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    -Onza t-mag 2005 + rb booster + 2004 maggy lever, tesile fw rock pads,! um echo lites,.... carbon rizers,
  1. candy red would be shit hot!
  2. QUOTE (Joey B @ Nov 8 2009, 12:53 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Youtube Video -> Original Video dammm you beet me to it epic tune
  3. David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over
  4. + 1 for the AVG and ZoneAlarm combo they work great.
  5. Yo, Futurecop! there great...
  6. The last 2 and a half mins of zane lowe v Scott mills! Go to 1:57:40. I wont give it away but, nice lol. Zane V Scott
  7. Only for a long term investment, dont think you will make a cheap buk here. If you have more money id suggest artwork/wine
  8. I am also outraged!, a helicopter, i was like, OMFG, and hes got a new crappy crib. BAD TIMES!
  9. Yeah, i take it back the middle tracks are growers, lol. Nice one, mates love it. When is your next mix out?????? maby a bit more house? Max
  10. F1

    The areo should be good for overtaking, and KERS + real slicks adds another dimension, Ferrari are roomerd to be behind in development with KERS and are having troubles along with Toyota. Some teams from midfield may jump up due to the new rule changes, ie Honda, BMW, Williams and Renault. Honda have spent all year on developing there 09 car and reckon they have the most developed KERS system, good new's for button then. Rebbull are a dark horse too, with there first class designer, and all engines are being levelled out too. Its going to really be wide open, with the rule change. McM should keep momentum from after this year, but i don’t think anyone will really know who will emerge the best, as there are loads of drivers with a huge amount of skill to win next years title and several rule changes, Hamilton’s defence will be hard but if macca get it right then he should be set for another good battle, with alonso, vettel, kimi, kubica, ect. Cars are going to look funny too, but if it makes for better overtaking and less boaring. lol.
  11. Hi all. Me, and my bests mates are going on a 4 month yap year starting on January the 25th. We are travelling from London to Russia, down to china via the Trans Siberian express. Then we are trekking about in china for a bit, after that we are going to Thailand trekking too, and hoping to go on diving course, we are then flying out to Australia, to higher out a camper van for 3 and half weeks, and finally going to Figi and New Zealand last. As we have found out the trip is quite costly, about £6000 is needed. We are all working full time, and it is going to be an ask to get it. We are applying to a local trust hoping to get about £800 towards the trip. What i was wandering do any of you know any charitable trusts to help in our endeavour, or ways in razing money towards our trip? Or, if you have been to Russia, china, Thailand, Australia, Figi, or New Zealand, is there any recommendations or advice you can give me/us, about your experiences as it would be most helpful. Many thanks, max and the boys.
  12. Never, ever, ever, ever had to bleed my 04 hs33, you need to upgrade to 04 I still dont get why some people need to bleed, as i never have and its going is well as it ever has (almost 5years touch wood) rule one, dont fiddle, and yul be fine!
  13. Really like this dude! i like the beginning and the end the best. Not too keen on the middle but its still good, but the beginning and the end song choices slightly outclass the middle, in my opinion, but I would send it to as many radio stations if i was you, you have nothing to lose! heads up maximus! id be Proud ov it!