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    I don't think all of these things fit into the same category though. There's undeniable evidence for the earth being round, climate change etc... Questioning what we've been taught from hundreds or thousands of years ago is perfectly fine, I think it's good to question things. Christianity is a good example of just believing what is handed down through generations... "Of course it happened it's in the bible!" - Yeah, except one bloke can't part the seas and walk through it, or magic up a shit-ton of wine. (Unless there's evidence of it, outside a book of stories written and modified many times). If there's 100% cast iron evidence, I'll believe it, but for me these ancient constructions with ridiculous tolerances are still something worth questioning. I'm not saying aliens built them, but modern experiments to recreate them with better technology haven't gone well, so for me it raises questions. Unlimited time and people helps, but does it provide the accuracy seen in some of these builds, given the primitive tools? I'm 50/50 on the subject. I do agree that some of the videos on YouTube express pretty crazy theories though. In short - I don't know for sure, but I'm interested and I'm all for questioning stuff unless it's been proven.
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    No, I didn’t study Egyptology, so I openly admit I know shit all about it. I studied science maths and engineering. I agree - it’s possible somebody fabricated a dovetail, but to what end? To cover up something that if true would change history as we understand it? Maybe osireion isn’t made by seti I, maybe is was made 10000 years ago by aliens, but until someone actually puts forward some evidence that supports that, that makes it the likely outcome, I’m going to ‘believe’ in what we currently have evidence for. At this point you “can’t help but think” that the article I have put forward is wrong. It’s a long boring article that admittedly doesn’t seem to be by anyone important scientifically so could be horseshit. But at least it tries to address both sides of the argument by looking at the facts and evidence of what we have and already know about that time in history. The videos you have posted are not anything like this. They are full of hot air with nothing to back up their claims of any kind. At least if I’m being duped it’s at least half convincing! You might think I’m ott, but these sorts of things deeply depress me (people making these videos, sprouting these crazy theories with no comeback), it’s no different from flat earthers, climate change deniers, “we don’t need experts” bellends, and to some extent religion.
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    Pretty sure it’s in one of the articles I linked...,
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    Albert! I hope we get to ride soon too! You'll love the new bike ;-)