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    I knocked this up whilst having my porridge this morning, all the clips are from Bristol. It was filmed a few months ago but I never got round to looking at the footage till yesterday. The video shows the kind of thing I would normally get up to whilst out riding. Feel free to leave a comment but I'd quite like it not to turn into a TGS, comp rider, 24" forum battle if possible. Ben.
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    I KNEW you'd reply, I even said to someone on FB that you'd reply as soon as I wrote it. Was my reply not obviously OTT enough? Did you honestly think that's what I actually think? If you knew me at all, you'd know it was a total wind up, and I spend most of my time when I'm "out" in one of the metal clubs in Sheffield. A lot of my friends wear eye-liner and have the kind of hair generally associated with emo/scene kids. It was the sort of thing I'd say to any one of them and we'd have a good laugh. Just because it'd typed on the internet doesn't mean I'm not just trying to have a laugh. Who's narrow-minded and stereotypical now? Straight away you jumped to insulting me, (4 times in one reply, nice), assuming I'm as much of a twat as I make out I have been acting towards you. I've been trying to make a point as to how narrow-minded, opinionated and stereotypical your replies generally are because you never just have a laugh, everything has to be super serious and proven down the last detail. Feel free to ask anyone on here if I normally act like this much of a twat, admittedly I go over the top a lot, but never as much as I have done towards you recently. For f**ks sake lighten up a bit, everything on Trials-Forum, (and especially in Chit-Chat,) needs to be read with a pinch of salt and a smile. There are very few outwardly nasty/opinionated/narrow-minded people on here, we're just having a laugh. You're the one who takes everything so seriously all the time.
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    With uni last year and a few post-uni issues, riding really took a back seat in my life. A month and a day ago (according to file properties of the first clip) I finally got back into a decent place and started getting back into riding. I got the bug pretty savagely and started filming. I lost an awful lot of power during that time off, and I think you can tell from the footage that my subconscious tried to cover it up by constantly hitting full-tech-mode. I'm acutely conscious of the lack of magnitude throughout, and because I'm insecure about it I'd like to point out that whilst some of the wimpy-looking things are exactly that, there's a fair bit of oppo, switch and switch-oppo stuff in there. Also, 85% of the clips were filmed on solo-rides because apparently no-one rides anymore. I don't want the above to come over as false-modesty. I'm logically aware some of the clips in this are up there with where I was before, but I just don't FEEL it. Also - if you helped me out with uni stuff, there's one clip you'll recognise. I was just a few seconds shy of a full video and had a burning urge to make it right now - I still very much appreciate your help, and it isn't meant as a slight on you at all.
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    Do you have a girlfriend?
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    Thought about growing up and getting a bit of responsibility? You have a kid if memory serves me well, how about packing in the weed and the rest of the drugs and being a good Dad? Might give you the headway and ambition to do something with yourself?
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    I'm only really doing it for more rep points, but it's not worked On topic, I'm going to post the parcel to peggysue, gonna take it down to the post office tomorrow.
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    This one has been a long time coming (full story below)...however I hope you enjoy my last video on the Inspired Bicycles Arcade before i move onto the Inspired Fourplay. A follow-up to my original 3 days in London edit, Mark and I started filming in September 2019, and things were looking good until the crash in the middle of the video. Unfortunately, I ruptured my spleen when i hit the floor, which meant 5 nights in hospital and nearly 12 weeks off the bike. We returned to London in December 2019 to try and finish the edit off, but poor weather / getting thrown off spots meant I left frustrated without an ender clip. Then....2020 happened. Due to COVID restrictions, the stars never aligned for Mark and I to get back to London and finish the video. I've now changed bike to the Inspired Fourplay, but I didn't want to waste the footage, so we've finally pulled it together to make a short video. Thanks to Inspired andTarty Bikes for their continued support and helping get me and my bike home after the crash.
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    I'm still trying to find my limits after breaking my elbow, but managed to get enough footage to pull together a wee video from my time in Bristol. I've tried my best to find new spots / put my own spin on the regular spots. Let me hear your thoughts Song: Can't you hear me knocking - Rolling Stones CRASHES VIDEO:
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    But I've just been doing what I enjoy and given that I still feel a part of this community I thought I would share my riding. I do actually plan on bring trials back into my riding but I've been focusing on certain bmx moves more recently. I hope to start blending them with trials a bit more in the future.
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    Here's a video that was fun to be involved with.
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    I've been out riding quite a bit recently, and still enjoying pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. Adam Mcguire asked if I'd be interested in making a raw edit, but eventually had enough content to make a full video. So here is the result. Happy to hear any comments good or bad Massive thanks to Inspired and to Tarty Bikes for their support as ever. For those interested song is - When I'm Small by Phantogram
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    So, despite being old, and formerly very fat (not QUITE so much these days), from time to time I do still attempt the odd bounce around. Having got back into it a bit more lately, I decided to take my phone and film a ride this evening. Sadly, the weather had other ideas and insisted on raining on my the whole time. Still, considering this was filmed in about an hour, I had a really enjoyable little ride, and caught it all on film for a change
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    Many "celebrities" are cunts, which probably puts you in fairly level pegging?
