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  1. Do you have any idea how your dad/sister got it?
  2. Sorry I missed this. Will sort something out today
  3. It’s still Christmas just. Have a Merry next 23 mins.
  4. Any complaints from the neighbours about the welding Dan? Looks like you are in a town house kinda thing.
  5. I go away for 5 mins and this thread gets awesome. Really impressed with your build Dan. I wish I had the time to do something.
  6. Whats written on the pistons? Has it been rebored at all?
  7. That looks very good for its age. What are the sills like?
  8. Are you sure it should actually be oil and its not just old grease thats turned to liquid? If its a brushed motor then running it covered in oil probably isn't the best idea as its fairly flammable. Give it a good blast with some brake cleaner / contact cleaner.
  9. Not a lot to look at really, check you've got power to the coil and check inside the dizzy, if its original it will be points so it would be worth checking the gap / replacing those. Check its got some nice fresh fuel (mine barely runs on fuel more than few months old), put some half decent 20/50 mineral oil in it and give it a crank over and see what happens.
  10. Is one of the callipers sticking and returning very slowly?
  11. As you say from memory they had the lip machined off and were held in with a circlip. I can't help on size but i'd suggest you get the longest one available. You should be able to measure the shell size.
  12. Flange
  13. Hummm crusty whats the rest of the car like close up?
  14. I think the death sentence for most is rot. Mine was pretty scabby towards the end. I made fairly decent money breaking it though, a good chunk of the parts went abroad. A working transtop is really cool for its age:
  15. I think there was a NODIZ group buy on TMF when it first came out. Why all the haters on turbominis? Gotta be better than all the wanky old EDIS stuff with mega jolt.