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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Tried making a curb video but had to cut the time short so this was the best I could get, going to have another try this week though...
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    The NLP attempts in those videos is so blatant it seems impossible it could ever take root. Then again, there's empirical evidence that placebos still work even if the taker knows they're taking a placebo. It bothers me that they repeatedly state that these things were done "effortlessly". Even if they had the insane tech these videos imply, it still wouldn't be "effortless", else the feats wouldn't have been held in such esteem. If it was effortless - they would be literally everywhere, not major monuments. They did it somehow, and of course it could be with less effort than the history books say, but it was obviously still a big deal. (That's a major aside from the point, but a little gripe I have.)
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    Can we all just stop and think about what is happening here
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    Buy the Federal FTS DVD/get hold of a copy from your local shop/whatever. It's really, really good. Without sounding wanky, it's got the most cohesive branding of any BMX project I think I've ever seen. It's also nice to see someone who's using an upside down tripod as a steadicam film better than all the f**ks with four-figure fancy electronic stabilisers and the latest jazzy 4k cameras.
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    I just got fed up of being spoke to like a piece of crap really. It's a belief on both sides of the argument. Evidence can be interpreted differently you lot seem to choose to just accept that people from the past were basically robots and just worked hard all day long because they were told to do so. I could find a lost city a mile under the sea and because we only have the evidence we have at the minute you lot would come up with some theory about how it was all possible given enough time effort and man hours. Anyway since this is the Happy Thread I'm happy that YouTube exists and I can watch all the crazy videos I like.
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    I didn't see the last few posts but was enjoying the discussion. So, who built the pyramids? And how?
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    I don't think all of these things fit into the same category though. There's undeniable evidence for the earth being round, climate change etc... Questioning what we've been taught from hundreds or thousands of years ago is perfectly fine, I think it's good to question things. Christianity is a good example of just believing what is handed down through generations... "Of course it happened it's in the bible!" - Yeah, except one bloke can't part the seas and walk through it, or magic up a shit-ton of wine. (Unless there's evidence of it, outside a book of stories written and modified many times). If there's 100% cast iron evidence, I'll believe it, but for me these ancient constructions with ridiculous tolerances are still something worth questioning. I'm not saying aliens built them, but modern experiments to recreate them with better technology haven't gone well, so for me it raises questions. Unlimited time and people helps, but does it provide the accuracy seen in some of these builds, given the primitive tools? I'm 50/50 on the subject. I do agree that some of the videos on YouTube express pretty crazy theories though. In short - I don't know for sure, but I'm interested and I'm all for questioning stuff unless it's been proven.
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    No, I didn’t study Egyptology, so I openly admit I know shit all about it. I studied science maths and engineering. I agree - it’s possible somebody fabricated a dovetail, but to what end? To cover up something that if true would change history as we understand it? Maybe osireion isn’t made by seti I, maybe is was made 10000 years ago by aliens, but until someone actually puts forward some evidence that supports that, that makes it the likely outcome, I’m going to ‘believe’ in what we currently have evidence for. At this point you “can’t help but think” that the article I have put forward is wrong. It’s a long boring article that admittedly doesn’t seem to be by anyone important scientifically so could be horseshit. But at least it tries to address both sides of the argument by looking at the facts and evidence of what we have and already know about that time in history. The videos you have posted are not anything like this. They are full of hot air with nothing to back up their claims of any kind. At least if I’m being duped it’s at least half convincing! You might think I’m ott, but these sorts of things deeply depress me (people making these videos, sprouting these crazy theories with no comeback), it’s no different from flat earthers, climate change deniers, “we don’t need experts” bellends, and to some extent religion.
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    Pretty sure it’s in one of the articles I linked...,
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    Damn you for snaking my pre-edit post! For everyone else - I added that extra bit about history books before his reply was there
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    Landlord of my unit is an immature little f**k. Fancy paying X amount for a unit and then being told I can’t have this persons car, that persons car etc.. in there for work because he doesn’t like them or his bird has an issue with the owner. Consistently parks across the front of my roller shutter and has no consideration for my intentions. Hes in for a shock at the end of the month when he’ll find the keys through his letter box and an empty unit. Going to view another one tomorrow up the road.
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    It's in the hands of the reader almost as much as the writer. A good writer reduces ambiguity, but it's never going to be completely their fault. There will always be better, but you're by no means bad at writing. You seem to understand the uses and placement of apostrophes so you're better than 75% of other English writers by default
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    Ah - that's very different from what I thought you meant. Haha.
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    Yeah, that's always fairly mind blowing. It's even down to the same way that (from my understanding of it) there's no one universally accepted theory for why the shape of wings produces lift for planes. I assumed that was all done and dusted, but seemingly not. Related to the transistors thing though, from that article I linked to: "When they analyzed it, they found that the seawater had dissolved components of the volcanic ash, allowing new binding minerals to grow. Within a decade, a very rare hydrothermal mineral called aluminum tobermorite (Al-tobermorite) had formed in the concrete." It's extremely unlikely the Romans would have known that was the specific process, but it worked and they went with it.
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    Tangentially related to this, was listening to a podcast last night and they happened to mention accounts from Anglo Saxons who first moved down from further North in the UK into areas that the Romans had left, and essentially inherited all the buildings and infrastructure they'd put in place. The designs and materials (specifically the concrete) that the Romans used was so far advanced compared to the techniques the Anglo Saxons were using they couldn't work out how it was possible, and some people at the time put forward ideas about the buildings having been made by giants and stuff like that. Related to that: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/07/why-modern-mortar-crumbles-roman-concrete-lasts-millennia Again, not throwing judgement one way or the other, just seemed like a relevant example of how perspectives can change on things.
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    For the pyramids my guess would be that we are too quick to underestimate 1) the number of people involved, 2) the potential power of ropes and pulleys and 3) the ingenuity of the people of the time.
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    That's what I'm talking about. Any need for the attitude? It was a generalisation I wasn't aiming it at anyone in particular. I apologised for my frustration in the other thread, I accept not everyone shares the same beliefs I do but I don't appreciate my thoughts and opinions being just written off and not taken seriously. It's all got way out of hand and I'm sure if it was a discussion in person things would have gone a lot better. Either way it can carry on in the new thread if anyone is interested. I've picked my toys back up and put them in the pram.
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    Albert! I hope we get to ride soon too! You'll love the new bike ;-)
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    I say it every time so sorry if it's boring now, but that style... Damn. Not to mention the size of things!
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    Really enjoyed that, smoothest style seen in a while and very impressive gaps n ups
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    OK, not aliens. Took it apart a third time and the freehub fell off (Despite not moving when I pulled it earlier). Still weird, but problem found at least...
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    Fox through silver fish Also: www.rsfsus.co.uk/
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    Impressive! And smooth, as always!
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    Tf tuned if they arent booked for months
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    Sounds like... you could cut the mustard