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    Filmed some Footage of Craig lee Scott last year during lockdown as he fancied a little spin on a couple of occasional rides ( doesn’t mean it’s a come back ) Well he’s still got it and can jump up down anything.
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    I was so puzzled where that story was going to end up
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    "Horner: "Unacceptable" for F1 team bosses to be allowed to lobby stewards" The same Christian Horner who was 'lobbying stewards' this weekend (his excuse was because Masi told Toto to speak to them), and has done plenty of times in the past. Drive To Survive was interesting in the way that it portrayed Christian vs. Toto as the guy who was winning everything, and the guy who came in and started winning everything. Obviously they're looking for ways of presenting story arcs and narratives for that show, but it does seem kind of true that there is that resentment that Toto swooped in and stopped Christian being the golden child. EDIT: That story keeps on giving: “I saw Toto, who was lobbying the stewards, and I heard he was going there to do it, so I went to make sure that our view was represented,” explained Horner about why he was spotted at the stewards. “I don't think it's right that a team principal should be able to go and lobby the stewards. They should be locked away so that they're not influenced. “For me, it was unacceptable that he had gone up there to lobby the stewards. I wanted to make sure that there was a balanced opinion given, rather than trying to influence pressure on the stewards to make a menial sentence.” Of course you did, Christian. In the same way that you kept going over to Geri Haliwell's place while you were married to tell her that you were a big fan of the Spice Girls.
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    I heard he gapped his way there.
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    If that was me it would turn into an expectation vs. reality meme... vs.
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    May as well update my situation. I'm still living with my fiancée, her mum and her mums boyfriend in a two bedroom flat. It’s fiiiine, we all get on and there’s zero tension (as far as I can tell) but I’m desperate for my own space. The housing market is still awful and there’s nothing coming up in our budget in any place we’d want to live. However due to a turn in events we might not need to look for a house after all. Sadly Jane’s elderly Aunt died last month (at 93). She was diagnosed with cancer just in February and refused treatment...because she was of sound mind and knew what was coming she made sure her will was updated and put Jane as her power of attorney. She didn’t have any children of her own and was fond of Jane and her brother so has left the estate to them. Jane is keen to buy out her brothers share in her Aunts house and for her and I to move into it...fortunately none of Jane’s family have any objection to this. We are waiting back on a survey to tell us exactly how much the estate is worth and that will determine how much we owe her brother so nothings set in stone yet. The house itself is a 1960s detached two bedroom bungalow and is lovely! The rooms are big and it’s in amazing condition (her Aunt was the type that puts notes on the batteries in the clocks saying when they were installed...meticulously neat and tidy). It has a single garage which is perfect for my bikes and has garden space all around. The bonus is that it’s got a great potential to convert the loft into another two rooms (either making it a 4 bedroom or 3 with an office) which would be amazing. The area it’s in is considered one of the poshest parts of Glasgow, it’s rare to get a house here and all the neighbors are retired rich types...we’d be the youngest in the area by a long way. They’re all very friendly though, a minister is across from us as well as a Jewish and Indian couple who are all very nice people. The downsides are that it’s a lot further out of town than I’d considered (though does have easy motorway access) and there is zero riding (trials or MTB) out of the door, I’ll definitely be needing to drive to do any riding. Its also next to a road so there is some traffic noise, especially at school times as there’s a school just a few hundred meters down the hill. It’s only a 30mph zone and not a main route so not too bad the rest of the time. It’s sad that Jane’s lost a family member but with all the hardships she’s had I think its a lovely gift from her Aunt. here’s hoping we can afford to buy out her brothers share.
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    This is a house load of wood, just need to get round to making the kit.
