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    New video of myself and Aaron Browne New and old clips from the last 3 years Edited by Aaron browne. Enjoy
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    Lived in Baltimore for a few years and was lucky enough to have some good spots within riding distance of my house and this is what I got filmed over the years. Also threw together a bunch of crashes and bails too.
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    I've missed 26" wheels and never quite got the geo right in my last few goes, after one full days riding I think I've done it.
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    Whatcha Here's a few clips of Rich Smith & I from a, adhering to social distancing rules, ride in Bournemouth at the weekend. It was so nice to get out on a ride with someone, after months of riding alone, taking it easy on local riding spots.. Hope everyone is safe & well
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    Thought I'd just start a new thread for this, just got the replacement bars and stem fitted along with an XLC tensioner off Amazon so she's finished and rideable! Will have to swap the front pads at some point but other than that I love it! EDIT: Needs a new freewheel I think. Will have to dismantle the Tensile one fitted to double check but something is slipping and that's all I can think of....
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    so so so so happy I started my vlogging 4 years ago! I had previously been 100% reliant on demos for income and after 4 years of making a video every week, sometimes wondering why I bother, I'm finally getting enough revenue from YouTube and Patreon to make a living! I would've been in such a bad financial position right now if I hadn't gone down this route as there's zero shows at the moment. Also since lock down I've gained 10K subscribers...to put that into perspective I gained 16k all of last year. I'm not in it for the numbers but I'm quite excited to get to 100k, I never thought I'd ever reach that. I'm thinking of doing something to celebrate, maybe a group ride or something.
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    Yo guys, A little video i made doing some nibbles during my daily exercise allowance. Comments welcome
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    You can have an opinion but that doesn’t make you immune for being called out for it.
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    I was not stoked on most of the footage when filming this. Then I started editing and this came out! I like it, especially the last clip! Can't get that song out of my head. - hopity, hopity, hop... On a serious note, bar to nose pick might be the first done on MTB? If someone's done it I'd like to know. I'm sure the Front Brake Brethren have done it on bmx.
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    Late last year picked this frame up from a chap called Mike up near Sheffield, have been building and changing odd bits over Since the start of the year to get it spot on. Pretty happy with it now, always like one offs and stuff that is a little different. This replaced a 24” Leeson I had held onto for a long time waiting for something a little different. Tried to keep it relatively light but strong enough for street. Think the build comes in just on 9kg. 24” Customer ti 24” Frame and Forks (close to mk2 fourplay geo) Hope Pro4 Hubs front and rear on onza drilled rims Bonz 2 piece cranks with trial tech bash Shimano XT disc brakes with EBC red pads Clean Carbon Bars Trialtech stem Tioga Pivotal Spyder Bmx race seat Gusset plastic pedals Gusset lock on grips (not convinced might go back to foam!) Kenda Krad tyres (probably getting changed to conti soon) Thanks Matt
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    Now we're a little more relaxed on the lock down and Persephone can view ride, I've been taking the kids out on short bike rides. I'm sure the child is made of blutack. Dusty rooty downhill path with loose pine cones and sticks, going a bit fast and gets a wobble on, grabs a handful of front brake, front wheel folds under her and slams her face down in the dirt. She jumps up, shouts "I'm alright" and sets off. Procedes to do exactly the same thing ten seconds later. She's going to make a proper rugby player at this rate
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    Had this nearly 3 years already, changed a lot and done my best to make it as light as possible, got the right stem on, lighter tyres. Rides so good now.
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    Beauty! Love the forks. Quick snap from a belter of a ride last night
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    Nothing big, just chilling on the streets a few months before the lockdown.
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    Like when people use a TF tape measure? Not gonna believe it till I've counted how many potato's above bar height it is.
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    It’s been a while since I made a little video. Not my best riding but was nice putting a few clips together again!
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    I’d definitely organize something if it meant we got to see you ride again! in other good, my 30 year old MX5 had its MOT today and passed with zero advisories, two years in a row!
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    It was requested, so I thought I’d make it. Post stuff you’ve made. Being as it would feel a bit silly not to partake in the first post, I’ve been making pretty much everything you see in this picture: The walls, extractor hood, control panel, converted kegs, worktops, all part of my brewery project I’ve been working on this year.
