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    With all the new riders about at the minute, I got asked what me riding with brakes was like quite a few times. A few weeks ago this gave me the urge to dust the Cannibal off (regrettably literally) and give it a blast. These are some clips from the past five or six rides. I was going to film for longer, but now I miss the Alias and I'm fed up of brake problems already, so I think that'll be enough 26" action for a while. It's kind of weird that front-wheel stuff is the one thing I really miss about brakes, but there's basically none in these clips. Meh.
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    A lot of people have been doing a lot of reposting and bumping of old media lately. Our one true lord deserves a slice of the action.
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    Here’s my Giant that I bought from new in 2002, recently resurrected from the parents garage. It’s seen many parts come and go, but now trying to get it as close to a true hawzie replica, so work to be done includes: - Rebuild front wheel with radial pattern spokes and anodised red nipples - Spray forks to match the frame... or have the front of the frame painted black along with the forks - Change seat and post - Replace rear HS33 slaves with Tomac reds - Replace the rear tyre (got a Michelin in the post) I love this bike, brings back so many good memories including taking me to second place in YMSA bike trials comps in around 2004, and second place in a UCI comp hosted at the infamous Bracken Rocks circa 2005. Not to mention all the big rides me and my mates used to attend on the train across the country. Here’s a snap of me pulling a classic X-Up in Skegness
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    Finally got round to finishing my old trials bike over lockdown. Got the frame replaced years ago though the "lifetime warranty" after my first one cracked at the chainstay. Many moves learned on this thing. Bought an onza mod to Rob the race lines off which I've now built up. having tremendous fun on the trials bike once again.
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    New video of myself and Aaron Browne New and old clips from the last 3 years Edited by Aaron browne. Enjoy
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    Here is my new edit. Inspired by the edits from the 2000s, and bikes that were minimally modified to ride trials.
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    Lived in Baltimore for a few years and was lucky enough to have some good spots within riding distance of my house and this is what I got filmed over the years. Also threw together a bunch of crashes and bails too.
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    Built up a new comp bike for 2020.
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    After 7 years off the bike the urge to get back riding again was too strong. Thanks for taking a look at the new/old bike and I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces on group rides this year!! But before that I have to learn the basics again Hope you like! x
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    Managed to get out with Adam at McGuire Visuals to pull together a little video over the festive period while he was home from Uni. We wanted to create a little night video cruising the streets with something a little more artistic than being 'bangerz4theladz'. Anyway, give it a watch and let us know what you think below Song is 'Colours' by Happyalone Big thanks to Inspired and Tartybikes for their continued support as ever :).
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    In mid November, I got to spend a week (technically 6 days...) pointing a camera at Ali Clarkson, Duncan Shaw, John Langlois and Thom Triboulat, to showcase the new Inspired 2020 range. Those guys can ride bikes.
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    Recently started to watch videos of trials again and was feeling myself getting the bug for it again so treated myself after receiving redundancy couldn’t be happier after the first couple of rides!
