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    A lot of people have been doing a lot of reposting and bumping of old media lately. Our one true lord deserves a slice of the action.
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    finally got round to getting this frame repaired and re built. A new drive side chainstay fitted, rear disc mount and stripped the paint job off. Going to have some cable guides fitted in the near future. Lighter than my Fourplay it’s replaced and super short, very happy with it. Running 16/14 ratio and feels a little too easy so have ordered a 13t cog. Spec : Leeson 609 - later longer version inspired forks inspired arcade bars - hope 90x25 stem Hope headset hope m4 brakes middleburn rs7 with trials superbash Izumi super tough track chain shimano xt large pedals chris king SS ISO rear ISO front hubs on Halo T2 rims 36h Schwalbe table top tyres Sell Italia SLR Carbon Ti saddle - unbranded Carbon seat post Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!
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    A few weeks ago I headed down to Bike Trial Academy UK, and spent a few hours being blown away by Charlie Rolls. Here's a video from that afternoon. The Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 20" that Charlie rides is now available from TartyBikes
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    New video of myself and Aaron Browne New and old clips from the last 3 years Edited by Aaron browne. Enjoy
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    Lived in Baltimore for a few years and was lucky enough to have some good spots within riding distance of my house and this is what I got filmed over the years. Also threw together a bunch of crashes and bails too.
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    Here’s my Giant that I bought from new in 2002, recently resurrected from the parents garage. It’s seen many parts come and go, but now trying to get it as close to a true hawzie replica, so work to be done includes: - Rebuild front wheel with radial pattern spokes and anodised red nipples - Spray forks to match the frame... or have the front of the frame painted black along with the forks - Change seat and post - Replace rear HS33 slaves with Tomac reds - Replace the rear tyre (got a Michelin in the post) I love this bike, brings back so many good memories including taking me to second place in YMSA bike trials comps in around 2004, and second place in a UCI comp hosted at the infamous Bracken Rocks circa 2005. Not to mention all the big rides me and my mates used to attend on the train across the country. Here’s a snap of me pulling a classic X-Up in Skegness
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    Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
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    Built up a new comp bike for 2020.
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    After 7 years off the bike the urge to get back riding again was too strong. Thanks for taking a look at the new/old bike and I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces on group rides this year!! But before that I have to learn the basics again Hope you like! x
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    Managed to get out with Adam at McGuire Visuals to pull together a little video over the festive period while he was home from Uni. We wanted to create a little night video cruising the streets with something a little more artistic than being 'bangerz4theladz'. Anyway, give it a watch and let us know what you think below Song is 'Colours' by Happyalone Big thanks to Inspired and Tartybikes for their continued support as ever :).
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    In mid November, I got to spend a week (technically 6 days...) pointing a camera at Ali Clarkson, Duncan Shaw, John Langlois and Thom Triboulat, to showcase the new Inspired 2020 range. Those guys can ride bikes.
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    Ali and I had a week earlier in September where we got to film some clips in Cardiff and Bristol. Here they are...
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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Hi all, I found this at the back of the shed. A nice little project to get it built up again and get in contact with the olden days, circa 2004! It's going to have a modest disc set-up. Still undecided about the drivetrain set-up. I do like to actually get around from A to B so it may have the sacrilege of gearing. Brace yourselves for it possibly not being historically correct, but rather in a form where it actually gets more use! Steve
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    So I found a pace frame have spent some time polishing it up. And put it together dry quickly because I couldn’t wait. Got some correct forks coming but still need a 5 arm silver Middleburn bashguard.
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    I have made a similar video a few years ago but I thought I would update it to 20 years :-)
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    Considering I’ve been riding 6 years, I’m still very shit, but trials is as fun as ever. Here’s a new edit. Some lines got away from me. I’ll get them next year. Short and sweet. Thanks to Flipp for holding a camera for a lot of this. Merry christmas.
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    Keeping the dream alive, riding comps, making vlogs.
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    Upped it to YT... anyone want to claim this work? 2002 style
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    Some serious riding in this, good to see a proper riding video from him!
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    Here is my new edit. Inspired by the edits from the 2000s, and bikes that were minimally modified to ride trials.
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    Star on the side of his head to one up his son and piss off his wife.
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    I bought a 1 litre, 5-door, 2001 Nissan Micra for £250, then a week later took it to Oulton Park for a laugh, did 108 miles on track and drove it home again
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    It was mentioned that I should start filming another video, so I did, but I'm just really not enjoying it. Here's what I've filmed before I decided to stop. It's somewhat a mish-mash of half-baked effort, but I guess that's just who I am now!
