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  1. Hm. Just come back to TF after a little stint away. On the face of it, I think getting rid of NMC is a bad idea. Only time will tell if the forum gets even more clogged with shit/12 year old keyboard warriors. Having said that, I couldn't run a forum. You're doing a better job than I am. 20,000+ of any sort of members isn't to be sniffed at.
  2. haha
  3. Somebody is a little uncomfortable with their sexuality...
  4. Motorsport Engineering student
  5. Aw man sorry to hear Jack.
  6. Meticulously clean my car one/twice a week. Also, won't touch door handles in public looks and avoid touching other public door handles if pos. Just hate it.
  7. I watch world cup games, as a social thing. Quite enjoy them. Couldn't give a monkey's arse about the premier league (or any other league for that matter) though. Like playing football too, not seriously though.
  8. 1035wb on a stock? My old mod was longer than that. Shows I haven't been on the 'scene' in a while.
  9. Anybody got any idea why I paid for that add on map pack a couple of weeks ago (PS3) and it says its installed etc but doesn't actually work?
  10. You sir, are a bellend.
  11. f**king sick. You're full of beans you are.
  12. Going to vote labour. Not because i'm particularly in support of labour, I just f**king hate david cameron. My extended family are friendly with his family, apparently even his only family think hes a twat. I'd move abroad if abroad wasn't full of foreign people.