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    So I returned to the bike shop I worked at part time alongside my photography and have been back a month. I have solely been building bikes locked away in an old workshop and this week ticked over 220 bikes in total that I've built since going back. They've been selling like hot cross buns. I foresee a problem that within this next week or two the supply of bikes is going to have completely dried up likely countrywide for low to mid range bikes. There's currently 14 bikes left in the shop in total when usually I'd guess there's easily 100 on display and many more stored away to be built. I'm somewhat expecting I could be laid off if that is the case and although I've had a few nibbles not got much photo work booked in. Anybody want to hire a bike mechanic/photographer? I should have been moving my life permanently to Canada right about now too, my visa should have been due a month ago but that looks likely to be severely delayed and their (understandable) travel restrictions are making me think that I'd be extremely lucky if I can even consider moving by the end of the year. I've not been with my partner since November. Tough and trying times on my brain box possibly ahead for me although I appreciate I've likely got it very good compared to others. If shit does hit the fan I do have a new gravel bike on the way to adventure on, a personal video project I could finally invest some time in and build a deck for my parents. Thankyou TF for being a strange avenue to vent some thoughts.
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    Can't we all just get along and agree it doesn't matter what you ride provided you're not French.
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    Not those 20" setups though. Bloody perverts. Clearly this is tongue in cheek. I should probably make that clear for the children.
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    My Hightower LT. The tyres are temporary for some xc lockdown riding.
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    After 15 years or so away from trials, I am back. Having just bought a Czar Ion 24 from Tarty Bikes, I’ve been practicing in my front garden (Manchester) and well I am bad ha. Anyone else Manchester based fancy riding together? It took me a few days to get some balance and begin hopping on my back wheel but now I am having massive issues hopping down stairs or concrete blocks/steps. It would be great to hear from others who’ve just started back!
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    I remember @Ali C bringing his 26" "BMX" to a comp at Matlock and pretty much owning it....
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    The DMR I was looking at is still on mate: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293598575569 A bit of a project but could work. If you want a smaller frame and lighter than the Identity then this is also on eBay... Base TA26 at £125 if that suits your budget https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184310420081 @Ross McArthur has a beaut of a build on this same frame. Take the bash plate off and it looks ace. Small rear triangle will make it nice and light to hop around on.
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    If nothing else has been achieved this whole lockdown period, atleast I can be proud that on Assetto Corsa I can lap the 'Ring in 5.42 in the 2004 F1 Ferrari Are you proud yet, Dad?
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    The fifth decade - start, charge!
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    This thread makes me excited to get my own Marino custom soon. Deposit paid, just waiting for finished product ;D
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    This is only a partial makers thread post Following on from me setting up my sim racing wheel and pedals with the cobbled together clutch and handbrake I've been spending quite a lot of time driving a mk2 escort in dirt rally 2.0 and can't help but feel that I'm not getting the true visceral experience of it with a flappy paddle gear change. The thrustmaster th8a H-pattern shifter is about 150quid but it's a no go because it's really noisy and risks waking children. So I've fired up solidworks and I'm making myself a 7 speed + reverse H-pattern shifter A friend is 3D printing the triangular shaped pivot in the middle, the rest I'll make from aluminium and steel.
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    I'm not feeling well... I've gone n-1! Sold the Ribble R872 road bike yesterday! It probably hasn't been used for 12 months and was just taking up space really. I bought it new for £1200 in 2013 and got £800 for it which I reckon is pretty good going!
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    A bike. Duuuhh! Seriously though Mark that is balls. It's the lack of communication / "lies" that sucks. If its gonna take 2 weeks then tell the customer it's gonna be 2-3 weeks, it's not hard... Can borrow my SS bike if you're mad keen to get out asap? Then at least someone else might be responsible for cracking the frame
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    He's catching up with you and @Ross McArthur, @LEON. That is for sure...