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    Monster post ahead - sorry if you're just wanting to scroll past it... you might be a while The storms back in March did a real number on my garage roof. Water ingress rates off the charts etc. I wanted to do a full brick build, and even went on a course to learn how, but then the waste removal people wanted £1.4k to take the concrete, so I looked to fixing up and adapting instead. I like wood, and forests etc. and we have a little wild area/meadow at the bottom of the garden, so thought a rustic look might suit. This was intended to be a 6-week project, but Covid took massive effect on that and turned it into very nearly six months. Delays like having to wait almost three weeks for timber make for ridiculous frustration, not to mention just needing a hand lifting something onto the roof but because we're in the deepest stage of lockdown I can't make any progress for three weeks. Still - got through it in the end, and I'm pretty stoked on the results. There's mistakes everywhere, and lots of not-quite-rights because I was learning on the job, which was too big and complex for my comfort level, but also the floor is unlevel, the existing footprint isn't square, and the whole structure tilts to the side and back made for lots of irritation when perfectly square cuts didn't line up, so I ended up adopting a "that's close enough" attitude for a lot of it. Perfectionism sufferers may want to click away now. You've been warned! 1 - The original: 2, 3 and 4 - Inside the original: 5 - Emptying out: 6 - Fully empty and door off: 7 - Remove two side panels to put in a human-sized door, for which I had to remove a section of roof because those panels were holding it up in a way that totally wasn't 100% sketchy: 8 - Pressure-washed all over, and then lots of money's-worth of sealant all along the floor joints and part way up, just to be safe. (Inside and out.) 9 - Old shed facing boards recycled into containing strips, with more sealant to hold it in place for... 10 - ...self levelling floor compound! But not enough of it, as you can see. This was my first lockdown issue - there were only two 20kg bags left in all of the Screwfixes, Wickeses, B&Qs, and Toolstations in the entirety of West Yorkshire, and no builders' yards were open. 11 - Roof off and timber finally arrived! 12 - Crown and stretchers. I looked up planning permission restrictions and you can have an outhouse up to 2.4m at the eaves and 3m at the peak without planning permission. The concrete panels are 2m tall, so I put a crown of two 145mm boards on top, and then the roof assembly with all the various layers added another 100mm. Measured this up at the end and it genuinely comes in at 2.39m and 2.995m 13 and 14 - Ridge and rafters. Yes, this timber is way, way overkill, but I was using instructions for a tile roof when I was originally planning a brick-build and forgot I could skimp down a bit. Even for tiles this seems excessive - the rafters in my HOUSE are spaced twice as wide, and about 40x60mm. These are 45x145. Still - better to be overbuilt than under, I guess 15 and 16 - Roofing underlay and battens. Again, no shop in existence would sell me any battens. I ended up having to get them off eBay, couriered by Hermes >.< The reason for the gaps in the rafters should now be relatively apparent. 17 - Gutter boards and window risers installed: 18 - Shingles! Another three week wait, but worth it. 19 - All shingles on except the ridge. The windows are all staggered to disperse the light as much as possible whilst not weakening the structure too much. 20 - A full shot with the ridge caps on. Starting to look like an actual thing! 21 - Earlier in the year we replaced our greenhouse. It had a load of broken panels and the eaves were really low which made using it awkward. This meant we had a but-load of glass panels (because we hadn't been able to take them to the tip because they were closed). I was originally planning on buying pre-made uPVC windows and doors, but again - all the shops closed. Combine those two things and my idiotic approach of wanting to do every damned thing myself, I re-purposed the glass and some timber into double-glazing units. If you ever think you might like a go at this, I whole heartedly emplore you: don't. It's agony. Also - because I was just cutting sheets with a straight-edge and a carbide wheel cutter, the fewer cuts the better. 40 year old glass is extremely brittle and a lot of cuts failed. So I made as few as possible, resulting in leaving two panes full, four panes with one side trimmed, and two panes had to have both cuts. Per window. So 32 sheets of glass, 24 of which needed cutting to size, and layering on a spacer inside routed channels. The top join is never under stress so it's got nothing but clear sealant over it to make it as close to seamless as possible. They get moisture inside, which is a shame, but they're only really for letting light in rather than looking out of, so whatever. 