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    You're And yes, that is my only contribution to this thread.
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    I know! Thought out, offered ideas for improvements based on years of experience in the trials world and came across as constructive rather than just being a pain - who does he think he is? Typical bloody Ali C!
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    I've found that building a new one on a weekly basis really keeps things running well
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    Yeah, all the staff. Jokes
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    Here's a little video I've been working on- both homage to Ryan Leech and chance to build some unusual lines. Thought some of the older riders on here might appreciate it :)
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    I got backed into a corner by certain circumstances, and decided to try my luck. Lots of trigonometry later, I have a lovely new frame to ride Geometry (which I am staggered to say I have gotten within 1mm of what I was aiming for!) is: Reach - 585mm HA - 73° WB - 950 BB - +65 CS - 350 FAO welders: feel 100% free to think it, but you really needn't bother telling me how horrible the welds are - I already know! This has been my first welding project, so was learning how to do it (how effectively remains to be seen) on the job. It turns out that what I thought was clean steel wasn't nearly clean enough, which is why the earlier joints have a lot of spatter, and the ones I did last are comparatively neat. I didn't take close-ups, just to avoid you lot calling me out on it If you're looking at doing something like this and want to know prices for materials: about £60. Of course I couldn't buy exactly the bits I needed - had to buy 3m or 6m lengths so I have a lot left over, but the proportion I've used compared to what I paid overall works out at about £60. All tubing is plain-gauge, 1.22mm wall welded mild steel, and dropouts are just some 6mm steel plate Adam had lying around. Fully integrated headtube and Spanish BB came from Solid Bikes. Couldn't find anywhere UK based that would supply them so had to get them from America. Again - to get my money's worth, I ordered 3 headtube and 3 BB shells which they can fit into a flat rate parcel, which is $25 to ship. They worked out at being around £10 per tube. Frame weight is just a touch shy of 2.4kg, which I don't think is bad at all for saying how un-weight conscious the tubing is. I've also dropped something in the region of 160g by having an integrated headset rather than a Pig, so in terms of overall weight change, it's only about 200g heavier than what I had before. Was so excited to get riding that I didn't think to get a full-bike weight. Somewhere between 9kg and 9.2kg though, at a guess. Apologies for the spiel - pretty damn stoked that it actually worked out! Muchas gracias to Ben Slinger for bending the chainstays/seatstays for me, and an even bigger thanks to Adam Read for advice, tips, help and moral support ( ) through the process! (Snail cams on the outside due to a cock-up that I still don't understand. Had a 116mm spacer between dropouts whilst welding, took spacer out afterwards and it snapped shut to 110mm. Anyone got an explanation for this, and how to avoid it next time?) Had my first ride on her today and I'm in love already. Seemingly just as good for the more power-based stuff as my previous geometry and nicer for streety stuff. Certainly nose manuals - did the longest I'd ever done before on my 4th attempt after about 10 minutes on the new geo, then set a new personal best (by no small margin!) after another hour or so.
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    I can almost hear the free brake pad refills dropping through his letter box now.
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    why add the last bit, its basically accepted these days. in fact 1 in 3 people live next door to a paedophile, not me mind, I live next to a 14 year old with a cracking pair of tits.
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    How do all, seeing as everyones loving carbon atm, thought i'd have another play. Had this in my head for quite a while and finally sorted something that i couldnt find before, so here it is- Drawn up- Uploaded with ImageShack.us How the carbon is being bonded in- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Top tube, down tube and seat tube in- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Seatstays done- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Should have the rest of the parts made up tomorrow for assembly . Got a bit more done today, not as much as i'd hoped, but ahh well, here it is- Headtube design- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Dropouts and chainstays done- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Will hopefully have the booster done in the week, work dependant of course. 27/07- Got a little more done today - First 2 inside tubes tacked up Uploaded with ImageShack.us Welded up, then dressed off Uploaded with ImageShack.us Outside tubes tacked up (with gussets Mr. C ), ready to be welded Uploaded with ImageShack.us Top tube and down tube in, just to check they line up Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us One more thing, thought you guys might like to see why it's been a while between frame builds, my latest and biggest project- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Will be a lotus 7/caterham design when it's done, ally chassis with (hopefully) a full carbon body. 28/07- Got the headtube welded up and blasted today- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Had a bit of a booboo tacking up the first seatstay though, carbon tube dosent like fire apparantly So it's going to be an ally seat tube now, which is a shame, but ah'well. 31/07 Got another little update for you- Seatstays tacked up- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Gussets tacked on- Uploaded with ImageShack.us All welded up- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us 01/08- Reached a little milestone today- First tube on dropouts welded up- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Back in the jig- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Second tubes welded on, but are going to be ground back and re-done tomorrow i think- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Mocked up- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Will be adding a bonded gusset to the rear triangle when it's completed, was going to double up on the tubing, but dosen't seem to be a need for it. 06/08- Got quite a big update for everyone today- Decided to double up on the dropouts in the end- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Got the last bits tacked up, before- Uploaded with ImageShack.us And after- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Assembled to check everything fits and position the booster- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Booster welded on- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Everything ready for the oven tomorrow, then anodising in the week - Uploaded with ImageShack.us 11/08- Got the frame bonded up on tuesday/wednesday, fully set today, so heres the result Let me know what you think . Before bb, cranks, ect are on- Uploaded with ImageShack.us And after- Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Had a little roll around on it (nothing proper, have got to make the brake mounts/posts tomorrow, really couldnt be bothered with any turning today ) and it is quite flexy at the rear end, but after looking at it and getting the old brain wirling, think i've managed to sort it, but anyway, yeah, done . Final weight was just over 1.6 btw, but think i'll be looking at a light weight jobbie if this works out. Cheers, Josh.
