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    I've been out riding quite a bit recently, and still enjoying pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. Adam Mcguire asked if I'd be interested in making a raw edit, but eventually had enough content to make a full video. So here is the result. Happy to hear any comments good or bad Massive thanks to Inspired and to Tarty Bikes for their support as ever. For those interested song is - When I'm Small by Phantogram
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    Here's a little video I've been working on- both homage to Ryan Leech and chance to build some unusual lines. Thought some of the older riders on here might appreciate it :)
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    This is my 100th riding video. I wanted to make a 100 line video in celebration but it's been very difficult to get riding/collect footage and I don't think I'd've made it all the way there. I was hoping it would be something special to look back on, but watching the clips back I sacked the idea off because only one single clip was actually interesting and I'm left feeling pretty sour about the whole thing. Watching them back was just f**king boring. Couldn't bring myself to delete them so threw them in to this so that I can be done with the procedure. I'm not sure if I'll make any more. I'd like to have finished on a nice round number, but I sincerely doubt I have another 28 videos in me. Anyway. If you want to waste a handful of minutes of your life, courtesy of me wasting almost the entirety of mine, feel free to watch the below. Or don't - it's not likely to make a difference.
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    Having succinctly put myself out of action for a couple of weeks (bragging rights: broke a blue pallet with my hip, having hit it directly on the supporting block in the middle), I thought I'd put this edit together now rather than wait. Filmed over the past few weeks. Only the first half is riding. The second is crashes. Major grumpy face at the end is because that happened two-hours deep into attempting it. Edit: Worth mentioning that apart from three clips, all of these were filmed on solo rides. That's already achievement enough for me!
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    Hi all, this is new setup for my street 20”.
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    Hey everyone...I recently vlogged in Edinburgh with Adam McGuire and I managed to get enough good looking clips to want to add music and make a little edit. This was filmed in an afternoon and some of the riding is rough around the edges but the response I've had has been good so I plan on using Adam again to film something a bit more polished.
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    Back in September, Ben and I headed to London for a few days before the TartyBikes Weekender. When that got cancelled, we booked an extra night at the World Girl Guide and Scouts Centre in London (no joke) and spent 3 days exploring all over the city. We put in around 50 miles over the 3 days we were there which was definitely a cardio tester, but Ben still managed to fire out some awesome lines in spite of it. This trip was a lot of fun, and being with someone who's happy to cruise around and explore was a treat. Thanks for making it happen dude!
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    A few months ago I decided to start a documentary film series about Bike Trial. In the first episode I worked together with Charlie Rolls. The film will be more than 1 hour long, with many riding clips, interviews, tips for younger and older riders, and with many other extras. I'll publish a new episode in every month about different riders, including young superstars, old legends, street and BIU riders also, not only UCI. This is the trailer: The full film is 1 hour, 34 minutes. (7,3 GB.) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/biketrial_documentaries More info about the next episode coming soon
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    You know, I watch lots of vlogs online, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like a complete dork trying a few out. They won't all be trials, and I don't have an upload schedule like most vloggers, but the trialsy ones I make will be posted here...unless I get trolled haha! On to the first trials vlog. I built up a trials bike modelled after Ryan Leech's Manifesto/Moment builds from the early 2000s. That was one of my favourite eras. This is my first trials ride in 6 months, so I'm a bit rusty.
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    went up to stay with flipp for a few days, thought we'd make a video of it visiting the nerth. always wanted to use a muse song in a video.
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    finally got round to getting this frame repaired and re built. A new drive side chainstay fitted, rear disc mount and stripped the paint job off. Going to have some cable guides fitted in the near future. Lighter than my Fourplay it’s replaced and super short, very happy with it. Running 16/14 ratio and feels a little too easy so have ordered a 13t cog. Spec : Leeson 609 - later longer version inspired forks inspired arcade bars - hope 90x25 stem Hope headset hope m4 brakes middleburn rs7 with trials superbash Izumi super tough track chain shimano xt large pedals chris king SS ISO rear ISO front hubs on Halo T2 rims 36h Schwalbe table top tyres Sell Italia SLR Carbon Ti saddle - unbranded Carbon seat post Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!
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    Really wanted to make something old school with loads of fisheye and front disc, so yeah, here it is! After the last video of The Blocks we put out there’s been a lot of building of additional stuff going on at Mount Hawke, so here’s a little film of me from a few rides in December. Any queries about The Blocks feel free to get in touch with the skatepark. Looking forward to the summer already!
