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  1. Jokes! Yeah, still down in bristol.... Get your ass down here soon! Take it easy dude.
  2. Most enjoyable. You are starting to own that bike now! Was that DJ bit at the end on my bit intentional by any chance? tchs
  3. well this one snuck up on me.....nice and streety, like muchly tchs
  4. No doubt he has some skills. All looks a bit clumsy for me though....may be something to do with the stepladder he is riding.
  5. pictures don't do it justice...... awesome bike
  6. should be down for this, need to get out!
  7. .............what was the point of that?
  8. flip me, wasn't expecting that. very cool
  9. ahh the memories, that bad boy is orginally from hans ray's big five, must be nearly 10 years old now. the other dude's name is dave volker or something similar. you legend, what a find
  10. im at uni in bournemouth which isn't far away, could do with riding soton and surrounding areas more often!
  11. yeh boii!!!! just type in url for the myspace page, wait a few seconds and links will appear doesn't work with ie because it sucks! enjoy Linkage
  12. Dan, you're my hero! bum bum bum
  13. is this the frame you posted a sneak pic off earlier this year? looks well good i must admit...
  14. Yes, we all love the trip down memory lane! Thought i would upload this absolute monster for your entertainment and pleasure. Unfortunately i do not have an account where you can download this beast but the quality of stage6 should be sufficient. possibly the greatest intro to a trials video much love. Linkage