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    This is my 100th riding video. I wanted to make a 100 line video in celebration but it's been very difficult to get riding/collect footage and I don't think I'd've made it all the way there. I was hoping it would be something special to look back on, but watching the clips back I sacked the idea off because only one single clip was actually interesting and I'm left feeling pretty sour about the whole thing. Watching them back was just f**king boring. Couldn't bring myself to delete them so threw them in to this so that I can be done with the procedure. I'm not sure if I'll make any more. I'd like to have finished on a nice round number, but I sincerely doubt I have another 28 videos in me. Anyway. If you want to waste a handful of minutes of your life, courtesy of me wasting almost the entirety of mine, feel free to watch the below. Or don't - it's not likely to make a difference.
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    I assume Kloe Kardashian, the Nottingham Post and "Hot Insta Babes 2" were thrilled.
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    Because of various injuries this is the first and last my video of 2016, I hope you still enjoy it. Happy New Year! #tgsisnotdead
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    Don't listen to them. String yourself along on the vague hope that she might miraculously change the way she feels. Offer to film her with her new guy when that happens, girls like nice guys. When it hurts, just cry into your pillow and tell everyone you're fine the next day. When you haven't heard from her for 24 hours, be sure to send her plenty of texts asking how she is and whether she still remembers the good times. Girls love reminiscing while they're getting ready to go out and take a length from a new guy. When she she tells you to stop and move on, because she has, don't listen to her. She's playing hard to get. She'll remember how much she should love you if you just keep forcing the issue. It's her friends, they're the ones who are keeping her from you, so definitely bad mouth them to her every chance you can get. Or, y'know, you could cut her out.
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    Hey guys, Flipp and I went for a ride yesterday and filmed most of it... Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it Thanks Aaron.
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    Cast my postal vote and sent it off. Two days later I get a letter through the door. It was my postal vote. Sent it to myself. Utter, utter fail.
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    Ross Clayton - Silence is the Enemy: probs gonna be bad feedback from the seated crew.. but not to worry! I can do a 180 foot jam whip whatever you call it but I chose not too! ENJOY..
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    Wow, your mums really friendly!
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    You're mistaking "blown turbo" for "owning a diesel"
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    "Hey you, put some clothes on and take those anal beads out." I get that all the time.