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    Agreed. The points made need to be linked to the data of who's being affected. People have had strokes after having the vaccine- that's bad. However what age were these people? In a normal year how many people over the age of 70, day, would've had a stroke? Considering basically all of those people are double jabbed you can't now attribute that to the vaccine and decide that it's the cause. Equally, she's saying there have been 300,000 yellow cards submitted linking side effects to these vaccines but I would suggest that literally no one knew they were even a thing before the pandemic and for the vaccine rollout people have been made very aware that they should report any side effects and so they have. Of those 300,000 I bet 95%+ are people reporting mild discomfort, mild cold-like symptoms or whatever which are of no concern whatsoever. My main concern is that the whole jab related nervousness is going to fuel the whole general anti-vax shitshow and you're going to have a generation of people who don't want to get their kids vaccinated against measles or whatever because of this.
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    Personally... Definitely the latter. Even older if I could. But definitely petrol non turbo if I wanted reliability. I have a 2000 MR2 with 133k on it, faultless, and a 2001 Micra with 25k (!) on it, also faultless. Both been on track days and driven back home. The 2009 VW Tarty van is currently on 130k and in for a turbo and manifold... the cost of that job will be more than double what I paid for both of the above cars combined
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    It's been used for various things since 1989 - it's not quite the instant new wonderdrug that the mRNA vaccines are being portrayed as. Not that I'm saying it's the same thing, but that was exactly the line of response people used when seatbelt laws were brought in in the UK. That was the biggest argument against it, but the second was people saying that they felt that they could be more dangerous in the event of a crash. Just on the vaccination passport thing, the concept of requiring vaccinations for travel to certain countries is nothing new, and hasn't been for decades. Again, not saying they're the same thing, but it isn't some new plot - it was and is standard in many countries for various diseases. In terms of this whole idea of it being some huge overarching plot to enslave us all, it just doesn't add up. The government haven't even been able to build a railway line they've spent billions of £s on and dedicated over a decade to. They seem to be f**king inept at most things, and largely populated by opportunistic people who happen to have either been born with the right name, have enough money in the family or went to the right schools. It's just another example of Hanlon's Razor to me - "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". It's a massive public health crisis, and unfortunately the people we have in power are f**king inept at dealing with most things, let alone the largest public health crisis in our lifetimes. I don't agree with Boris on many things, but I do when he said that Matt Hancock is "totally f**king hopeless". It's not really surprising that we haven't got a great track record of dealing with it with people like Johnson, Hancock and Cummings playing substantial roles in how things are done. Just by way of a comparison, I think it's generally acknowledged New Zealand smashed the shit out of dealing with the virus (although even there people called for their PM to resign for her handling of it because they said that it was an over-reach). They have a smaller population so naturally it's easier, but the early and decisive steps they took stopped it in its tracks. Just look at the system they created for paying workers in businesses that were forced to close temporarily - not hard, but something the UK government totally f**ked, and continues to totally f**k. We could have done so much more in the early days of the pandemic but politically it was viewed as too damaging so we didn't, and everything from those decisions has cascaded and led us to where we are today. If they hadn't kept the borders fully open as long as they did, we'd have had fewer cases. If they'd enforced isolation/quarantine for arriving travellers months earlier than they did, we'd have fewer cases. I mean they said they were specifically protecting care homes, then forced them to accept a load of patients from hospitals without even testing people. There have been so many mis-steps along the way that mean we're in the shit situation we're in now, and that's why I just don't believe it's some Machiavellian plot. Just to be clear as well, I don't particularly agree with the vaccine passport idea. I don't really have much of an issues with the vaccines themselves (they were given a massive headstart in terms of creating a vaccine by getting the gene sequencing for the virus back in January 2020 so they knew what they were dealing with, and to me it just shows what's possible when pharma and governments all exclusively turn their focus on one problem and then throw unlimited time and cash at it), but I can see why not everyone would want to get involved. I'd definitely put it in a different category to masking/social distancing. While I don't think vaccinations should be mandatory, I can see why masking/distancing was/is in some places as those are simple, proven, effective, non-harmful ways of limiting spread that some people weren't willing to do until it was turned into a law. There was that chat before it was turned into law that it required people to just "use their common sense", but that clearly doesn't work. To use a local example, during lockdown a minibus full of mixed households from Cheltenham turned up at Storey Arms to walk up the Brecon Beacons. "Common sense" wasn't at play there. You f**k yourself on the Beacons, mountain rescue has to come and get you (not an uncommon thing there), that then immediately means you've got X amount of other people on that rescue team potentially exposed to it who then have to isolate until they're tested, while their close contacts will also have to isolate. That's just one possible aspect of it that could lead to causing issues for others. A lot of people don't seem capable of thinking of anyone or anything beyond themselves, and this sort of situation isn't one that gets resolved with that kind of thinking.
