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  1. I've always thought people were way too obsessed with BB rise. Yes, it makes a difference, but it's not like it's the defining factor of a bike and what you can do on it. Especially when it's quite a middling amount. If it's too high, you can counter it with a higher bar/stem. Too low, and lower the bar and stem. Up to a point, obviously. It does make a difference - but small changes from what you are used to don't make as much as people seem to think. They also feel different between the bikes because of the radius of the wheels putting you different heights from the ground. +65 on a mod feels much less outlandish than +65 on a stock. Certainly, some people can, but I'd be very surprised if more than 5% of riders can legitimately feel the difference between +25 and +30, once you'd added/removed a 5mm stem stacker accordingly. I certainly couldn't. And those people that ARE so hyper sensitive to feeling the difference, I don't think it would make much difference in how they can ride after one or two to adjust. I'd liken geometry obsession with mixing audio. Knowing the frequencies (aka geo measurements) can help guide you to the right area, but to make the difference you actually want you need to listen (aka ride) and see if it's right. If your kick is too boomy (manuals are unstable) it's much better to stick a peak/trough on the EQ and sweep the frequencies rather than just assuming you need to cut 125Hz because that's the theoretically correct response. Sometimes it's an underlying fundamental, or a resonance with the bass. Don't mix by numbers, because it's your ears that are going to listen to it. 5mm in the BB is only the same as switching from modern thin pedals back to something like the old shape of V12. They're thick enough that they'd put you that bit higher off the ground. Does that make it not a street bike any more? This isn't meant to read as a rant - just trying to make my point.
  2. Shaun Goddard.
  3. I've used BB5s and been impressed, but not had one on my own bike so don't know them intimately. I got lucky and got a BB7 with my first bike. The extra adjustability is a nice feature but doesn't effect performance. The bigger pad surface area might be more noticeable, but I'm not too sure. Brakes aren't really my speciality.
  4. Outer: SP51 - wants to be stiff under compression, which regular outers from Wilko's etc are not: Inner: Regular - doesn't matter too much as you're just trying to stretch steel: Slics were always touted as being great for the same reasons - also smoothness of pulling through - but I never actually had one. SP51 cable outer transformed my BB7s lever feel completely.
  5. Yes - that's the main thing that makes a difference. The Slic and SP51 have different types of cable outers to the cheapo coil type. Very much stiffer and less compressable. No idea if they use the same inner or not - it's the outer that makes the difference.
  6. NO! I had some MT2s, which if rumour be true became the MT Sports, and they were a nightmare. A friend has just got some and they're the same. Really temperamental, and even when they're working they feel soooooo spongey, and I never feel like it can be trusted. Seen him loop out on it a bunch of times even with Jitsie pads. Ideal world: 2x BB7 calipers, 2x SD7 levers, 2x Trialtech/Jitsie pads, 2x Linear Slic/SP51 cables. The cable is a huge deal on the rear - getting a cheap one leaves it feeling spongey. Failing that, if you want hydraulics, Hope or Shimano. The old SLXs felt and worked amazing and were crazy cheap. Unsure since they all changed to the newer style though.
  7. None
  8. You're really flexing into this style now, and I love it. Tech isn't even the right word for some of that. Really thought we were getting a fakie to sidehop-wodge at 1:40 though, you misleading little bugger
  9. Compared with some of you guys I'm still a n00b, but even in my time riding I just watched some videos and caught myself still thinking of the Koxx Sky series as "their new ones". This isn't for bragging rights about "I remember when they invented canti's" etc. as is wont to happen
  10. So smoooooth
  11. Most of them will come with some form of mic input, though there are a few that might not so read descriptions carefully. What type or features are you looking for? Cheap as possible, smallest size etc. There's a hell of a lot of options to choose from if we don't know what you're after! Your mic's jack narrows things a bit, but there's still a lot. You will still need an amp though. My recommendation because of what I have on my desk: SMSL AD18: Very flexible array of inputs, and is a combined DAC and amp. Sounds good enough to me with my little Diamond 9.1s. Certainly for passive listening. Obviously not audiophile grade, but that's what good headphones are for No mic input as it's strictly for out-bound signals, but you could put the mic in to your laptop's port as most programs let you define distinct input and output devices for calls etc.
  12. I went on a trip and planned to make a full video, but despite having a whale of a time a lot of it didn't go to plan and I didn't really film much. The best riding I did was in Southampton and Portsmouth, but I never even took the phone of out my bag on those days. I just wanted to enjoy riding instead. Anyway - here's a bunch of clips I did get that I'm not sure what to do with now. Mostly average, but a few I was pretty chuffed with. That sidehop is an age-old grudge match from years ago and I think I could have had it if I hadn't boffed my spine earlier in the day. The first day of the trip, too Oh well. Note: I'm particularly sensitive to loud noises.
