitsie pads are the best by miles. MT7s work well when new, then develop issues over time. Slightly more power than a Hope. Hopes wear in rather than wearing out, you can get spares if you need (rarely). More resistant to crashes / knocks. MT5 virtually same performance as MT7 but better value.
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    My Planet X Zebdi Frame, Planet X Zebdi (not sure which one) Fork, Planet X Knifen fork Headset, FSA orbit equipe Stem, Stone edge 100mm Bars, Zoo Brakes, Shimano XT with Linear cable, Avid SD7 levers and a old school Shimano carbon booster. Cranks, Middleburn RS7 trials Wheels, Hope Pro2’s with Monty champagne rims and Kenda Small block 8’s Also, Planet X Union Jack mini seat and Shimano Altus/Micro shift 6 speed gear set up.
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    It was dusty yesterday. Almost lost it on a few fast corners. Silver lining was how clean me and my bike was. Picture taken roughly 10 miles into the ride.
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    Don't think I've put this up on here so... My 2019 Transition Patrol
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    What you're saying doesn't line up with the rest of reality though, even if you believe the government isn't reporting side effects properly, with numbers like 13% all having abnormal heart rhythm, there would be a worldwide heath crisis right now, millions would be flocking to their doctors and getting diagnosed with heart issues, but that simply isn't happening. I would certainly have a health inspector check out that Sainsburys though! I don't doubt what you're saying, but it's some extreme anecdotal evidence and I don't think those results would be typical outside of your friend group. With regards to cancer prevalence / other diseases, don't forget that as we learn to cure and treat other illnesses, it just allows us to live long enough to get the ones we can't treat yet. It doesn't mean they're increasing. But couldn't agree more with your comments about being healthy to prevent things like this. Getting shingles after Christmas made me realize that I need to not get so stressed out and I needed to quite the boozing (two things I'm sure didn't help my immune system health at the time).
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    I find the diversity we are showing here in interpreting the same information pretty fascinating! Humans are an interesting bunch I have got a bit lost with the thread and I need to 'leave' again, but I will leave some more info / personal experiences which maybe help explain my 'weird' opinions on Covid and life, then disappear again and leave you in peace. Covid stuff: We have a WhatsApp group with my school mates in, 8 people in total. Between us, we know of 9 people who have had serious and immediate reactions to Covid jabs. The mildest of the 'severe reactions' we encountered was instant vomiting of blood (while still at the Covid jab centre), the worst has been a blood clot which lodged in the brain and left the person in a coma (within a week). Since coming round this 54 year old person has lost significant bodily function and is no longer able to eat. If 8 of us know 9 people who have been pretty significantly affected, I am struggling to believe the official government figures. Another friend works at Sainsburys in a team of 30 people. 4 of them, 13%, following their Covid jabs, began to feel weird and visited the doctors. They were found to have abnormal heart rhythm. I am not saying the Covid jab definitely caused this, because they may well have had it earlier, but for them to get 25-60 years through life and not notice anything previously seems strange. (The UKs average rate of abnormal heart rhythm is under 3%.) Also it begs the question, how many others have begun a strange medical condition and not had it checked out. Which brings me onto my own mother. 70 years old, smoker for 50 years, one lung removed through a TB-like disease, twice cancer survivor, obese, eats terribly, does no exercise, can't even walk across a room without panting. Yet she got Covid and survived. Had her first jab, went for her second a few weeks later, and had it refused because she mentioned - in passing - that a weird swelling had appeared in her leg since the first jab. The swelling is still being investigated but nobody seems to be considering it may have been linked to her jab. Again, how many other similar cases are there. (On the same subject, my mum has not once been offered lifestyle or healthy eating advice throughout all of her health complication consultancies, it has always been a drug or treatment. She now lives her life bouncing from hospital appointment to specialist to scan and back. She truly is 'in the system'. Same deal with my friend who has a Grade 2 brain tumour, no mention of any alternative treatments, however he then went on to research things himself and made the same progress as the medical profession without the nasty side effects and he is generally healthier overall to boot.) The chance of dying from Covid in your mid 30s-early 40s is reported to be approx 1 in 1000. This takes into account all previous health complications, etc. Therefore an ACTUALLY healthy persons chance of death (not a 'healthy' person as reported by the news, who has two chins and a BMI of about 35, example: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55788914.amp) is going to be less than this. Given the above personal experience, I am not going to risk the jab without further reliable, independent, long term data. The chance of death for a 35-44 year old male going about their life as normal is higher than the chance of dying from Covid: http://www.bandolier.org.uk/booth/Risk/dyingage.html - so I still don't get why the world is losing its shit over Covid. General stuff: The rate of cancer prevalence (and other diseases) is increasing alarmingly. However, humans aren't evolving at anywhere near this rate. So we must be doing something to ourselves to cause this. The medical profession isn't a philanthropic endeavour. It also isn't a magic bullet. Too many people look to it for solutions. Thalidomide had a half life of only 5-7 hours and still managed to cause some pretty severe issues: https://www.google.com/search?q=thalidamide&oq=thalidamide&aqs=chrome..69i57.3955j0j9&client=ms-android-samsung-gs-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Stay healthy all!