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    You don't need to eat any humble pie, what drugs you choose to take is entirely up to you. The fact society has been conditioned to think it's OK to quiz someone on their medical records and pressure people into it because they're "mass murderers" if they don't is disgusting imo. It's simple for me: have your vaccines if you want, wear a mask if you want, distance if you want. I'll be sensible and avoid people if I'm not well (I'm isolating as I type this, actually, cancelled a week long holiday with my parents because of it). Nobody can tell me what I should do, it's my choice. It's all massively unethical and I'm surprised it's even legal. There's far more at play here than just health.
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    What’s wrong with just getting a negative test before traveling? I think it’s discriminatory, mainly for those who can’t take it for medical reasons but also to those who don’t want to take it, I worry it’s the start of bigger issues of control. Ivermectin is a drug that’s been around for decades, has proven to be safe and showed real promise of being effective to treat Covid in humans. Sadly for some reason that escapes me any talk of Ivermectin was censored and funding cut (which limits legit papers and opens the doors for bias) I’m sure mrna is safe in humans but I’m not volunteering for human testing without being paid. look, I’m totally willing to come back in here and eat a whole load of humble pie if I’m wrong but I just don’t feel like I want to be part of this vaccine with the evidence (medically and politically) that I’ve seen
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    Its nice to see someone who’s also skeptical, seems to be a subject that’s hard to go against the grain without being branded an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist. I’m still un-vaxxed and I hate it when people ask how my jabs went and I have to explain my situation. Personally I’m seriously suspicious about the whole thing, I’m not definitely thinking it was planned but I think there’s been some sketchy people doing sketchy things and then profiting from the outcome. There’s been leaked emails from people connected with big pharma companies which contain some potentially incriminating info (but it seems the FBI have censored much of it/them). It’s mostly illegal for anyone to experiment with viruses and purposely increase it’s contagious except for two places, a lab in California and a lab in China…any guess where? Funding for these experiments seems to be linked to the pharma industry, the same ones who are now helping produce vaccines and reaping the profits. I’m vague on the details as it’s second had from Jane who is extremely interested in the subject and has filled me in on what’s she’s researched. If the above isn’t true then I’m willing to accept I’m wrong if evidence supports it, even so I’m still sketched out that an emergency vaccine for the most vulnerable is now being “forced” onto everybody…I say forced as I agree with Adam that our freedom will be limited if we don’t take it…I’m potentially missing out on doing shows at Eurobike this year due to vaccine passports being necessary. I strongly feel the government has never acted in a way that directly benefits the public, every action has firstly been to benefit them or their associates and I feel no different with this vaccine, I think it’s to benefit pharma corps that they may have connections with and they’re playing it off as “taking action” and to get a pat on the back. I’ve said this earlier but there’s no long-term tests for this vaccine, especially for children and preggers chicks and any suggestion of using other drugs that showed potential has been censored. One pharma company involved with the vaccine has previous history of rolling out drugs deemed safe only to find out years later that it was far from it and had instances of babies being born with horrendous disfigurements…at least the victims could sue and get some compensation, this current vaccine has small print that there’s no reimbursement possible if something goes wrong. There’s so much sketchy shit that’s been happening that I’ve forgotten but it’s enough for me to be extremely suspicious until definitive proof comes out that things are legit and safe (takes ten years to have a drug cleared as safe if I remember correctly). Add to the fact that you need to continue getting booster jabs because you might not be fully covered in a few months and that’s a definite “nope” from me
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    Dad wagon checklist is getting worked through nicely, -60mm drop all round, 18x8 steelies, rear seats and trim are in aswell as the sliding door windows and I'll be carpeting the back end this weekend.