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    Free bars, yeah, but the way I figured, sooner or later Nickkkkk would've realised his mistake, which would put me in the shit, meanwhile, peggysue is going out of his mind with frustration. Much easier. Besides, I've got this stem already, and I'm happy with my bars
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    Ladies and gentlemen of the class of '18Wear shinpadsIf I could offer you only one tip for the futureshinpads would be itThe long term benefits of shinpads have been proved by scientistsWhereas the rest of my adviceHas no basis more reliable than my own meandering experienceI will dispense this advice now Enjoy the power and beauty of trialsOh, never mindYou will not understand the power and beauty of trials until it has fadedBut trust me, in 20 years you'll look back at photos of yourselfAnd recall in a way you can't grasp nowHow much possibility lay before youAnd how fabulous trials really lookedYou are not as fat as you imagine Don't worry about footjam whipsOr worryBut know that worrying is as effective as trying to tilt your bars forward when you're not Jack CarthyThe real troubles when training are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mindThe kind that blindside you at 4 PM on some idle TuesdayDo one thing everyday that scares youGrind your RimsDon't be reckless with other people's bikesDon't put up with people who are reckless with yoursPracticeDon't waste your time on weight savingSometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behindThe race is longAnd in the end, it's only with yourselfRemember the compliments you receive, forget the insultsIf you succeed in doing this, tell trials forum howKeep your old riding photosDon't look at your old tartybikes statementsStretchDon't feel guilty if you don't know whether you'd actually prefer a street trials bikeThe most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their bikeSome of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don'tRide plenty of NaturalBe kind to your kneesYou'll miss them when they're goneMaybe you'll be insta famous, maybe you won'tMaybe you'll ride for Echo, maybe you won'tMaybe you'll be riding at 40Maybe you'll dance the bike dance at your first demoWhatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself eitherYour sidehops are half chance, so are everybody else'sEnjoy your bodyUse it every way you canDon't be afraid of it, or what other people think of itIt's the greatest instrument you'll ever ownTrackstandEven if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living roomRead the directions, even if you don't follow themDo not read trials forum, it will only make you feel uglyGet to know your favourite riderYou never know when they'll be gone for goodBe nice to your riding buddiesThey are the best link to your pastAnd the people most likely to stick with you in the futureUnderstand that riders come and goBut for the precious few you should hold onWork hard to bridge the gaps in street trials and comp trialsBecause the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were youngRide up North onceBut leave before it makes you think your hardRide down South onceBut leave before it makes you softPractice some moreAccept certain inalienable truthsPrices will riseDemo Teams will philanderYou too will get oldAnd when you do you'll fantasize that when you were youngPrices were reasonableDemo Teams were nobleAnd riders respected their eldersRespect your eldersDon't expect Red Bull to support youMaybe your daddy pays for everythingMaybe you've a decent Credit LimitBut you never know when either one might run outDon't mess too much with your bar angleOr by the time you're 40, your wrists will feel 85Be careful whose old frame you buyBut be patient with those who sell itBuying it a form of nostalgiaSelling it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it offWelding over the cracks and selling it for more than it's worthBut trust me on the shinpads For the record....I use these currently, and they're pretty good. https://winstanleysbmx.com/shadow-tsc-invisa-lite-shin-guards?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImNWT97Pg2QIVT7XtCh0ULgH3EAQYASABEgKzQPD_BwE#black-small)
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    Some recent clips. There's a couple that have already been published because I was in a mood when I did and deeply regret not saving them for a proper video. Sorry if that upsets you, but it is what it is. Ali, if you see this - apologies. I filmed the bench thing the week before you uploaded your vlog with it in, but only saw it yesterday. I was intending to copy Simone Barraco, not you Didn't realise quite how many hooks I've been doing until watching this back.
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    This one's a real mish-mash of clips, both in riding and video quality. Some clips I'm really genuinely chuffed with and took a long time to nail - one of which I've been after for three years. Others are little novelties I did just for fun, I felt they carried their own merit. I've lost a lot of strength whilst not riding much in the past year so if you find yourself wondering "why didn't he take the better option" clearly visible in some clips, I wanted to but just can't do it any more so I guess I tried to disguise it either with technicalities or just going really fast Some clips taken from Mark Westlake, and one from Flea, so thanks to them for those. Also to Jamie Wiltshire and Jacob Ashworth for putting in a good chunk of time behind the glass. Other clips taken on my phone when the camera battery ran out. ...Not to mention also to TartyBikes, Trialtech Components, Alias Bikes and Industry Clothing Co.!
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    Yeah. Guess who dropped it off...
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    Run a mile, she's clearly a retard.
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    I'll send a picture of myself in a bikini if Gav will send that turd in a bag to BradJohnson?
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    At first I was like, that's not an anus. Then I realised it's a picture of you, Brad.
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    Heyup everyone, this could be potentially amusing. click here, then like my reply, and the results should be entertaining.
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    Hi, Today, at about 8:00 in the morning, I was awakened by my doorbell. It was the postman, come to deliver a parcel, addressed to me. It did not need signing for. The parcel consisted of a triangular prism shaped box made from the box of a Hoover.. hoover. The parcel was closed using a series of cable ties. Inside the parcel, I found used Trialtech handlebars, and a used trialtech forged stem for a stock, both in black. The bars are clearly used, there is wear on the finish at the clamping area, and a scuff over the left trialtech logo, around the T and over the R. The stem has only slight wear where the top cap sits. Now... after reading this post so far, you will be experiencing one of five possible reactions: 1) 'Ok, whatever' - if you don't really care about this post. 2) 'Haha, this sounds funny' - if you want to see the outcome of this post. 3) 'Hehehehehehe' - if on the slim chance this is genuinely a mystery gift, and you're the sender. 4) 'Oh shit, oh f**k, oh shit, oh f**k' - if you're the sender, and you realise that the address you put on the parcel is wrong. 5) 'Hey I just bought some of those' - if you're the intended recipient. Feel free to add any comment if you're the mystery sender of reaction 3), or the distraught 4), or the irate 5), and further arrangements can be made!