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  1. Spot on! And for the record I love a good ramble. I agree that it is a hard spot to master and that is probably one of the main causes. Like you said peoples ability to commit to a sport and stick with it when the trends change is extremely difficult in an age where social media provide the next in thing at the touch of a button. One thing I would like to see is British cycling helping the riders that qualify to represent our country at the World championships. Seeming that the UCI is half way through a 3 year deal to be hosted by China, means that very few of the UK riders eligiable to compete can afford the trip. The bursary handed out by BC wouldn’t even pay for a quarter of the flight costs. So like you said if there are younger guys and girls looking to push themselves further, and aspire to represent the country then generally they would never make it a realility. Lets hope that it doesn’t decline to the point where people see it as tricks and stunts again rather than a disciplined sport.
  2. After another fantastic week at the London urban trials championships I was wondering why we have so few top level riders? Zero women on the world elite circuit! What do you think has killed the uk scene off? 24”/expensive parts/lack of GB funding for athletes?
  3. Hi Guys, trying to get my hands on a giant team trials frame. If anyone has one laying around covered in dust give me a shout. Pile of money waiting! (I had number 97 nearly 16 years ago! - f&@k I'm old!!!)
  4. Hi Guys, trying to get my hands on a giant team trials frame. If anyone has one laying around covered in dust give me a shout. Pile of money waiting! (I had number 97 nearly 16 years ago! - f&@k I'm old!!!)
  5. Cheers Adam I'll fire one off to you now.
  6. Hi guys just had a look on the ozonys site and fancied some of the stuff but can't find a link to any retailers that stock them. ANY IDEAS?
  7. Yep. Always!!! Any ideas??? Looks pretty sweet.
  8. What is the location at 0:54?
  9. Ill strip them down and post a picture up Adam. Thanks again guys.
  10. Cheers joe ill give it another go but at this rate i might need an olive resupply!
  11. Hi guys I've got a problem with leaking on my Ti maggie fittings. Firstly does anyone suffer from a similar problem. I have to Rebleed my brakes before I go on every ride. It seems as if the bore is too small to compress the olive onto the hose. I've tried using the old fitting to crimp the olives at one end then slid the new one on. But you can only do this on one end meaning that the end fitted just the Ti part is the leaking point. Cheers for any help. (Bet Craig has in idea)
  12. If it does it will only be by the smallest amount. At the end of the day your running carbon bars if they go they go.
  13. Yes just take it all off!!! The white parts of the graphics can be stubborn but well worth it in the end. Good luck!
  14. I did it to my tryall carbon bars and I think they look really good! Just do as Craig said but don't worry about going soft as it will take a couple of stokes to heat up the lacquer before it comes off. Once you start on an area just keep going passed the stage where it turns white then it will suddenly go really smooth and give you the perfect matt finish. I spent around 2 hours on mine but well worth it especially if your graphics are starting to look tried. Hope this helps
  15. Cheers lads the basic plan is head to buthiers first then head south to Spain. Also fancy taking Tom McMillans van around the circuit at Monaco at some point as well. Please keep the ideas coming. Dates are looking to be 5th June to 13th.