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    Hello all, I would like to get into trials, my background is bmx and mountain biking. Have any of you had experience of the trial academy in Cambridge? I am thinking of taking part in a few sessions to see how I get on? I am fifty years old. Am I going to feel out of place, is the academy full of kids or will there be like minded adults there? I would just like to say this is a great forum, people seem genuinely helpful and friendly. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey @Matt_71 glad to see another older person getting started. I'm 55 and while I spent most of my youth on a bike in some fashion, in many ways I feel like l'm learning to ride all over again. I'm in Canada and the trials community is woefully small here.
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    I second the cross marks with exo. Assumed you were looking at 24’s - should read the thread better next time! I have been running them for a few months on the hex and didn’t pinch when I dented my rim so a thumbs up from me! They are pricey kind but worth it!! I had the contis you mentioned on it when I got it and I pinched those pretty quick
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    I still stand by this.
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    My bad, assumed it was 24. In that case, maybe look at Maxxis XC tyres with an Exo casing. I've been running a few Crossmark 2s and they're holding up well. Better casing than the Holy Rollers, not as heavy as dual ply.
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    There is some crossover between the two, but it's really not as much as you might hope. You can do some trialsy lines on a DJ, but it's about 200% extra effort and trying to learn trials moves on it will be an awful lot harder than trying to learn them on a trials bike and it will hold you back a lot longer and probably instill you with bad habits. You can ride jumps on a street trials bike, but it won't be comfortable. I don't ride one so I can't comment too much, but the lack of suspension, steep head-angle and other geometry differences make them... well... just a different kind of bike! I'm interested to know which bikes you've seen that give you the idea some people do use DJ bikes as there's a few things that might have mislead you: It's just their DJ bike which they use for DJ. It's a very specific bike for an edge-of-the-bell-curve type person like James Barton. It's actually an old-school trials bike, which were closer to DJ bikes than modern street trials bikes. I won't say don't do it, but if you actively want to ride trials as a hobby, getting anything other than a trials bike will make it more difficult or just downright unpleasant. If it's a cost thing, look at second hand bikes. There's loads of entry-level Inspireds floating around, which are genuinely good bikes and you can sometimes get a bargain. Entry-level doesn't mean bad. The frames are often just the pevious generation's premium model, and the parts are aimed at being functional rather than super light or bling-bling. If you don't know what you're looking at, post links to options that interest you here and people will tell you what to look out for or whether it looks like that one has issues. Depending where you're based, there could well be someone nearby who can help you out in person, too.
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    Really starting to get the van close to completion. August bank holiday is crunch time as we're off to Exmouth in it
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    Nope, mostly hearsay and guesswork and no changes to the terms and conditions either.
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    How thick do you want the sidewall to be? The only real option for a streety tread with a dual ply casing is a Maxxis Hookworm. Pretty heavy at close to 1000gm but you will be able to land on sharp edges with lower pressure. If you are going for the streety tires used on dirt jump bikes, the sidewall is not going to be as strong and you may get tons of pinch flats, especially if you are a beginner.
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    They gave me a pamphlet version of this https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-guide-for-older-adults/covid-19-vaccination-a-guide-to-phase-2-of-the-programme There's a link to mhra gov yellow card website for reporting side effects at the end.
