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  1. Is one of the callipers sticking and returning very slowly?
  2. As you say from memory they had the lip machined off and were held in with a circlip. I can't help on size but i'd suggest you get the longest one available. You should be able to measure the shell size.
  3. Flange
  4. Hummm crusty whats the rest of the car like close up?
  5. I think the death sentence for most is rot. Mine was pretty scabby towards the end. I made fairly decent money breaking it though, a good chunk of the parts went abroad. A working transtop is really cool for its age:
  6. I think there was a NODIZ group buy on TMF when it first came out. Why all the haters on turbominis? Gotta be better than all the wanky old EDIS stuff with mega jolt.
  7. Just buy a new wiring loom and get it on the road Tom. Can’t be any worse than the yank tank. I finally got mine back together this weekend (new rear subframe) but it needs the engine ripping out next winter for a tidy up and all the leaks fixing. I also bought IMM tickets for Bristol this year
  8. @Tom Booth new stuff is massive mish mash. I bought a new servo master and the fittings are metric, its kind of scary too because UNF fittings screw into metric fine and tighten up but are baggy. I suggest having a handful of each and using whatever fits best.
  9. Too embarrassed to drive it in that colour?
  10. Shame it completely failed to self renew.
  11. Fixed, sorry about that
  12. Hahaha i don't think @monkeyseemonkeydo expected pics in a million years.
  13. Prawn sounds nothing like i expected him to.
  14. No video?
  15. That looks epic, shame you can't drive it like that without the front wings. I think i've asked this before but remind me again, how come you are rebuilding all the suspension? Whats the standard setup look like and how have you improved it?