22 - Windows hoisted up on to the roof. Thanks very much Adam and Mike who detoured about 40 minutes on the way to a ride to help me out. They're only about 25-30kg each, but they're 1250x1250mm each so very awkward. I'd actually had them all finished for about three weeks before I was able to get someone to help me lift them. Very frustrating times. They were originally indended to be openable because oh BOY did it get hot in there in the summer, but I messed up calculations and forgot to account for the ridge tiles which are in the way and I have no way of attaching hinges to the top edge. I've toyed with side-hinges etc, but at the moment I think I'm just going to leave them fixed closed. 23 - Same process for the side window and human-door. Thankfully both of these DO open, however! 24 - Internal studding. I couldn't get them at 600mm centre-to-centre because I could only mount them at the irregularly spaced joints in the concrete panels, which had to be done by un-bolting each and every bolt and putting steel strapping either side before re-fastening. That wasn't a fun couple of days. (Actual days, too. 07:00-21:00 for two days straight, even with Matilda helping :/ ) 25 and 26 - Barn doors! So convenient! Made in the same way as the windows but with plywood sheet in place of glass, obviously. Also routed the mains cable back in before closing off the gable completely. 27 - Speaking of electrics... Originally there was just one flourescent tube bulb and a single plug socket. I replaced the light with four bulbs, but it was super sketch. Time to do it right. Upgrading to 5x double sockets and four better spaced bulbs that are actually connected in a way that won't set on fire. 28 - Finally able to get hold of some more self levelling compound, so filled in that missing patch and smoothed over the rest, then smothered with floor paint to seal it off. (Yes, I was by pure luck able to perfectly match it with the door panels ) 29 - Insulation board in the walls and ceiling. It got unbearably hot in the original garage in the summer, and so cold in winter than my finger got stuck to the cast iron base of the lathe. Probably won't be life-changing, but if that can be moderated at all, I'd like to. 30 - Internal cladding on the ceiling. 31 - Plasterboard. Another thing that took over two weeks to get hold of. Terrible job of it because of the stud spacing, but it's a workshop... It doesn't need to look amazing 32 - Covered over joints, cracks and screws with filler, and then blanket-covered with magnolia. 33 - The pit suffered from terrible damp. Never flooded, but so moist. The dirt floor was probably the main culprit, so I laid a slab in there, and didn't get a picture afterwards but I also tanked it. Seems relatively dry down there so far, and we've had some pretty intense rain since then. Assistance from Alfred much appreciated. 34 - I was originally going to put a steel pit cover on gas struts, but too much faff. I had a bunch of offcuts, so for the price of buying two more boards I could make a super chunky wooden covering which is almost level. The brickwork is very wonky so I need to do some levelling at some point, but it's not a priority at present. It's five separate panels, so I'll put hinges on one side eventually. At the minute it's just got some logs and the Cannibal in it, but eventually I plan to put a massive shelving unit along one wall for the stuff we all have but rarely use (decorating kit etc.). 35 - Neon-blue cyberpunk detailing, perhaps? Perhaps not - let's cover that up. Help from Dad because holy awkward. 36-42 - Definitely not "complete" - I doubt it ever will be - but it's at a point where it just needs finishing touches. Door handles etc. The last big job remaining is making some guttering to lead down into the water butt at the rear. And a final before/after comparison: I know a few people do things like this, so in case anyone's close to pulling the trigger but nervous about money, I'll include what I spent. I did this project because I had money. It was inheritance money that was set aside specifically for this, so I wanted to make it nice. It could EASILY be done a lot, lot cheaper if you just wanted the practical result. All figures have been rounded up/down, just for convenience. Total spendings: £3100 Structural timber: £500 Roofing battens and underlay: £130 Windows and doors: £300 Shingles and cladding: £850 Tools (my drill died, and I needed a router - decided to include these in the cost of the project to make myself feel better about it!): £240 Sealant, steel strapping, and an unholy quantity of screws and nails: £120 Insulation: £280 Plasterboard: £90 Internal cladding: £50 Electrics: £60 Pit floor, tanking and cover: £200 Self-levelling compound and floor paint: £60 Misc. stuff (a different router bit, door locks, hinges etc.) £140 Again - sorry for the ridiculous post!
