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    Adamant A1 07 Long - Mod Stock Shimano Deore Vee arms with black pads Trial Tech Bars Viz forks Avid Ultimate Vee Arms with CNC Cousts Echo 07 Rims ENO Hope XC front Viz Rear Hubs Echo CNC Cranks GU Bash Echo Hi-Fi Stem Roady Tape Grips DMR V8 pedals
  1. Quick Evening Ride - Filmed in the space of an hour, just a case of getting used to my camera and video editing software again, before working on a proper video.
  2. Hey dude. Yea i still ride, but not very much at the moment. Have some stuff i need to sort out before the bike rides properly again.

  3. mate you still ride>!

  4. Possibly, but i think im working that week, followed by partying in Exeter that weekend. Will keep an eye on the topic though.
  5. Been using chrome for a loooong time now. Pretty much since it first came out. Prefer it to FF because of its simplicity and how unobtrusive it is. Fire fox always seems to be that more clunky and "in your face". I do kinda miss mouse gestures, but i get by. For people wanting to block ads you can use privoxy which works in the back ground to stop most ads + pop ups.
  6. f**k it ill be there for this weekend. As long as i can get the mod running sweetly.
  7. Viz forks? Also the Neon Forks...
  8. Wait... you brouth a 1500 quid laptop with a HD DVD drive.... that was silly cause HD DVDs are dead(Unfortunately). EDIT - Wait just read you initial post again cause i skipped over it, it does have a Blue Ray drive not the HD DVD drive you said EDIT - Also refering to your what games can you OSX play... err not many but if you have a nice mac then you can run boot camp and play anything you can on you dell, probably almost just as well, and its really easy to set up. However i will stick to my Desktop more convient for me then a 17" lappy
  9. mowgli we will definately be there... drunk/sober/hanging out of our arses. Can guide you about.
  10. We may be able to make a bit of a ride.... hang over permitting... how ever i wouldnt hold out to many hopes on us
  11. Nice video billy! Looking good!
  12. I have a few friends in brizzle and like to come up as much as i can. So ill probably be there once a month or so...
  13. Should be there. Going to have to wait for a delivery but i paid extra for early morning delivery. should be around 11:30 or 12ish... hopefully!
  14. Although for the 24 tour should come to plymouth... only a couple hours further then bristol, and im actually starting to prefer it to bristol.... However bristol is awesome.
  15. We only stopped for 30mins, just a bit of exercise after 8 hours in a car.... Cant say we really went looking.