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  1. So - I was endlessly clicking through videos trying to find the one I should post in the Favourite Videos thread and re-watched this. The tap at 1:48... I really don't know if I can think of a bigger tap. Porter had a couple, but I don't think they were quite as big. Ten points go to anyone who can post footage of a bigger one. Must be a regular, vertical tap. No kickers or sloping runups etc. Especially for f**king BUNNYtapping an old-school Pitbull. Just... f**k That. (Or for anyone who's not seen it, enjoy this video - it's an absolute slammer - then go watch all his others.)
  2. Everyone has things that they actively like, and other things they actively dislike. I'm asking about the things that, for you, lie outside of that spectrum. Things that you know other people like sometimes, but you just can't understand why. The main one, for me, is dance. Specifically watching it. If someone enjoys actually dancing, fine. But when there's dancing on TV or going to a show... What? I understand that there's a lot of skill involved on the dancers' part, but I can't see any way to enjoy watching people wave their arms about to music. It's a fine line, because I CAN watch and enjoy gymnastics in the olympics etc. Another would be poetry. I like stories, and books, but arranging words artistically... What's the point? I have only ever read one poem that gave me any sort of emotional response, and that's technically a song anyway. I could make a snarky comment about streety 24"s here, but I won't Note: This is all about subjectivity. I'm not saying there's no point in dancing or poetry - just that I don't understand it. I'm interested to know what other people feel that way about, and kind of hoping some people will say things that I do "get" so I can see it from the other side. This is not all about telling each other we're worthless. We all know it, it's just not polite to say it.
  3. Garage got lonely out in the cold Some people have matching vans and trailers. I have a matching workshop and wood-store.
  4. Unit! So glad you're back on a long bike. I liked the lines you were doing, but you just look so much more natural and comfy on the GU. So good
  5. Holy crap! Fontenoy might take the win with that one. I'd forgotten how big he went. Bricks are usually a standard 65mm with a 10mm mortar gap. Counting up the rows and the soldier course on top, I got a super sketchy TF-tape result of about 1.46m. They just stop looking like they make sense, after a certain height.
  6. Consider him a martyr, I guess?
  7. That certainly is a big-boy. It might be close to the same (I think probably a shade smaller from my memory of being at those two spots, but that's not much to go on), but the issue is that that wall is sloped. Makes a huuuuuge difference.
  8. It works because when the freewheel is on a hub, the active part that you control with your feet is the outside ring. The inside part attached to the hub is passive - pushed around by the outside part. When you flip is over, yes the engagement is facing the other way, but the part you control with your feet is the INSIDE part that is attached to the cranks. The outside part is passive - pushed around by the inside part.
  9. No! It's grim!
  10. Best sentence I've read in a long time.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble drawing a winner? I've been thinking about this on and off since the thread popped up but refrained from posting as each time I think I've got one, I remember another and have to back up.
  12. I know bouncy bikes were never my strong suit, but I didn't realise I was regarded as that bad I can still appreciate the ridiculous skill he has on a bike, but each of his subsequent videos interests me less and less. To the point that I almost didn't watch this one. It was very novel seeing him boost up Post Hill though - the really steep cobbled path. That's the woods five minutes from my house where I go walking and pinching logs. It looks like a big, steep hill, but as ever, it's much worse in the flesh. For context, it was built as a motorbike uphill scramble competition track back in the day.
  13. I guess it could be... full of stars?
  14. Having the chain as short as possible is desirable in trials. It keeps everything nicely tight and compact, and stops it all flapping around so much on landing. To be honest, the video clip looks fine. I'm not super familar with those bikes but a lot of the clearances can get pretty close in on trials bikes. If it's close but it clears, it's fine. At that angle, the chainline didn't look too bad. Could you post a picture down the length of the chain to show how "bad" it is? I get the impression you have an MTB background... if that is the case, just know that single-speed bikes with comparatively wide chains have a lot more tolerance in chain-line. Definitely worth getting in touch with Tarty as their service is great and it might be an actual issue, but I'd be happy enough with riding that.
  15. I've been toying with a project that needs some bends but not started it yet. Is that 3mm ply? Did you steam it, or just rag it over?
  16. Possibly a long shot but there's a few nerds on here. I'm trying to do some image mapping with Meshroom, and hitting errors just as it gets started. The console output is: [18:39:46.154914][info] Can't find CUDA-Enabled GPU. [18:39:46.154914][error] This program needs a CUDA-Enabled GPU (with at least compute capability 2.0). I'm laptop-based, but crucially the GPU is a GeForce GTX 960M. I've looked it up and whilst it wouldn't be a quick one, it should work. It has 640 cores and a compute capability of 5.0 according to and I've tried going in to the Nvidea Control Panel and setting it to run on the GPU rather than integrated, but get the same error either way. CUDA GPUs is set to All, and anything that looks likely related I've set to On. Do I need to tick a box or set a setting somewhere to enable CUDA? EDIT: Ignore. The driver update apparently hadn't worked properly. Ran it again and now getting past the error.
  17. Yes. Constant tease. Hurts so bad. Not fair. Wah wah wah
  18. I imagine the Jitsies are pretty similar. I've not heard of issues with them, so probably also a safe bet. Choose carefully though, since there seems to be about a thousand options. Some have really little upsweep like the Arcade bars, which are very much an acquired taste. I personally find them disgusting, others don't. Just pointing it out as something to be aware of.
  19. People might tell you to get X, Y or Z super high rise bars. Don't. The frame wasn't designed for them. Trialtechs are super bombproof and the highest I would go for with that frame, but possibly a shade lower would be better. Not sure on the other two because I'm brakeless 20"
  20. Or if there's only one active moderator, see about refreshing the list Not much use having ten mods if eight of them haven't logged in for four years and one for two. (No idea on real numbers - just saying.)
  21. Yep, same. You'll also likely never be able to drive through or visit a new place without looking down every sideroad you pass just in case there's a hidden gem there. It's not a problem, either. It just shows you enjoy it. The problem only comes when people ask you for directions to the lirbrary and you catch yourself telling them to turn left at the double-width wall with the loose slabs on top, right at the crossroads with a bit of raised pavement next to a row of bollards and then walk straight on past the little transition-style central reservation. If they get to the white handrail with loads of chips in the paint, they've gone too far. Especially when they mumble "left, right, straight on... Oh, just up past Tesco then?".
  22. I love terrace rows like that. Everyone's had slightly different extensions put on and makes it look absolutely nuts. Such an organic looking development of something so inorganic and designed for primarily with functionality:cost in mind. Is that the EPDM stuff? I nearly went with that until I went full-timber.
  23. If it's any consolation, the CDs themselves will be in a landfill somewhere for the next million years or so. I know that's still brief in the life of a planet or star, but it's a good bit longer than us. Your memory will live on in a hunk of plastic and metal long after you're gone.
  24. I just went to find mine and it's been removed ages ago because I used Aphex Twin and copyright strikes back then just took them down rather than transfering adverts money Oh Youtube. This is why I left you! Then Vimeo introduced their own limitations. I'm not going to re-upload it because it'll just be the same and Oh so cringe. Oldest one currently online, which is definitely more cringe than the other anyway: I have three old videos in my uploads gallery on here, but the video aspect of this site broke ages ago. They're still there though. Does anyone know if there's a way to download them? Not even sure who the mods are on here any more. None of them seem to post, unless it's all in the Senior Members sub.