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    Do they tell you about the yellow card system when you get jabbed? I hadn’t heard of it until that video. I agree that needing to know more about the figures would be important (like I mentioned previously), the vaccine does seem to effect the cardiovascular system though which I feel has to increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks…it’s very hard to prove it was the drug or just a coincidence I agree, but there seem to be a lot of coincidences which worry me (Next door neighbor died from a blood clot in his pelvis the day after taking the vaccine, a cycling friend has “heart pain” months after taking his too (younger than me and in good health)). As mentioned in the video this vaccine was given emergency status which means it isn’t given the same strict safety standards as usual, rolling it out to the entire world without more data is very risky in my opinion.
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    The majority of people I know that don't want this vax are not anti-vax in general. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I had jabs for Malaysia last year and most of my friends are the same. Aside from any medical concerns, I find the amount of marketing behind this jab unnerving too - every platform is pushing it, it's always worded like you must have it as soon as you can... I still think there's more than health at play here and unlike many anti-vax things, this theory is backed by medical experts and not just YouTube comment section loonies.
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    I'm in the same boat as Ali. If I don't know about something, I find and ask someone who does. The best placed person I know is a school friend who has a (related subject) 1st from Oxford and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since leaving uni. He isn't going to be taking up the offer of any of the Covid vaccines at present, which spoke volumes to me.
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    I mean either choice is a bit of a gamble but with insider knowledge from someone who has a human biology degree and has worked in labs dealing with contagious diseases (and has previously been seriously ill with a mystery virus years ago) who also likes to read research papers and medical reports I’m backing the other horse in this race
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    There's no historical data on Covid-19 either. Covid only has about a year on the vaccines. Seems much more likely to me, regarding long term worries, that covid has waaaayyy more potential to f**k you up long term than any vaccine.
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    2006-2014ish Toyota Avensis any good Rowan? Always see them as taxis and all seem to keep on trucking well into the 200k's
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    Just be a bit weary of holding too much opinion from looking at stats. I avoid stats because I’m not a statistician, it’s very easy to assume an answer from looking at them but often you need to know how to interpret them (which isn’t always easy) to get a more accurate outcome. In this thread alone people have quoted numbers as meaning one result only to have someone else argue that they confirm something else. Not saying don’t look at stats but just don’t rely on them too much unless you know the bigger picture
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    Just measure the inner diameter of your steerer. You need a starnut 1-3mm wider than that.
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    What is the ID of your steerer? Tarty do a range of sizes, although not all currently in stock. Find them here
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    Yes and no - it's still relatively low risk to most people even if it is more contagious, so I was thinking more along the lines of a variant that has a significantly higher risk of serious illness/death across more age bands. The delta variant isn't ideal, but it could definitely be worse.
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    Do we know what percentage of the spike in new cases the UK is seeing is from the delta variant? It seems that even though cases in the UK are going up dramatically, the deaths don't seem to be following. Could that suggest that the vaccine isn't effective against the delta variant when it comes to symptoms, but is good at preventing it from being fatal? (Or prehaps the delta variant isn't as fatal naturally). I don't think the vaccine has ever claimed to be 95% effective against the delta variant.
