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  1. AN fittings are so stupidly expensive. Al from the skid factory (mcmtv2) did a good guide on them a while back.
  2. They certainly are vile. The clubman is still sat in my garage as a rolling shell with a b16 sat in front of it. I doubt I’ll get round to it anytime soon.
  3. Your mini, a sock, and some liquorice laces
  4. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  5. I did mine 11am wedding day morning after a whisky.
  6. Should be a handful. What kit is that? R1 engine?
  7. You sure its not captive and unscrews from the other side?
  8. Is 2k still readily available Tom? I know you can get 2k lacquer still (although not what it was) but I thought most/all basecoat was water based now?
  9. @Tom Booth
  10. I wish I could weld
  11. Replied
  12. What’s the deal with the badge?
  13. Looks tidy mike. Bet you are well pleased.
  14. All for free mike? You owe that dude some beer!
  15. Door/wings/bonnet/boot mike? Be careful they ain’t full of filler and bodged too.