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    Never had the 521 only dreamed... bb7 still my brake of choice Remember hayes original hydraulic?? Best feeling rock hard lever, no adjustability and didnt work very well ... but the lever feeling, never felt anything like it since. I was “sponsored “ by magura in the comp days of the early 2000s, magura sent me a gustav / louise mix front brake that was incredible, but again no adjustment. That was my last hydro... aside from original saint on dom raabs loaner bike, which were incredible. King / dx32 still on my hex... The ck hub started on my ibis xc bike in 1998- then built w dx32 for my crescent illions.. moved onto a few echos, a woodman, multiple koxx frames, a zhi, ***, still holds a grind, never untrue... I have replaced some spokes, broken 2 axels, and the freehub body... still rollin strong w hd axle, fun bolts, steel body. Wheel has been in france, all over the usa... Man when will this “virus” bs be done so we can travel again. I started workin at a bike shop over 20 years ago... damn. Anyone in the mountains if north carolina want to come ride ?? personal nostalgia overload continued...
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    Excellent Mike! The world needs people like you who look at riding differently and have a wicked 80s back catalogue of funny quotes to use in edits. One minor pick up (I’ve suffered the same issue) your go pro lens looks a bit scratched!
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    Yep - that was my same reason! All my leesons had been second hand when I was younger and my old one had taken 10 years of abuse through two owners so think it was only fair before it fell apart it got retired in one piece!
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    Thanks @LEON I’ve managed to find a 5 arm one on eBay, spanking new! also managed to source a second hand 5 arm spider to fit the tensile cranks, sprayed black it should look trick: looking forward to finishing this project! Now just need to source a red or black hope XC hub for the front
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    Why don’t you message Ashton direct on Instagram. He may have one hanging around spare, Wouldn’t hurt to ask. Send a photo of the bike at the same time.
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    I mean... It's very interesting looking into the distant past, but there are an equal number of things in recent history that the official story doesn't line up with what actually happened (without getting into 'Bush did 9/11' territory ). Obvious example is WWII and how much awful shit the "good guys" did, that we don't tell school kids about. It's just the way of life. Victors (or in the case of the thread of this topic: 'ignorance') write(s) the history books!
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    I don’t really pay attention to social media, so miss most of the bullshit on there. But my method is to observe both sides of a topic and either find the truth somewhere in the middle, or trust my gut feeling. But I still don’t take it as gospel. I think that trusting a news source is nearly impossible these days. They all have their agendas and spin stories. I read several news sites, when I actually sit down to consume some news. I feel that the BBC is my go to/quick day to day news update site though. And The Independant is an absolute joke. But since comedy is pretty much dead, I get a good laugh reading their articles. I read an interesting article about news papers a while ago. It said that people get a dopamine (or something similar) release when they read a news article that affirms their world view/political view. And like all things that make us feel good, they keep going back. Which is why the majority of people read from one source, or a couple from the same side of the coin.
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    This is well worth a watch.
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    Start small. Put in some time to dial in your bars and brake lever position. I haven't had surgery, but I have some wrist issues and brake lever position is huge for me. I spend a lot of time changed that around whenever I get a new bike or new equipment for the cockpit.
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    Nice - glad to see those bars get some use and not sit in my shed like most spares!!
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    Trying to learn how to hook. Does the movement change when the wall is actually vertical? Or do you just need to commit harder? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pLrhLXCm5ek4fGUD9u4vwJybhWXU-Env/view?usp=sharing
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    Certainly not angry, but this is the only place for it. Took a ride out on my mod for the first time in about 11 years, been fixing it up for the last few weeks. The thing is horrific to ride. After being on TF for 15 years now, I suddenly have an appreciation for all the hate that I saw thrown towards 20" trials bikes. Obviously I'm completely out of practice, but after riding my 27.5 trail bike, this thing just doesn't do it for me anymore. I think it might be time to part ways and look into other bigger wheel options. No idea what direction to go as I've never ridden any other types of trials bikes... I might just have to see what's out there and give something a try if I can sell it.
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    The e-Stop brakes are the same as the standard brakes, just with their 'Sport' pads in them. In terms of fit and performance, the actual brake itself is no different to the regular MT5s (which are fine on trials bikes).
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    Can you do some rough measurements and drawings? could possibly get one 3d printed off my mate for you
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    I just assume everyone has an ulterior motive these days so I ignore it all