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    Allot of you will have probably seen a few of this but now it’s nearly finished. I will get some better photos when I’ve shortened and clipped the rear hose up and dropped the chain on. I’ve been giving it a few weeks for the paint to harden off before I put clear tape on the chain stays to protect the paint. Kieran
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    Hi all, I found this at the back of the shed. A nice little project to get it built up again and get in contact with the olden days, circa 2004! It's going to have a modest disc set-up. Still undecided about the drivetrain set-up. I do like to actually get around from A to B so it may have the sacrilege of gearing. Brace yourselves for it possibly not being historically correct, but rather in a form where it actually gets more use! Steve
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    A collection of clips from the past three or four weeks. I kind of ended up going full tech-mode in this time, so there's not much in the way of stompers. Not even in the switch/opposite sense of tech - just horrible, nasty, awkward stuff that has birthed the term "nicety" - something that is nice BECAUSE it's nasty. The music is somewhat overdramatic for such low-octane riding, but I was really struggling to find something long enough that fit, and it's really good.
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    So I found a pace frame have spent some time polishing it up. And put it together dry quickly because I couldn’t wait. Got some correct forks coming but still need a 5 arm silver Middleburn bashguard.
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    Inspired by Ali C getting out on the Norco. No hops. Filmed in a morning.
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    There was a thread a while back where someone was asking about 26" disc pure trials frames. Through that thread I found this TMS Evo6 and now it's finally complete, well 99%. The build was a huge pain in arse for numerous reasons, but the ride today made most of that fade away. My advice to anyone who wants one of these - buy the complete bike. First off, the frame is 116 rear spacing, which is completely unnecessary on a 26" bike. The first hub I ordered wouldn't fit properly so I ordered the Clean hub that comes on the full bike. The post mount brake mounts on the frame were at such an angle they needed A LOT of facing to get them square. Next, the chain tensioner that came with the frame couldn't be set up properly and then to correct for the proper chainline I had to drill and file the frame and tensioner to get it all lined up. Had some freewheel issues as well and then over a month wait for the carbon rims from China. At least now I can go for a ride from my house in wonderful disc brake silence and never have to grind these rims. I'll let you know how it's holding up after I've got a few months on it. TMS Evo6 26R frame Crewkerz WAW tapered carbon disc fork Comas 130x25 stem WAW carbon riser bar Extralite Hyper JF front hub Clean X2 rear hub Light Bicycle carbon rims 32mm front, 46mm rear Bonz splined cranks Clean 135 freewheel Magura MT5 front & rear (will be, Hayes A4 rear right now)
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    I have made a similar video a few years ago but I thought I would update it to 20 years :-)
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    Considering I’ve been riding 6 years, I’m still very shit, but trials is as fun as ever. Here’s a new edit. Some lines got away from me. I’ll get them next year. Short and sweet. Thanks to Flipp for holding a camera for a lot of this. Merry christmas.
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    Here's my base ta26
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    Thought I'd just start a new thread for this, just got the replacement bars and stem fitted along with an XLC tensioner off Amazon so she's finished and rideable! Will have to swap the front pads at some point but other than that I love it! EDIT: Needs a new freewheel I think. Will have to dismantle the Tensile one fitted to double check but something is slipping and that's all I can think of....
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    So I’ve picked up a little project on the cheap. Got a few more bits to get but it’s almost there. Frame, Giant Trial team series Fork, Echo Urban Headset, OBP internal Stem, Viz 130x20 Bars, Zoo riser Grips, Trialtech foam Wheels, Trialtech hubs on Inspired team rims Freewheel, Trialtech 18t Chain, KMC 610 Tensioner, Shimano Ultegra mech Cranks, Truvativ Hussefelt 175mm Bashguard, Truvativ 22t Chainring, Truvativ 22t Saddle, Planet-X Mini trials Levers, Shimano deore Still to come, Shimano Deore rear v brake, Avid bb7 front brake, Onza Hogniesium pedals, Shimano Carbon v brake booster, Kenda small block 8 front tyre, DMR moto digger rear tyre and Proper bmx brake pads.