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    The video was f**king awesome. It’s none of my business, but if you haven’t already I think you should consider going to speak to someone about this long term negativity you’ve been unable to shake. It’s so important to take care of our heads as well as the rest of ourselves. If you want that someone to be an unqualified person you don’t like, then drop me a line, but if you can stomach getting to someone more qualified that’s probably better. The video was f**king awesome.
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    Got some clips from yesterday of my friends at the university.
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    Thought I finally add to this topic. I must admit I've never been much of a car guy, I've driven vans for the last 10 years just so I can take bikes easier...the downside was that vans are expensive (both to buy, tax and insure) and they're pretty boring. Last year my van broke and I couldn't afford to fix it or insure it. Mark had been up in his MX5 and they seem really cool...I decided that I'd like to try one despite not being the most practical choice ever, the deciding factor was the low cost of fixing and insuring it (quoted £150 a year). I wanted a MK1 as they're easier to tell if they have rust issues plus pop up headlights are cool, I also get the classic car status for the cheap insurance. I looked around for a while trying to find a half decent one that would last and I eventually found this one. It's a 1990 Jap import 1.6, it was imported in 2000 and has been owned by the same older guy since. He didn't drive it in winter and always kept it inside when not in use, it had tonnes of paperwork and good previous MOT details and he regularly rust treated the under side. He said he loved the car but at his age was finding it hard to get in and out of it now. He wanted £2000 for it, that included the original wheels in good condition (just old tyres) and the hardtop, considering the condition I didn't haggle much. I can understand why people enjoy driving now, this is the first "fun" car I've had and it's an absolute blast! I'm not keen on the wheels so I'll probably put some new tyres on the originals. I'd like to keep this car for a while so I need to take good care of it, I'd hate to be the person that killed it after all this time!
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    This was too nice not to make a topic for. Got it off Ben Davies. I had one 8 years ago and loved it but I never liked the Pashley forks, too short and too much offset but I just rode it as it was as I didn't have any better forks at the time. With modern 410mm forks it's... 1013 +8 383 About 73, I don't have a protractor. Only had a little manual about but it feels so right already, I think it was the most underrated mid-school frame there was, the other big old school ones were all too dated and there hasn't been much since apart from a Hex which I don't like the bb height.
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    Most of these clips I have used in other videos. I edited them in to one video for this one.
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    Built this after work had a quick blast, felt like a boomerang had sex with a Pogo stick, apparently 2 years of a bike is a long time.. i foresee a learning curve and a few transactions with Tartybikes. But most importantly it looks incredible.
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    After a year off trials I build my bike back and last five weeks was focused on filming this video part. Lower back issues do not disturb me as much, so hopefully there are more projects to come. I'm glad that I can ride ST again, this bike gives me opportunity to explore different places and ride whatever spots I see, from streets and parks to stones and trees. Thanks for watching!
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    Slightly more on topic: with or without the official event taking place, much fun was had this weekend. Thanks to Tarty for prompting a goodly gathering for we that are, on the whole, so disorganised that we can't even manage letting other people organise nice things for us
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    Build complete! Just the stickers to get made and put on now, may get some high rollers and run the front hose through the steerer (anyone know a neat way to do this, bearing in mind it’s a really narrow steerer?) but they are not essential at this point what do you think?
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    I never liked the idea of installing rim brake fittings to the brake hose using a vise and a hammer. It would be so much easier to have something similar to the chain tool, that can press the fitting into the hose. Also, you don't always have vice and hammer with you The are some tools on the market for installing disk brake fittings, but they don't seem to be compatible with magura rim brake fittings. I found only one tool for installing rim brake fittings, but it is designed for usage in workshops, therefore it is large and expensive. So I decided to build the tool myself, and make it in a portable, pocket size, so I can put it with a bleed kit and a bottle of fluid, and have it with me just in case. Quite satisfied with the result, the tool works really nice. Using it is pretty simple. At first, you put the fitting with the guide into the hose Then, you install the hose with the guide into the tool And fix the hose in PU clamps of the tool using allen key Now it's time to start pressing the fitting into the hose The fitting goes into the hose really smooth, no extra efforts needed And it's done!
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    Found the frame in a friends shed. He never built it up. So I bought off him cheap, decided to end my 7 year break from trials and build it up. Last bike I had was an Echo pogo stick, so this is quite different... On paternity leave at the moment, so somewhat limited funds meant budget build. Frame: Norco Manifesto, Reynolds 853 tubing. Fork: Planet X, CroMo steel Wheels: Halo, Supadrive hubs (we'll see if they last...) Cranks: Hussefelts Pedals: CB Stamp 1 Tensioner: I don't know Seat/post: Inspired integrated Stem: BBB 90mm Bars: Spank Spike 777 30 mm Brakes: SRAM Guide RE rear, SRAM Guide RSC front. Both 180 mm disc. Tyres: Table Tops
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    Some people delete their videos who shouldn't. Some people don't who should.