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    And that’s my stance on the whole thing, conspiracies and politics aside I admit covid is a potential threat but I don’t consider it a big enough threat to be injected with an emergency treatment (the FDA have only approved it as an emergency treatment) that I have no chance of receiving compensation if any ill effects occur. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to wait.
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    I feel there’s a mass psychosis happening. The government says we should be scared, the media says we should be scared and the general public are whipped up into a frenzy of fear and segregation. For me it’s not *just* that we don’t know long term data, it’s the way it’s been handled by people who seemingly have no clue what they’re doing, or only doing things to benefit them (I’m sure Boris will have all his failings forgotten when he’s triumphantly claiming that under his party he “got the country vaccinated and out of the pandemic”) or their pals. I worry this is a the start of a yellow star type situation, we’re the frogs sat in a slowly boiling pot of water. “It’s just a lockdown” “it’s just a Covid passport” “it’s just a curfew” “it’s just barbed wire” etc. it’s maybe a bit of a jump to get to that conclusion but ever since Brexit was suggested I’ve lost all of my trust to these people in power and I personally find the whole vaccine thing fishy, my lack of long term data point still stands and I still think there’s other routes that could be looked into if it wasn’t so taboo but on top of that I simply don’t want any part of what the government is doing or saying. Covid is no longer a public health topic but is now totally politicized
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    In the UK that's still not necessarily that helpful!!
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    I've got a whole trials shack episode on it coming soon trialsshack.com
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    I never said anything about forcing people to get vaccinated. Mandating it for certain things, we can discuss those individually. We know about the long term effects of the covid vaccine as much as we know the long term effects of any medication. What about the Chicken Pox vaccine? We "don't know the long term side effects of that". Every new flu vaccine every year "we don't know the long term side effects of that". You can be the fittest person on the planet, covid still can kill you, or become a drain on the healthcare service of a country. And yeah we're probably going to have to live with covid just like we do with the flu, with flair ups here and there, new strains, who knows maybe we'll eradicate it in a few decades. Vaccines are the tool we have to deal with it right now, certainly not the lazy option, what more can we do?
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    I am double jabbed, and am more on the side of getting inoculated than not, but I don't think we should be forcing jabs on anyone either. You say there is no evidence it'll harm you, but we don't know the long term effects of getting the jabs so some are obviously going to be wary / suspicious when simply being healthier and taking care of your body can also greatly reduce the effect COVID has on you. Jabs are a short term solution for a long term problem, and in my opinion, a lazy way out of the issue (like most things we do as a species). Yes we can encourage taking, but mandating the jab to 'get back to normal' is ridiculous and i think that is the problem we'll have globally. I was told by someone else recently*, that the W.H.O announced that world leaders (and as such us), will just have to learn to live with COVID, like we do the flu, and I am definitely in agreement with that. It is just not likely to go away anytime soon. *if it's bullsh*t and they didn't say it, then i think they should be saying it.
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    We don't think like that round these parts Adam. People might start thinking you're a conspiracy nut like me.
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    I know I said I wouldn't post in here any more but... couldn't help myself as I'm obviously quite passionate about this (more than I realised). Perhaps driven by a few recent experiences with friends, who have come to me with health issues and we've looked at what they eat. With a few changes we've made massive progress within a couple of weeks. Anyway... Its weird how the US data appears to be so different to the UK (appreciate deaths and hospitalizations aren't the same thing, but a ~4 fold increase is wildly different to 29). Our Covid death numbers are still pretty insignificant compared with other diseases related to old age and obesity, even using the skewed "within 28 days of a positive test" thing (how many of the below 33 people got Covid while in hospital being treated for something else they were going to die of anyway?). Table from data on the ONS website. No idea why its included, Covid shouldn't even be on here as its meant to be a Top 10! I think I'll still take my chances on this one, given the relative and absolute likelihood of a transmissible health issue for myself and others (unless the next big thing will be that we all need to get a special experimental jab to prevent transmission of alzheimers ). On a similar note, this morning I looked at some nutritional info for a pub we were due to go and eat at this weekend. I said a while back that i thought obesity was the real pandemic - I can now see why so many people are overweight / obese, and the ONS data shows that obesity related deaths kill far more than anything else (with plain old age still a firm second). https://marstons-menu.azureedge.net//media/jbxjfynx/signature-may-launch-nutritionals-21.pdf A relatively healthy-sounding vegetable soup starter, a veggie burger main, plus a dessert and 2 pints... that's a 3000+ calorie meal... gross. We are missing a huge opportunity here to educate people about their lifestyle, allowing them to make better choices and keep themselves healthier for longer. Prevention is always better than cure. In childcare for example, it has been shown that £9s worth of disruptive behaviour as an adult costs £1 of to rectify as a child. Imagine what would happen - long term - if we spent all the money used in developing the Covid jab and cajoling people to take it, on food and lifestyle education instead? I would wager a huge amount more lives 'saved' (inverted commas because IMO you can't save a life, only prolong it, because we are all going to die sometime) and a better quality of life for longer too.
