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  1. Yeah there's a few in lynn Drop us pm when your next around. Would be cool to get a lynn ride going
  2. Prolly about 6 but 2 of them arent trials riders. My good man Olivio knows a lot more. So i will speak to him about getting people out.
  3. Cool! I might see if i can get some friends to come up withme from the Kings Lynn!
  4. Woah! All these people from norfolk i never knew about
  5. I thought it had been photoshop'd when i first looked at it.
  6. Woah nice! But whats going on with the brake lever's? I have never seen that before =S
  7. I am unsure but i would email adam and dave im sure they will help you out.
  8. My frame is a very sexual zona zenith. Its my pride and joy
  9. I play drums and i have been for the last 5 and a half years and i still love every minute of it.
  10. Do you mean these by any chance? http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/category.php?id=8
  11. This is my new bike which is still a work in progress.
  12. sorry i was having a thick moment lol
  13. what pads are you using? and how long have you been riding now as it says "then"???? and did you build the bike up youself or did you buy it secondhand?
  14. well man if you have been riding for 3 months you have progressed quite a bit i wish i was as good as you are after i had been riding three months and you have a really sweet bike keep up the good work
  15. hi mate i had the same problem i found one on the bikedock website its a monty one that fits heres the link its the monty urban rear mech hanger near the bottom of the page http://www.bikedock.com/posit/shop/index.p...f=&format=1