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    I decided not to use them and washed them with disinfectant wipes when I got home No sign of rabies so far so far but my sense of smell and foraging seems heightened.
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    In April I snapped my Achilles riding and had surgery a few weeks later. (weird freak accident on my bike) I spent 2 1/2 months with my left leg completely immobile below the knee. (see atrophy) Today was my first ride since surgery. My riding was horrendous, but my ankle didn't hurt. I'm super pumped, had to share somewhere. I was crazy nervous before my ride.
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    Probably the best trials natural riding video I have ever seen!
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    No hate please, Positive reactions only or I'll cry myself to sleep tonight
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    I loved my yon broon yin! I didn't underrate mine at all. Lets all just remind ourselves how well they rode by watching Danny. Also, here’s mine from way back.
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    New project... Should be sub 450kg when done: Should be 200bhp when fitted: (I have no idea why I can't remove the hyperlink from that photo)
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    To be the cynic: modern society training peoples' minds to expect results at little to no effort. Trials is difficult, there's no arguing against that, and the learning curve as a beginner is daunting. People - especially the younger and more impressionable - are being pushed into expecting the moon on a stick just because they want it. Whether this is the rise of video games becoming immersive to the point that it's easy to delude yourself that you can actually do great things, social media providing instant gratification and distraction, or something else entirely, people just don't seem to enjoy the challenge any more. I don't think it's just trials. I mostly ride in the streets rather than rocks and the number of skaters/BMXers/free-runners and even scooterers (a very new sport so would be expected to be more current) has dropped off markedly. There seems to be an inclination toward fad-hopping too. Instead of finding something you like and committing to it as seemed to be the standard when I was a teenager, people now fall prey to marketing and do something for a few weeks until the next advertised craze comes along and they switch to that. I definitely don't think street can be blamed for the lack of comp-style trials riders. Some existing riders have moved from comps to street, but the vast majority of street riders only ride because of seeing Danny Mac videos and so otherwise would have ridden BMX or not at all. Trials just isn't popular, and I'm confident it's largely because of the difficulty. Yes, it might partially be the "uncool" image, and it the price of the bikes is a huge deterrent to new riders, but they seem secondary concerns. With the number of bikes that get sold, if everyone who bought one saw the learning process through and kept at it, there'd be no shortage of riders. My experience is that someone will get a bike, ride it for a while until they realise it's actually pretty tough to learn, and then it gets left in the shed. Funding athletes might help a bit, but it's a pipedream and it would only really help the people that don't actually need it. For a scene, you need more riders, not necessarily better riders. Giving aid to those that are already established riders is kind of pointless. I've been thinking this for years - I have some sponsors, and whilst their support is invaluable to me I'm really not the one that needs it. If my frame broke, I might struggle to replace it financially but I'd find a way because it's my passion. The people that need help are the ones who love it but can't afford to keep it up. People who want to push the envelope will, and arguably should only, do it because they love it rather than for financial gain. Look at the classic DH vs Footballer example. The more money that got put into football, the more corrupt it became. Rampage riders don't even get their flights, accommodation or even insurance for that single event paid for, but from the perspective of someone who is an outsider to both scenes they seem incomparable in terms of their ethos. If the GB funding that would usually go as prize money for comp's or supporting elite riders could be redirected to hosting more TartyDays style events Sorry that came out as a bit of a ramble(/essay). I didn't really take a moment to compose my thoughts before starting to type, but I think the argument is there if somewhat fragmented. It's also worth noting that trials isn't "dead", just seriously diminished when comparing to 5-10 years ago (at which point it was already in decline).
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    It's been a while ! We decided to mix our clips again. Filmed in France and Estonia during autumn/winter. Edited by @zhenya
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    Connect bike to generator, use ghost to reduce your carbon footprint and lower electricity bills? Always wondered why movies focus around making ghosts go away, when they can be tricked into producing green energy.
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    This and GET2 illustrate my lament perfectly. Everything that is in there and now absent are what I lust after. I know the old-school riders generally tend to say the golden era of trials was a bit before this, but for an 06 starter, this remains the sport's peak for me. Desperately wish I hadn't lost my GET2.
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    Hi, I want to show you my first video with my new bike As you see, I can't really go big, but I like tricky situations
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    How many pieces is he in now?
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    Nice to see some riding for a change rather than some horrendous click bait shite
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    What a pleasure to go back on a 26 !
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    A nice place for trials riding!