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    Whatcha Here's a few clips of Rich Smith & I from a, adhering to social distancing rules, ride in Bournemouth at the weekend. It was so nice to get out on a ride with someone, after months of riding alone, taking it easy on local riding spots.. Hope everyone is safe & well
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    So I’ve picked up a little project on the cheap. Got a few more bits to get but it’s almost there. Frame, Giant Trial team series Fork, Echo Urban Headset, OBP internal Stem, Viz 130x20 Bars, Zoo riser Grips, Trialtech foam Wheels, Trialtech hubs on Inspired team rims Freewheel, Trialtech 18t Chain, KMC 610 Tensioner, Shimano Ultegra mech Cranks, Truvativ Hussefelt 175mm Bashguard, Truvativ 22t Chainring, Truvativ 22t Saddle, Planet-X Mini trials Levers, Shimano deore Still to come, Shimano Deore rear v brake, Avid bb7 front brake, Onza Hogniesium pedals, Shimano Carbon v brake booster, Kenda small block 8 front tyre, DMR moto digger rear tyre and Proper bmx brake pads.
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    Have been piecing together this bike for a while now and pleased that it is now almost complete. Some parts are looking a bit tired, namely the Maguras and pedals that i'll look to replace at some point. Now that almost all the parts are gathered (just missing a rear mech, XTR M950 or Durace 7600) I can start servicing it and getting it looking how it should. Some touch ups to the paint work will take place also. Will it ever get ridden? Probably not, but it will look nice. Also have a Pashley 26mhz and Orange Zero projects burning in the background. I'll get some photos up when they have a little more progress. Hope its brings a smile to you face as it does mine. Thanks for looking. Parts list: Singnature frame and fork Chris King headset Race face Prodigy stem 90x8deg Azonic double wall bars 2 inch rise XTR M950 9 speed shifter Race face Next LP carbon cranks Filthy 'Ard guard bash ring TA specials 22t chain ring Shimano UN91 (xtr) Bottom bracket Shimano DX pedals Selle italia SLR carbon saddle Unbranded seat post 30.8 Front wheel - Hope suspenson hub blue on Black 32 hole Mavic X517 (ceramic braking surface) Schwalbe gen 1 Racing Ralph 26x21 Rear wheel - Hope Bulb splined (removable disc mount) Blue 36 hole on black Sun ringle Big mammoth fat IRC EL Gato 26x2.35 Hope titanium QR skewers DuraAce 11-21 Cassette sidehop Blue Magura HS 33 ('04 style lever) with Carbonique rear booster and Magura CNC front (not pictured)
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    So Trials rider/ Filmer maker Nick Goddard had some free time to get GET2 uploaded to YouTube. Instagram page also available to browse -https://instagram.com/glasseyetrials?igshid=1odxhuitb9etg
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    Appropriate song title is appropriate. I started filming but I'm barely riding these days, and it looks like I won't be able to for the foreseeable future, so I stopped and made it with what I had. I've lost about 40% of my strength and 70% of my confidence so can't go big or good any more, so I set a new threshold of "if it elicits a smirk or giggle, film it", so that's what this is. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with it for having lost 110% of my riding abilities.
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    It’s finally sprayed now to get for the decals and then I can build this bad boy up
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    Decided my TIG needed some practice, so built myself a frame... Learned a lot, especially about cup sizes and how to cope with tight areas. Best with sound on so you can hear how lovely and quiet it is Loving singlespeed - it's so... freeing. It's just 'a bike', like being a kid again - "Mum, I'm going out on my bike!" - no shock settings to think about, gears to think about, saddle height to think about. Definitely recommend it
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    There's something about Ali's riding that is so perfect. The accuracy and precision is incredible and the quality control on the filming and editing side is really noticeable especially when you compare it to a whole load of other riders who seem to bang out super hyped up videos filled with trials sins and sub par riding (still good, but just not on this level) that seem to just be like a Danny Mac copy just without his creativity and skill set. Ali's are always different though, they're not hyped up a load, there's not poor comedy or cringe moments, its just a few minutes of super clean and watchable riding. So well done and thank you Ali and Mark.
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    I think we're mostly in the same camp on this one - as trials riders we're a bit 'unsure' of the riding, it doesn't flow that well and isn't as 'good' (broad term) as Ali or Danny for example. BUT, entertainment factor is really, really high. It's the sort of thing you can show to your mum or girlfriend and they'll enjoy it, not noticing the small details we do as riders. And I think that's what it's aimed at; promoting his sponsors, getting loads of hits on YouTube etc, and if it's riding a trials bike then fair play, it can only be a good thing.
