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    I really enjoy this also:
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    Obviously this whole thread could be nothing but TRA and we would all be happy, but this is by far one of my most favorite videos ever.
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    posting more than one. sue me.
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    EG is finally making bigger steps towards being a finished project. Brackets for the Wilwoods needed some modification to clear the disc. Ideally it would have been nice to utilise a spacer behind the disc to obtain the correct offset but this would have made an already tight set of TD 1.2s and a 225 width tyre a nightmare to squeeze under standard arches without a mahoosive amount of camber. The engine is sat back in the car with Jenveys attached; one to check ive re-welded the gearbox mount back in the right place, and two to start getting an idea of where the new fuel lines will fit along with the fuel filter. The engine is coming back out in due course to allow the bay to be painted, and to come back in bits to be rebuild with the ITBs in mind I have so far acquired: - Brian Crower Stage2 Camshafts w. Adjustable vernier pulleys - Skunk2 Valve Springs/Titanium retainers - Skunk2 H beam rods w. ARP Hardware - Wiseco 11.7:1 Pistons/Rings and pins - OEM head gasket - Supertech flat faced valves - Supertech valve guides - Fidanza two piece flywheel - Exedy Stage1 clutch - ATI Flui-Dampr crank pulley - King race bearings big end and mains - TODA billet oil pump gears and shims - Baffled sump - Walbro 255 in tank pump Management is via a Hondata S300 V3 ECU. Gearing is by means of a DC2 gearbox with the following: - MFactory 4.982 final drive - M Factory short 4th and 5th gear - Spoon 1.5 way plated LSD Hoping it can see somewhere in the region of 220-230bhp at a peak 9500 rpm. The ITBs should help make some power low down though I have spoken to Jenvey and they’re able to provide custom length trumpets to help tune air resonance should they be needed.
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    always get the tgs feels when watching this
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    posting more than two. sue me again.