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  1. It‘s almost ready! Just waiting for a new rear tire and brake booster as the seatstays are super flexy. but rides pretty nice already!
  2. Update! New ACROS headset!
  3. Update: Frame is now a nice silvery color!
  4. I'm super happy with my iXS Trail Evo helmet! Fits perfectly!
  5. Update from today: Frame is being glass bead blasted right now and i took off the colour of the brake clamps, cranks, bashguard and pedals:
  6. Got this Gu Le (from what i suspect is 2009) for a good deal of Ebay and thought i'd give classic trials another go after riding street for the last years. Not really a big fan of the colours, so i will be taking to color of most things and keep it black / silver. Spec as far as i can tell: Frame: Gu Le, (1080wb, 35 bb) Fork: Syntace Handlebar: Rockman Stem: Try All 25x125 Headset: ACROS AH-34 Brakes FW: Hope Mono Trial 180mm Brakes RW: Magura HS33 2005 Cranks + Rockring: Echo Chain: KMC Pedals: Echo TR Pedals Wheels RW: Chris King ISO Singlespeed, Echo Rim? Wheels FW:GT Hub, Echo Rim Tires: Currently Conti MK's, will most likely change though
  7. wow, great restoration!
  8. looks mint!!
  9. too short :)!! Really enjoyed that, great riding!
  10. i've had my HEX for almost 5 years now, great ride! And an awesome all rounder, feels good on Street, Natural but also on Pumptracks and Skateparks!
  11. That was awesome, great variety of tricks and sports :)! Drop was big!
  12. This is crazy...still dont understand how you can get this high and far, incredible!,
  13. Enjoyed watching this!
  14. Love the look of the frame, big fan of the longer seat tube! Looking forward to some more pictures/ video.
  15. ^Yes!!! Really awesome Video, so many good things in there!!