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  1. Nice work dude, edit worked really well. I had an awesome day at Shipley with you guys! I wonder if she ever got her phone back? haha.
  2. First of all. If you put "Trails Noir" on that thing I'll slap the face off you Trial Noir! Good idea! It'd have to be in the text Chris used too?! Im not 100% on that model tensioning up but if it can and you can get the tension right it would be a good move. It'll be something along the lines of taking the spring out and flipping it round? I recently found a super cheap tensioner on ebay which does exactly that. doesn't come with a bolt to mount it though... I've had mine on for a while and it works a treat. Personally I wouldn't go with the whole Phone Home stuff... too much of a gimmick.
  3. Very nice. Happy to have helped on that bar and stem combo! Looks spot on. Funnily enough, I used to run a 120mmx15deg stem on mine with 1.5" bars haha. Nice on the back wheel but hard as hell to pull up to manual. Good decision on stripping the rims btw. They look great in that raw alu. Excited to see what the frame looks like once painted. Are you thinking of getting stickers made up for it too? Hopefully you can get a good tension on that chain with the single wheel pully.
  4. I may have a GXP spider going spare if you want it?
  5. That was sweet guys. Liked the last up to front to Danny Mac gap line. Post some bike pics! Both look very nice!
  6. Section7 have recently started to drop some seriously cool/high quality photos from competitions back in the day. If you're interested, go give them a like or follow.
  7. Not quite good as last years but that stoppie made up for it.
  8. Wouldn't the water come in the sides of his smile past his regulator?
  9. Level 4 wall rider Love your videos bud. Keep them up!
  10. Manny to hop line Bike looks and sounds solid!
  11. Everything from the riding, the colour of the bike and how fresh it looks, the super high stem, the stand out silver hubs, the brake noise and the totally individual style - was brilliant. The rocks looks fun.
  12. Are you asking to be Zoot'ed? 100% pallets.
  13. Aahh, thought you were going down onto the top of the net on the table tennis table. Leave that to -G-. Ticking the trick list off there. Good work.
  14. 100% demo. I never make eye contact with the crowd. Especially just after I've landed something.