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    It's already been sold for a while now, and the cash has been flowing freely - the Tories opened vastly more of the NHS up to privatisation in 2012 and plenty of money has gone to sketchy companies who outbid for services/contracts then totally failed to deliver. They even get paid when they subsequently lose contracts, e.g. Serco getting £15m for losing a contract*. The money is in those contracts, so the overall 'value' of the NHS doesn't really make much difference to them - making the NHS look worse is typically better as they can come in and promise to improve things and 'make them more efficient' which also partially explains the Tories deliberately underfunding the NHS for so long. That's why there are now private companies running full hospitals themselves now, under the umbrella of the NHS. Pretty sweet way to make sure that you can get all the additional contracts for that hospital, as well as get involved with the cottage industry of 'management consultants' making serious money there. Ultimately, those who want to get rich from it already are. That's why it's all the more frustrating knowing there were so many people out there clapping for the NHS who will happily vote Conservative again. No doubt they'll be using some of this as cover to try and get more cash out of the system, but I think that's more them being opportunistic f**ks rather than anything else. It's been their modus operandi for decades. *Serco have f**ked up plenty of government contracts, and have done again with parts of the Test & Trace system. They keep getting contracts though. Can't think why... "Serco’s chief executive is Rupert Soames, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill and the brother of former Conservative MP, Sir Nicholas Soames. Health minister Edward Argar MP was formerly a lobbyist for Serco and is now the MP for Charnwood in Leicestershire." EDIT: Forgot to say, but the booster thing will certainly be happening - Pfizer have already been pushing for that in the US, and have also quadrupled the price of the doses for booster shots. Nice of them. They seem to be angling it more for people who would have been in the shielding category here though, as I believe they are in the US. Just adding it as another shot people need to receive like they do with the flu jab every year is a pretty quiet/simple/easy way of raking more cash in without having to f**k about too much getting other people to have it. There's always another disaster or problem to capitalise on on the horizon for them either way...
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    Don't worry, it won't happen until parliament are back from summer recess in September. Which - coincidental timing with 'freedom day' - starts tomorrow...
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    No wonder with how ineffective the vaccines appear to actually be: https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/01/04/peter-doshi-pfizer-and-modernas-95-effective-vaccines-we-need-more-details-and-the-raw-data/ TL:DR: 19-29% according to that article. If over 60% of hospital admissions have been double jabbed (I am quite sure that guy gave the correct stat, then was told to issue a 'correction', the sort of U turn becoming common for this bunch of idiots in charge), this is almost exactly the same percentage of UK adults who have been double jabbed... Yes, we are seeing reduced deaths as a proportion of cases in this wave, but we are gaining natural immunity over time, its summer, and a proportion of those most susceptible to Covid have now passed on. Yet they will claim to have done a brilliant job introducing the vaccine and its been amazingly successful, blah blah. Strong opinion alert: Prediction: Over the next year, our freedoms will be reduced and requirement for vaccine passports increased. Then Covid jabs will become a paid service with booster jabs required every few months to maintain valid vaccine passport status. We'll effectively have a nation of drug addicts. This will bolster the NHS balance sheet ready for sale (anyone remember "Save The NHS" and those working in hospitals commenting on how quiet it was?), and those with shares / fingers in pharmaceutical pies will make huge wedges of cash. (Edit to add: I know I have been skeptical throughout this thread, but I am not anti vax in any way. However, when I am being told to do something (2 letters and 7 text messages now, and counting) by someone / something it makes me wonder why. So I start to research things for myself, and form what I hope to be an unbiased and rounded opinion, no matter which side of the fence that falls, and always be open to changing that with further information and research).
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    To be fair though, Lewis coming back from a penalty to take the lead (at the same place as the previous accident) on what, the penultimate lap, at his home grand prix, in front of the biggest crowd since the pandemic hit on the eve of the country coming out of COVID restrictions... I think it's not unexpected that he might be a little excited and in a somewhat celebratory mood. Max just comes off as petulant and I'd also say that Christian Horner being a little bitch about it too is also really quite pathetic.
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    I dunno, she's pretty lengthy, got a three seater sofa in the back with the tailgate fully closed, did have to scoot my seat forwards a bit mind Althought it's only a couple of inches shorter than the galaxy, the much lower roofline makes it appear a lot smaller from the outside, essentially it's an mpv for people who don't want to grow up and admit they have a large multi seat family car!
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    Trying to understand this made me smell burning wires
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    Good luck with enraged riders telling you just how wrong it is to fit a headset with a mallet They hate that. Lovely bike!
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    Just not too tight as it will kill your bearings in the hub and freewheel!!!
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    Once i was on the mad team, they gave me these bikes. I rode the bike really well, and pulled sum great stuff on it. Great starter bike once its set up gd. shrewers