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    Have been piecing together this bike for a while now and pleased that it is now almost complete. Some parts are looking a bit tired, namely the Maguras and pedals that i'll look to replace at some point. Now that almost all the parts are gathered (just missing a rear mech, XTR M950 or Durace 7600) I can start servicing it and getting it looking how it should. Some touch ups to the paint work will take place also. Will it ever get ridden? Probably not, but it will look nice. Also have a Pashley 26mhz and Orange Zero projects burning in the background. I'll get some photos up when they have a little more progress. Hope its brings a smile to you face as it does mine. Thanks for looking. Parts list: Singnature frame and fork Chris King headset Race face Prodigy stem 90x8deg Azonic double wall bars 2 inch rise XTR M950 9 speed shifter Race face Next LP carbon cranks Filthy 'Ard guard bash ring TA specials 22t chain ring Shimano UN91 (xtr) Bottom bracket Shimano DX pedals Selle italia SLR carbon saddle Unbranded seat post 30.8 Front wheel - Hope suspenson hub blue on Black 32 hole Mavic X517 (ceramic braking surface) Schwalbe gen 1 Racing Ralph 26x21 Rear wheel - Hope Bulb splined (removable disc mount) Blue 36 hole on black Sun ringle Big mammoth fat IRC EL Gato 26x2.35 Hope titanium QR skewers DuraAce 11-21 Cassette sidehop Blue Magura HS 33 ('04 style lever) with Carbonique rear booster and Magura CNC front (not pictured)
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    Star on the side of his head to one up his son and piss off his wife.
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    Decided my TIG needed some practice, so built myself a frame... Learned a lot, especially about cup sizes and how to cope with tight areas. Best with sound on so you can hear how lovely and quiet it is Loving singlespeed - it's so... freeing. It's just 'a bike', like being a kid again - "Mum, I'm going out on my bike!" - no shock settings to think about, gears to think about, saddle height to think about. Definitely recommend it
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    I bought a 1 litre, 5-door, 2001 Nissan Micra for £250, then a week later took it to Oulton Park for a laugh, did 108 miles on track and drove it home again
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    So, going back through my Pinkbike for sale album, instagram, and FB I managed to pull together pictures of quite a few of the bikes I've had since I started riding trials around 2000. Thought it would be fun to share. I've had some pretty neat things, as well as a bunch of pretty standard bikes. Around 2000 I got my first job and bought my first bike, a Monty X-Alp. It came with v-brakes and eventually I saved up money for HS-33's. I still have a video on FB somewhere of riding it like I was cool. My parents used their credit card to buy it online, and it was the first thing our family ever bought on the internet. About 12 years after selling it, the kid I sold it to tracked me down and asked if I wanted it back for a little nostalgia. After that came my Brisa B26. I learned more on that bike in a year than I probably did in the 17-18 years since. Again, with this bike, I managed to track it down for a bit of nostalgia, where I promptly realized what a freaking tank it was. Last I checked it was still getting some ride time from some guy up north. Then I got the mandatory Planet-X Zebdi in about 2003. I bought the last one Webcyclery had in stock in the USA. I rode this bike for 7-years straight. Mostly without desire for anything else. Those were the years where I didn't go on any of the online forums and just did what I wanted. And again, with this bike. I managed to track it down about 4 years after selling it, built it up for a nostalgia ride. I don't have a good pic of it complete, but it was fun. After not riding for a few years during college, I got back into riding to get out of the house during the recession. Found some local riders and Aki from Trials pads gave me my first seatless frame. It was a Zhi, some sort of seatless clone. Also the first bike I started doing little local shows on. Briefly rode a KOT in this era Then came the Rockman Slate II I bought from Aki at Trialspads. This was a big step compared to the Zhi and the Kot and a proper mid school bike IMO. (Also set up the bars a bit more properly). One of the most enjoyable bikes I've ever owned, absolutely loved this thing. Here's