  13. 31. -How often do you ride to keep your levels up? As much as possible, but it comes in bursts. At least once a week, but sometimes seven times a week. (Rarely, but yeah... I love riding :P) -How do you manage to balance riding and life? I don't really have a life. Even more so since being made redundant from Covid. That makes the balance easy. When I had a job, I went because I had to and went riding after work instead. -Has anyone else struggled with weight and it’s impact on riding? No, can't help here, but I've had fairly influential spine problems. Constant fight. I am fortunate in not really caring about food. I only eat because I have to, rather than because I like it. Combine that with riding a lot and it tends not to be an issue for me. Good luck there to offset the bad luck with my spine! -How do you generally keep your motivation? Videos and being jealous Again, I think I'm just lucky and thrive on the challenge. With riding this is - when other parts of life get tough I have a tendency to just shut down. -Have any of you had to come to terms with capability going down as you get older rather than up? Very much so. Particularly with power. It's prompted a shift towards tech and nasty lines. I'll still try and go as big as I can, but the things that really get me engaged are the gross and novel lines rather than just trying to go as big as possible all the time.
  14. Hunting down a bug in a hobby project for about 40 minutes before I finally realised I was trying to concatenate two strings in JS with a "."
  15. If you were any closer, I have one in the garage Electric planer/belt sander? Or to be fair, even just a nice, sharp hand plane might come out more effective than tools that keep breaking.
  16. Have you tried cabinet scrapers rather than blades? Are you just cleaning them up? Cabinet scrapers work more like a plane than a blade, and when they dull down you just scrub them on a whetstone or something to put a fresh burr on. It's just a small piece of relatively hard steel. You can make them out of an old saw-blade if you'd rather scrimp, like me If you're doing a lot of it, which I imagine you are if it's for a floor, be warned that the scraper can get fairly warm to the touch. Pask has a great solution to that: Edit: Basically as above, but thinner and convex gives better results than trying to keep it flat.
  17. I thought that as I was typing it, but then my instinct overruled my second-guessing. My head is telling me that's a worst-case scenario, mathematically, because it has the biggest reduction combination whilst still getting all 12 figures. If the first two you opened had the same figure, the #/12 probabilities would all get shifted down the orderings by one opening, so every other route would have more of the larger probabilities. I might amend my proposal to be eight individual " * (1/12)" s, as I'd forgotten they're in sequence rather than in parallel - as with rolling two sixes being a 1/36 chance rather than 1/12. I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong as I always hated statistics, but the logic in my head is telling me this way.
  18. Would it not be: (12/12) * (11/12) * (10/12) * (9/12) * (8/12) * (7/12) * (6/12) * (5/12) * (4/12) * (3/12) * (2/12) * ((1/12) * 8) ? ......................................................................................................................................................^^^^ The eight remaining chances, assuming you got all the others when you needed them. 1/12 is the lowest probablility, so I think this should give you the worst-case scenario where you still collect all 12? (That gives 4.29e-4, which seems appropriately low )
  19. Love that Akkrigg video. Still one of my favourites. Also loved that tap-tail-scrub on the red post, and the roll-up, bars, wodge, roll-down was just... Edit: You were always good on bikes - old times, Arcade etc. - but I feel like you've gone from being "good at bikes" to having really settled in to your own style recently. These recent videos feel much more authentic somehow, which I'm all for.
  20. I don't know quite how to respond to that. Showing someone that is a quick way to make someone feel incompetent!
  21. A lot of riders re-do things for video recording until they get it smooth. I personally really enjoy seeing people just scraping through by the skin of their teeth. Post clips, or videos with the time of the clip you're referring to! Starting with a clip of Benito from way back when that just popped up on my Youtube suggested videos that I'd forgotten all about. 0:20: The other one that immediately springs to mind is one of Porter's taps on a blue MBK that I can't find, and Damon's up-to-front at 0:36 that completely disregards the laws of motion and had absolutely no right to work:
  22. Really? No-one? Kyle's tap at 2:18:
  23. I've seen these before and feel like because I have trust issues even with carbon parts, these should be a write-off in my head. It turns out, I'm totally comfortable with them strengthwise, but I could never run them for trials for the fear of scrubbing them against a wall or rock and they start fraying. No worse than a regular snapped spoke, but still - the idea freaks me out a bit Also, more plastic in the ocean for a negligible weight saving. At least metal spokes are just metal and will eventually become nothing. Plus the cost, as you say. I wonder if they feel different underneath you in terms of stiffness and power transfer?
  24. Love it. As mentioned in the Youtube comments - you definitely made it hard for yourself, choosing that wall to try it on! The nose-scrub gap was particularly swag, too.
  25. That was lovely. Really enjoy the type of riding you're doing at the moment. I feel like we're often doing the same kind of thing, just with different styles and outcomes: Find a spot/line, and then find a way to make it as needlessly technical or difficult as possible