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    I find the diversity we are showing here in interpreting the same information pretty fascinating! Humans are an interesting bunch I have got a bit lost with the thread and I need to 'leave' again, but I will leave some more info / personal experiences which maybe help explain my 'weird' opinions on Covid and life, then disappear again and leave you in peace. Covid stuff: We have a WhatsApp group with my school mates in, 8 people in total. Between us, we know of 9 people who have had serious and immediate reactions to Covid jabs. The mildest of the 'severe reactions' we encountered was instant vomiting of blood (while still at the Covid jab centre), the worst has been a blood clot which lodged in the brain and left the person in a coma (within a week). Since coming round this 54 year old person has lost significant bodily function and is no longer able to eat. If 8 of us know 9 people who have been pretty significantly affected, I am struggling to believe the official government figures. Another friend works at Sainsburys in a team of 30 people. 4 of them, 13%, following their Covid jabs, began to feel weird and visited the doctors. They were found to have abnormal heart rhythm. I am not saying the Covid jab definitely caused this, because they may well have had it earlier, but for them to get 25-60 years through life and not notice anything previously seems strange. (The UKs average rate of abnormal heart rhythm is under 3%.) Also it begs the question, how many others have begun a strange medical condition and not had it checked out. Which brings me onto my own mother. 70 years old, smoker for 50 years, one lung removed through a TB-like disease, twice cancer survivor, obese, eats terribly, does no exercise, can't even walk across a room without panting. Yet she got Covid and survived. Had her first jab, went for her second a few weeks later, and had it refused because she mentioned - in passing - that a weird swelling had appeared in her leg since the first jab. The swelling is still being investigated but nobody seems to be considering it may have been linked to her jab. Again, how many other similar cases are there. (On the same subject, my mum has not once been offered lifestyle or healthy eating advice throughout all of her health complication consultancies, it has always been a drug or treatment. She now lives her life bouncing from hospital appointment to specialist to scan and back. She truly is 'in the system'. Same deal with my friend who has a Grade 2 brain tumour, no mention of any alternative treatments, however he then went on to research things himself and made the same progress as the medical profession without the nasty side effects and he is generally healthier overall to boot.) The chance of dying from Covid in your mid 30s-early 40s is reported to be approx 1 in 1000. This takes into account all previous health complications, etc. Therefore an ACTUALLY healthy persons chance of death (not a 'healthy' person as reported by the news, who has two chins and a BMI of about 35, example: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55788914.amp) is going to be less than this. Given the above personal experience, I am not going to risk the jab without further reliable, independent, long term data. The chance of death for a 35-44 year old male going about their life as normal is higher than the chance of dying from Covid: http://www.bandolier.org.uk/booth/Risk/dyingage.html - so I still don't get why the world is losing its shit over Covid. General stuff: The rate of cancer prevalence (and other diseases) is increasing alarmingly. However, humans aren't evolving at anywhere near this rate. So we must be doing something to ourselves to cause this. The medical profession isn't a philanthropic endeavour. It also isn't a magic bullet. Too many people look to it for solutions. Thalidomide had a half life of only 5-7 hours and still managed to cause some pretty severe issues: https://www.google.com/search?q=thalidamide&oq=thalidamide&aqs=chrome..69i57.3955j0j9&client=ms-android-samsung-gs-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Stay healthy all!
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    And that’s my stance on the whole thing, conspiracies and politics aside I admit covid is a potential threat but I don’t consider it a big enough threat to be injected with an emergency treatment (the FDA have only approved it as an emergency treatment) that I have no chance of receiving compensation if any ill effects occur. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to wait.
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    Pfizer has been administered nearly 6 Billion times. That is a huge data set to determine side effect percentages pretty darn accurately. all the talk of long term data is a non starter - there aren’t long term effects for vaccines. They don’t stay in your body long enough. You can have side effects that appear in the short term, that may have long term effects on life, but they aren’t going to give you cancer 10 years from now. They pass completely out of your system in weeks, and you are left with entirely natural immune response. Because of this and the number of hits we have given out, the risks of taking this vaccine is known to a pretty high degree of accuracy. The risk of taking the vaccine is significantly lower than that of getting covid19 the old fashioned way. (Again - huge number of data points for this too) Anyone can choose not to take the vaccine, and that’s their call, especially if they are in low risk groups. But that’s still a roll that’s unnecessary, and does nothing to decrease transmission. I still think taking a prescription drug without proper medical advice (a prescription), to combat something that has a proven pretty effective vaccine, when there are no published studies that have shown that it’s actually effective, is basically bordering on conspiracy theory action.
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    I feel there’s a mass psychosis happening. The government says we should be scared, the media says we should be scared and the general public are whipped up into a frenzy of fear and segregation. For me it’s not *just* that we don’t know long term data, it’s the way it’s been handled by people who seemingly have no clue what they’re doing, or only doing things to benefit them (I’m sure Boris will have all his failings forgotten when he’s triumphantly claiming that under his party he “got the country vaccinated and out of the pandemic”) or their pals. I worry this is a the start of a yellow star type situation, we’re the frogs sat in a slowly boiling pot of water. “It’s just a lockdown” “it’s just a Covid passport” “it’s just a curfew” “it’s just barbed wire” etc. it’s maybe a bit of a jump to get to that conclusion but ever since Brexit was suggested I’ve lost all of my trust to these people in power and I personally find the whole vaccine thing fishy, my lack of long term data point still stands and I still think there’s other routes that could be looked into if it wasn’t so taboo but on top of that I simply don’t want any part of what the government is doing or saying. Covid is no longer a public health topic but is now totally politicized
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    "A clear advantage of mRNA vaccines is that, unlike DNA vaccines, they do not need to enter the nucleus to express the antigen." (All the main vaccines are mRNA) https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMcibr2009737 https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/hcp/mrna.html Small correction here, mRNA is copied from DNA and used to create proteins, I think you're thinking of a regular DNA vaccine, which does enter the nucleus. Using an mRNA in the vaccine skips this step of transcription and it is quickly broken down after it is used. https://www.nebraskamed.com/COVID/where-mrna-vaccines-and-spike-proteins-go mRNA vaccines are new, and it is the first of it's kind but we've known about RNA for decades and is pretty thoroughly understood. And for what it's worth, I think the main reason the media is focused on squashing Ivermectin is because, at least in the US, we've had bad experiences with alternative medications (Hydroxychloroquine) and Ivermectin seems like another one of these alternatives, at least to them. The spikes in poisonings from it are a bit disconcerting though, even though these people took the wrong type.
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    I still think taking a prescription drug without proper medical advice (a prescription), to combat something that has a proven pretty effective vaccine, when there are no published studies that have shown that it’s actually effective, is basically bordering on conspiracy theory action. It’s still a vaccine that’s never been used before, it’s the first of its kind and effects the nucleus of the cell. I’m not saying it is dangerous and even with as many uses as it’s had I still don’t want something injected into me if it isn’t 1000% necessary especially when they’re not all FDA approved. It’s something that should be provided to those at high risk (like originally planned) not blackmailed upon every person in the country/world. Ivermectin is totally safe (and has had real life results outside of tests). Some can call it a conspiracy but there’s definitely a movement to quash it’s reputation, I don’t believe it’s due to it not working. If you did want to go down the conspiracy route then we can talk about Blackrock and Vanguard who own just about every major company in the world including media and pharma…owned by the richest families in the world. It would sure be in their interest to quieten down ivermectin and increase the fear in the general public if they own the companies selling the vaccine. This is total conspiracy though, not my usual forte