when I started going through bikes like crazy. After the Planet-X for years and a few bikes quick, I was trying to figure out what worked for me. Short answer, there are no magic bullets in trials. Echo Lite Mod, the bike that taught me Mod's suck and I freaking hate riding them. My first street trials bike. A Diamondback Ashton Effect. It was actually a pretty cool bike, but showed me pretty quick you can't just get a street trials bike and be the next Danny / Ali. (Every street trials bike I've ever owned, I've owned for less than two weeks) Here's the Zhi / Bionic POS long knockoff of a Koxx. It wasn't a great bike, but when I first opened Cwtrials-Shop my first order was with Zhi, (which was a huge mistake, they suck) You may however notice the same BB7 on the front as some of the older bikes. I bought that brake in 2006 and have been using it on almost every bike since, same cable and housing. The Echo MKII Trials. Such classic Geo. I loved this bike, but at this time in trials there was a big push for superlight parts, but the tech wasn't changing, so things just broke all the time. I think the new bikes are just as light, but super strong (and 3x as $$$) Some streety bikes... the Hex with suspension was super fun, but none of these lasted very long. This because was actually pretty boss, I liked it. Next came a couple special ones. On pinkbike I bought one of Ryan Leech's old Norco Manifesto's. The guy I bought it from had changed a few parts for the worse since Ryan owned it, but it had a sticker on the fork from Marz R&D which was pretty cool. Probably the single most fun bike I ever owned. Really frustrating for anything pogo stick like, but super on the really technical rocks near where I lived up north for awhile, there were a few lines I was only ever able to do on this. I also bought two Frank the Welder WTF frames. They were made for Lance Trappe and one of them about a million Cirque de Solei shows and had some sort of world record on it. This is one of three bikes I regret getting rid of. Here's the bike that reminded me to stick with front disc forever Some Ozonyns 24" action. And Ozonys 26" action. When I owned the bike shop I went through frames like candy. If it wasn't for the snail cams, this breath would've really stuck around. I loved the geo. The black echo Mark 5? (it was the one with a really steep head angle) The all black on this was pretty sharp. And another gu. Around the time of the gu I played around with street one last time with an Element 26" with hopes. Again short lived. After awhile I got so sick of horizontal dropouts I bought this crewkerz, just for the tensioner. The geo was not for me and was what pushed me to go custom with Marino. Here's my Marino 24". Same geo as Ross's Vader, but I have vertical dropouts and a tensioner. This bike was crazy fun, and I actually just tried to buy it back from the guy I sold it to, lol. No luck. Easily more well rounded than any other bike I've ever owned. The Marino 26's, which I'm still riding. Short, steep, and high, with a 680 reach. Kinda crazy, but it works perfect. Oh and briefly had this Zoo last year. I got a desire to go old school, since my riding still is. It wasn't a bad fit, but I kept the Marino instead There was also a Crewkerz freed I had somewhere when I became a dealer for awhile, I actually quite enjoyed the geo on that bike. Had an Echo 24" for a bit and a probably missed a few other bikes somewhere. And please, I hope my wife doesn't see this thread!
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    Lots of progress this summer. I feel like I’ve turned the corner from “complete amateur” and have levelled up to “middle of the road average” This is so I can bookend that. theres a video I’ve always wanted to make since the day I started riding, and instead of the lines being pipe dreams, now they feel more like realistic goals.... one day. anyway, hope you like. More of a compilation I guess. Vimeo because YouTube are being dicks again.... cheers
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    UPDATE: Channel is recovered! I still have all my videos and surprisingly most of my subscribers too! I'm just waiting for Google/YouTube to finish their checks and then I can make all my videos public again and continue as normal...I'm hoping it will be ready for today's upload but it's out of my hands for now.
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    I know I just released a video, but I had an inspiration to make this one.
