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    so so so so happy I started my vlogging 4 years ago! I had previously been 100% reliant on demos for income and after 4 years of making a video every week, sometimes wondering why I bother, I'm finally getting enough revenue from YouTube and Patreon to make a living! I would've been in such a bad financial position right now if I hadn't gone down this route as there's zero shows at the moment. Also since lock down I've gained 10K subscribers...to put that into perspective I gained 16k all of last year. I'm not in it for the numbers but I'm quite excited to get to 100k, I never thought I'd ever reach that. I'm thinking of doing something to celebrate, maybe a group ride or something.
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    Had this nearly 3 years already, changed a lot and done my best to make it as light as possible, got the right stem on, lighter tyres. Rides so good now.
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    I’d definitely organize something if it meant we got to see you ride again! in other good, my 30 year old MX5 had its MOT today and passed with zero advisories, two years in a row!
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    Can't we all just get along and agree it doesn't matter what you ride provided you're not French.
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    Not those 20" setups though. Bloody perverts. Clearly this is tongue in cheek. I should probably make that clear for the children.
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    Thanks @LEON I’ve managed to find a 5 arm one on eBay, spanking new! also managed to source a second hand 5 arm spider to fit the tensile cranks, sprayed black it should look trick: looking forward to finishing this project! Now just need to source a red or black hope XC hub for the front
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