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    07 monty 221 pr,rear avid bb7 160 ,front bb7 160,rear monty 221ti hub on silver try all , front hope xc on silver try all rim,monty bars and echo team stem, zoo cranks,zoo forks, echo bb silver, echo tyres and try all 108 ffw

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  1. yo theres me my bro,damon,craig,burton,danny and danny j, frithy wayne, mike, jace, olly and sum kids from barton
  2. the 07 python does have a built in booster and when i had my 07 python the back brake was really really stiff no flex what so ever and i didnt run a bosster with it and the only reason your back brake is really flexy (spongy) is because u havnt set your brake up properly and any frame is flexy (spongy) if you set ur brake up crap
  3. i love the 06 gu to thats why im not getting the 07 because the 06 looked cleaner than the 07 and silver is the best frame colour and the 06 geo was spot on so
  4. echo tyres for mod they were mint and high rollers for stock cause there mint
  5. dan awsome vid hope you can come down to hull some time and ross carm down its only a advert lol
  6. go onto bike pics
  7. looks the same as the adamant and that looks gash the only reason i liked the 06 is cause it a really clean frame to look at
  8. yeah theres a 20 hope they make a silver one or im guna have to strip it and get it polished hehe
  9. now with pics
  10. hi new members which colours do you prefer the 07 gu to be and what do you think of the 07 gu black or silver please comment ohh sorry heres a pic 07 gu
  11. wtf shud b the same as the 06 one with 375 chain stays and +50/60 bb rise
  12. mike thers about 15 of us in hull and ive added you (reees) to msn
  13. yoyo thers about 15 of us in hull at the mo and were abouts in east hull do you live because me and damon live on holderness road near morrisons and mike, jace and olly live in cott dan burton craig kerr live up near bransholme and the others are dotted about hull and one from hornsea so add me to msn and cum out on weekend
  14. haha mike you will try any way to get cheap bike parts wont you hehe ill sign it. its for a good cause so all new members sign it and get sum cheaper bike parts.
  15. ive got to say why do so many people ask this question. when it comes down to it 20, 24 and 26 inch bikes all have there benifits and advantages but in the end its all down to personal prefrence.