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    Spotted this post the other day so sorry to dig up and old topic. I have the above frame. It’s done the rounds a lot. James (Student) had it, Dave the rocket, Leon also rode it for a while, then Luke (Toby) and finally my self. It was nicknamed the coke can due to the dent on the bottom side of the downtube. If I recall if you used the left foot forward it would sound like a coke can. It’s been in the top of the garage for a few years. Before the last respray it had the brake mounts removed so was disc only. I quickly threw some bits on it to show it off. It’s now back on the garage roof. Hope the photos are of use. Would see it if anyone wanted to make an offer
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    My latest bike. Has replaced the triton as my main steed. After spending a few months on a 20.1 I got more and more used to something agile and nimble and loved the balance of trials, Bmx and steel it can offer. Build includes: alias 20.2 frame, onza forks (removed rim mounts and powder coated), shimano xt 4 pot brakes, hope pro 4 on halo t2 rims (not a lot of 20” 32h options but are really impressed so far) eclat morrow tyres (seems grippy with dual ply casing so good replacement to the Rubens) top gun sl cranks, bonz 180x35 (I’m only short but the bigger stem made the bike feel a bit nice for bigger moves and allowed more movement around the bike) waw carbon bars. This is by far my favourite bike to date after a few rides so much fun.
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    Whatcha Here's a few clips of Rich Smith & I from a, adhering to social distancing rules, ride in Bournemouth at the weekend. It was so nice to get out on a ride with someone, after months of riding alone, taking it easy on local riding spots.. Hope everyone is safe & well
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    It's 95% complete so here's a couple of pics of my Adamant 24. Build is as budget as possible so big thanks to aener, Mikee and Dan Chandler for sorting me out a few bits and especially little yoshi for the wheels/tyres! May be a few changes to be made yet but need to ride it first. Next job is chain + tensioner and possibly brakes but I'm not 100% sure yet
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    So Trials rider/ Filmer maker Nick Goddard had some free time to get GET2 uploaded to YouTube. Instagram page also available to browse -https://instagram.com/glasseyetrials?igshid=1odxhuitb9etg
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    Appropriate song title is appropriate. I started filming but I'm barely riding these days, and it looks like I won't be able to for the foreseeable future, so I stopped and made it with what I had. I've lost about 40% of my strength and 70% of my confidence so can't go big or good any more, so I set a new threshold of "if it elicits a smirk or giggle, film it", so that's what this is. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with it for having lost 110% of my riding abilities.
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    It’s finally sprayed now to get for the decals and then I can build this bad boy up
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    First saw this guy with his fails video, so had to subscribe. Here's his latest.
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    Chain tensioner arrived this morning, running it on the back side of the hanger seemed to be the only way to run it so that it fitted. I actually like it this way as less protrudes outwards. Also replaced the alloy jockey wheel with a plastic one as it runs way smoother and silently.
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    I was not stoked on most of the footage when filming this. Then I started editing and this came out! I like it, especially the last clip! Can't get that song out of my head. - hopity, hopity, hop... On a serious note, bar to nose pick might be the first done on MTB? If someone's done it I'd like to know. I'm sure the Front Brake Brethren have done it on bmx.
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    Can't we all just get along and agree it doesn't matter what you ride provided you're not French.
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    Hi guys, I know that this one isn't really trials but i thought that it would be fun to just a flatground tricks video during this quarantine, so everyone can have more ideas of tricks to try. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    I've been busy....The aim was to build it in a form that it'll get maximum use. In a pure Trials spec it'll just sit in the shed! So here we have, 10 speed Shimano Zee mech & shfter, 40t front chainring on RaceFace cranks, Wellgo Magnesium pedals, some modest Shimano MT-200 disc brakes. Now it can be used for some modest trials action, wheelies, and can be ridden between the Suffolk villages to spread the gospel of Trials!
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    It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
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    still think of the 2005 on magura levers as 'the new shape' never liked em
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    Someone on the Facebook group said the best way to train for pedal car racing was to ride a recumbent bike... so I built one, using parts from an old slick-shod MTB I used for commuting! Too much of a pussy to cut the steerer tube down yet!