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  1. mint, loved it :)! Oppo foot sidehop brakeless... whaaat!
  2. At German bike events, where Sick series have a booth, kids are lining up for hours to buy a shirt and getting a signature. They are pretty much sold out at the end of every event they turn up to here
  3. It‘s almost ready! Just waiting for a new rear tire and brake booster as the seatstays are super flexy. but rides pretty nice already!
  4. Update! New ACROS headset!
  5. Update: Frame is now a nice silvery color!
  6. I'm super happy with my iXS Trail Evo helmet! Fits perfectly!
  7. Update from today: Frame is being glass bead blasted right now and i took off the colour of the brake clamps, cranks, bashguard and pedals:
  8. Got this Gu Le (from what i suspect is 2009) for a good deal of Ebay and thought i'd give classic trials another go after riding street for the last years. Not really a big fan of the colours, so i will be taking to color of most things and keep it black / silver. Spec as far as i can tell: Frame: Gu Le, (1080wb, 35 bb) Fork: Syntace Handlebar: Rockman Stem: Try All 25x125 Headset: ACROS AH-34 Brakes FW: Hope Mono Trial 180mm Brakes RW: Magura HS33 2005 Cranks + Rockring: Echo Chain: KMC Pedals: Echo TR Pedals Wheels RW: Chris King ISO Singlespeed, Echo Rim? Wheels FW:GT Hub, Echo Rim Tires: Currently Conti MK's, will most likely change though
  9. wow, great restoration!
  10. looks mint!!
  11. too short :)!! Really enjoyed that, great riding!
  12. i've had my HEX for almost 5 years now, great ride! And an awesome all rounder, feels good on Street, Natural but also on Pumptracks and Skateparks!
  13. That was awesome, great variety of tricks and sports :)! Drop was big!
  14. This is crazy...still dont understand how you can get this high and far, incredible!,