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    For way too long i was sat thinking 'why the f*ck does he want a 4" circle of grass?', then 'how the f*ck would he cut grass with a carbide wheel?', then some 'it'd be hard with scissors to get that 4" circle of grass perfect' then i had a huge "f*ck me, i'm an idiot"
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    I read somewhere (top research there Ali) that hospital case figures used both this years AND last years figures, this would obviously include the whole time people were unvaccinated. Take that with a pinch of salt unless I/you can find proof though. I’ll totally come back and admit I was an idiot if I end up seriously ill, that hat will get eaten but until then I still don’t think it’s worth it personally. I’m not here to convince anyone to not take the vaccine, people can do what they like, this is how I personally feel about it.
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    Does it kill them? because if so I might start taking it.
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    Awesome stuff, the level is so high. Last drop looks scary!
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    Finally stumped up and joined the high BB and front rim crowd. Not ridden yet so fingers crossed I can figure it out.. Cheers @Rossy@Rossy for sorting out
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    My girlfriend and I were out in the car when we spotted an injured badger lying at the side of the road. It was cold but still alive so I suggested she put it between her legs to warm it up. She said "no it's wet and stinks" so I told her to hold it's nose so it doesn't suffer that as well.
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    I reckon buying your medicine from a livestock supply center(sic) would be the first clue!
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    I usually flex the chain sideways by hand focusing on the stiff link, not the most scientific but I’ve done it for the past ten years and not noticed any ill effects
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    I swapped over to rigid forks, higher rise stem, lighter wheels, modified narrow wide ring to fit the XTR cranks, suspension seat post (genuinely impressed with it), 9 speed with wide ratio cassette and some fresh bar tape. This thing is a really comfy mile muncher now. I probably will get a proper gravel bike at some point but I'm in no rush
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    Thanks guys, appreciated. It's probably about two tires width, so not that thin, but wanted to do something on it for a while and that felt like the best option
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    Total garbage, but I can't help but love it.
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    What do you call a magician with no magic? Ian
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    That would be me, but I live in New Mexico, bordering Arizona. Almost 50 soon and I started almost 2 years ago. Now working on pedal off's & up;s, mostly developing rear wheel control. It was actually the right testicle, ripped open the sack and was literally hanging out. I rode my bike back to my vehicle which was about a mile away. Went home, got something to eat, cleaned up best I could and then went to the ER. Over 20 cc's of morphine that night but all is well. Ateam
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    I'm making this thread thinking about music, but you can apply it to whatever you like. Maybe you don't like cars but you specifically really like a specific model, or you hate cheese but f**king love edam. I think it would be good if you provide a bit of reasoning as to WHY you think your exception is the exception. Normally, I have zero interest in just about any popular music to the point that I just don't understand how it's considered popular and what people get out of it, but a while ago I heard Griff - Black Hole, and it hit me right in the feels. Since then, it's an instant switch to an intensely emotional state. I'm assuming it largely resonates with me because I was lonely for a long time (though not due to a breakup), but aside from that I think it's something about the candid lyrical message that things f**king suck, juxtaposed with the relative musical nonchalance. Also the insight into how one event (a breakup in this case) effects people differently - one person might move on without much issue, but another will never be the same again. Straying into reading too much into things, I feel like there's a lot of things going on in this song and I'd need to write a coherent essay to cover all the points of thought and feelings it incites in me, and that's somewhat awkward since it's almost definitely an entirely fabricated scenario made up by a team of songwriters and sung by someone picked primarily for being marketable. But it's a strong enough feeling that my brain is willing to bypass all that, knowing it without acknowledging it. Musically, I'm also a fan of minimal soundscapes, so whilst it is really quite simple, I appreciate the accomplishment of there always being instruments playing but still managing to feel sparse and empty, and how that resonates with the lyrics. (I did acknowledge I read too much into things, yes? I know that may or may not have been intentional, but it still works. It's interesting that if it were self-written, I would have no doubt that the artist had had that thought process, but assume it's just a coincidence because it's from the marketing machine.) The one part I don't like is the line "I wish that you would realise that I'm all you need," as it changes from the otherwise powerful bleakness into being clingy and arrogant. Anyway - I feel dreadfully embarassed to publically state that I like a pop-song, but there we are. I'm very interested to know what your parallel situations might be.
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    Sounds like a total waste of Police time. It's an egg. Not like its a brick. I'd speak to him in a calm and polite way and explain you know it was him you don't appreciate it and you'd rather he didn't do things like that in the future. What kind of world do we live in if you can't handle an egg being thrown at your car yourself? Getting the police involved would be a bitch move in my opinion. Fight your own battles.