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    Hi guys, I know that this one isn't really trials but i thought that it would be fun to just a flatground tricks video during this quarantine, so everyone can have more ideas of tricks to try. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    Evening all! I have begun uploading my collection of riding videos and clips to Youtube. ~200 uploaded so far and another ~68 to do over the next few days (Youtube limits the number of uploads per day). A few vids have been removed for copyright music already so we will see how this goes! I obviously don't own the rights to any of these videos so please let me know if you want me to remove any (nothing is monetised). Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP9UHAqzPdj3l_6S6aLfOFA Dave
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    It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
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    still think of the 2005 on magura levers as 'the new shape' never liked em
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    After a trials lay off of about 15 years (now 33) I've took the plunge and decided to give it another go. Ever since I sold my last bike I've been dying to get back into it but never had the opportunity, until now. Picked myself up a 26in Inspired element, with a very good spec. Only had first ride on it today and have to say I love it already. Can't wait to get out on it again
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    Someone on the Facebook group said the best way to train for pedal car racing was to ride a recumbent bike... so I built one, using parts from an old slick-shod MTB I used for commuting! Too much of a pussy to cut the steerer tube down yet!
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    I came across some old video footage today and it reminded me that I didn't make my annual "Ten Years Ago" post for 2019. So here I am in 2020 posting a video from 2009 riding a 2002 (ish?) Megamo Radical.
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    Was waiting to see it posted here, any bersha video with a woodju song gets me hyped to ride. Really liked this one @Bersha91
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    Exhaust tacked up. So happy for my first go
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    Hi guys, I thought I'd share this with you, I have a massive passion for these old Pashley 26mhz's, I don't ride much these days being the ripe age of 37 and a family man with 2 nippers but when the opportunity came up to sort this beast out it was a no-brainer! I do like a project. It was originally blue, no dents or trials damage, some parts were ok, some a bit knackered, it was covered in cobwebs and dust when it arrived, I paid £200 for it initially via Retrobike.co.uk, big thanks to @Brettoll for the link up, cheers buddy! I've had it now for about 4 months and finally got it together now, I went for a full re-spray as the seat post was well and truly stuck and I had to go down the caustic soda method to melt the bugger out - it was emotional, took about 2 days! the original powder coat was removed by some potent chemical paint stripper I got off eBay for a tenner. proper job. It's a home rattle can job - I used spray.bike paint and its come out quite well, its not perfect but then I'm not a spray painter by trade, however, I am a graphic designer and made all the stickers myself, Ed Tongue very kindly sent me some he had which I traced and re-made! what a legend! I felt very privileged to have some chats with him via instagram, top bloke. My page is @trials_bikes_with_saddles if you want to scope out my other retro content. It arrived as a whole bike and the only things I have kept for the new build is, the headset (FSA pig), gear shifter (XT) the front wheel which is a 521 Ceramic on a shimano LX hub - This will be re-built onto a hope mono (I have this but haven't got round to it yet) I sold the back wheel on eBay for £60 (hope xc on 521) and swapped the HS33 yellow race line brakes with a pal for the Middleburn crank arms...yellow brakes don't go with an ivory frame. Just scored a retro MTB on eBay which I'm collecting next weekend which has a mint set of HS33 quicksilvers so they are going on the Pashley. It needs silver Azonic 2 inch PDW bars and I might change the saddle out but other than that I'm happy. Current spec: Frame and fork: Pashley 26mhz Headset: FSA PIG Stem: Azonic O.R.C Bars: Azonic DW Brakes: Avid - soon to be changed to Magura Quicksilver Grips: ODI longneck Shifter: XT Cassette: SORA 9 speed Mech: 105 Chain: KMC 9 speed Cranks: Middleburn RS7 with pro trials guard seatpost: not sure, a black one Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Back wheel: Hope hub on DX32 Back Tyre: Tioga FAT 66 Kevlar 2.3 Front wheel: D521 ceramic on Shimano LX - soon to be changed to hope mono I think that's about it, Cheers
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    2019 riding season was quite messed up for me, have not ridden much, but still got some clips to edit. Expected more from my 15th riding year, but glad that I am still in game. Cheers.
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    Three things make me happy. Anything Mike beck posts The constant stream and mild racism money spending and overall entertainment from the Maestro trials guy who keeps buying trials riders and wondering if jack carthys orange has ever actually seen a hill.
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